Welcome to a new segment I’m calling Three Right Now. Three products I like right now that you should consider (assuming you’re in the market).

Let’s do this. From left to right:

The Banff Wool Jacket in Tweed

Yeah, we’re in the middle of winter right now (here in the US). But for those weird off days where the temps jump up 20° F, or for the transitional weeks that are bound to come eventually, this is the perfect jacket.

They have a few of the Banff model in different colors and fabrics. Check out the tweed version here.

The Wool Bomber

I love the tonal browns and grays in the wool, plus the baseball jacket silhouette. The wool should keep you warm for those brisk days when temperatures are bearable. Just make sure to layer up a bit.

Bombs away.

The Technical Parka

Practical, no nonsense, keeps you dry in a storm. Also, looks good. May not be the warmest parka in the world, so you’ll have to layer up if you get cold easily.

Stay dry!

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