I’m a big fan of The Motley. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to. A little while back, Matt (Chief Dude at the Motley) wrote up a great series for us on how to properly care for our skin, hair, and face while shaving, he also happens to head up an awesome company that stocks some of the best men’s grooming products available. This is some serious stuff, and nothing like that crappy bucket of Dep you buy at your local Walmart for $3.99. Sure, we talk a lot about personal style here at EG, but personal style extends into caring about your body, and if you’re gonna lather anything onto your skin, you should make sure that product is made of some top-level, high-quality stuff… and you can rest assured The Motley’s products are.

Their site just went through a redesign and relaunch, and I have to say the new look is great. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can go now… but make sure you come back and continue reading, okay? Okay, good. Here’s the new site.

Apart from the redesign, another new feature I really love is the Study Series. Essentially, these videos will highlight grooming tips and behind-the-scenes looks at the products they carry. The inaugural video features Kyle, the founder of Cremo Shave Cream. Check it out below.

Study Series: The Cremo Cream Co. from The Motley on Vimeo.

Awesome, right? I always like knowing the story behind the products I use and the clothes I wear. You should too! It’s all about being a more conscious consumer and actively thinking about what you come in contact with every day.

I hope this video, along with the new site design will give you a better idea about The Motley. By the way, Matt was gracious enough to offer a little giveaway to our readers. With the purchase of ANY KIT, The Motley will give away a free travel size Billy Jealousy LiquidSand Exfoliating Cleaner. This is perfect to use every couple days, or right before shaving. All you have to do is enter coupon code EFFORTLESSKITS at checkout. Take advantage of this soon, because the giveaway only lasts for a limited time!

Check out the kits here. (use coupon code EFFORTLESSKITS at checkout)

Additionally, this Saturday, November 27th, The Motley is offering a $60 credit for $30. That’s 50% off! It’s the big Day After Black Friday sale! This is exclusive to a select group of blogger friends and our readers, so take advantage of this while it lasts.

You’ll have to wait until 12am on 11/27… but you can access the sale here.

Keep checking back here for future updates… The Motley and The Effortless Gent are planning a bigger pre-holiday giveaway. You won’t want to miss it, trust me!

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