Hey Gents,

timex_midday_560_2Thanks to everyone who left a comment for our EG x Huckberry x Timex giveaway on November 7th.

I read every single comment—there were some seriously creative ones—and sincerely wish I had 321 Timex watches so I could reward each and every one of you.

In fact, I asked Huckberry if they could throw in an extra 320 watches, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to. Sorry dudes, I tried!

Anyway, after running the number of comments through random.org, the lucky winner is…

Christian Reed Jurgenliemk!

Congrats, Christian, and thanks again to all you guys who took the time to leave a comment.

I hope to have a few more giveaways lined up in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled, and who knows! You could be the next winner.

EG Turns Four This Week!

Back in 2009, after years of getting the same types of questions from guy friends, I decided to start Effortless Gent. I figured if my friends had these questions, other guys must have similar ones… and instead of just helping the guys I knew, I could help guys I didn’t know, all over the world (potentially).


Four years later, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job. 80,000 people visit the site every month from almost every country, literally(!!!)

Still working on Greenland and some parts of the African continent, but to give you an idea, the map above shows the countries (in blue) where visitors came from the past thirty days.

Not bad for a little site I started four years ago.

What’s Coming Up

So what’s on the docket for the next year or five?

By far, the most ambitious (and rewarding) project that’s come out of EG is the Cladright Association. We have 90 guys in there rockin’ and rollin’ through the courses, chatting in the forums, and taking advantage of the discounts and member perks.

initialsSqAs much as I liked creating the eGuides, I’ve enjoyed pouring all my energy into this membership community so much more because I get to interact with you guys in real time as you’re in there using the site. I get to grow it alongside you, and more importantly, with your guidance and suggestions.

We’re opening up membership registration again soon, but only for a short window of time. I wanted to get several more people in before the holidays, as well as build out the course library further and add more features in time for the “beta” launch early in the new year.

Interested in finding out more? Check out what you get as a member and sign up to be notified here.

Another thing I’m working on in the new year is a major site redesign. Effortless Gent has looked and functioned the same for the past four years, which wasn’t a problem in the beginning, but now that there are so many articles, this chronological format just doesn’t work as well.

It’s not as easy to find the juicy, meaty posts (which means there are probably a ton of articles you haven’t yet seen), and it’s not a pleasant experience trying to read this site on your phones and tablets. The new design will take care of both those things, plus a whole bunch more.

Stay tuned for that; I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

effortlessgenttvLastly, I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with video in the last half of this year. Whether it’s been interviews, short videos I’ve made for EG’s YouTube channel, or the instructional videos and interviews I’ve done within Cladright.

I plan on making an active effort to record more videos, one, because it’s fun, and two, I’m able to get my point across quickly and effectively. Not to mention, videos can be more exciting to consume than a long article.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be creating helpful articles week after week. That is, after all, the backbone of EG and I really do enjoy writing. I’d just love to branch out more and find other ways to help you guys.

Got a quick question I can answer through video? Maybe you’d like further explanation on a certain topic or idea?

First, subscribe to EG’s YouTube channel, Effortless Gent TV. Second, let me know what I can help you with, either in the comments below or via email.

One last thing: Has EG helped YOU?

If you have a minute, do me a favor: In the comments, let me know how EG has helped you.

If you’ve learned something from the site, if a certain article or lesson has changed your way of thinking, if you’ve gotten great reactions from the positive changes you’ve made in your wardrobe and presentation… I’d love to hear about it.

Please let me know down below! Be as general or as detailed as you like. I’ll be sure to read each one.

Once again, thank you

It means a lot to me that you’re here. This site wouldn’t exist without you!

So here’s to another great year. Can’t wait to check in with you again next November for our five year anniversary 🙂

10 Responses

  1. Olis on

    Congratulations on the anniversary. One specific aspect EG has helped me is in the coordination of colour. For example, I have this spectacular yellow scarf that pairs very nicely with my navy duffel coat. .

  2. Jake on

    EG has taught me to dress with intention. This means I pay attention to each item I wear, and how it matches up with everything else I have on. I now know to avoid inappropriate item such as running shoes (unless at the gym), white undershirts, pleats, white socks etc. EG also taught me the science of color matching and mismatching (120 and 180 degrees on the color wheel, respectively), matching up ties, shirts, suits, and patterns. EG showed me how cool high/low pairings can be. I like a henley shirt with a cardigan and dress pants. I see people copying me at work now. I now know the three acceptable ways to wear a sport coat/suit jacket (not black or pinstripe!) with jeans. EG turned me on to brown shoes. I have a perfect belts for my brown shoes and boots. Now I’m in the market for a brown leather jacket. Most of them are way too dark and monotone. If you see something good let me know!

  3. Joe Auerbach on

    I’m just now learning how to dress like a grown up, so EG is currently my bible. I’m sure that eventually I’ll be able to expand and pick up bits and pieces from other places, but right now I’m on board and learning a lot here.

  4. Eric on

    EG has helped me through my personal style revolution and given me guidelines to work with. And by providing inspiration when I can’t figure out how to make an outfit look both stylish AND effortless.

    I appreciate the work you’ve put into EG. Thank you.
    Best of luck for the next four years!

  5. El CId on

    EG has helped me tremendously. I went from inner-city kid to the military. I never had an eye or interest in what I wore.
    EG helped me to throw out years of accumulated out-of-date clothes, useless “outfits”, and dowdy shoes. I now have less clothes and shoes, but a much more together coordinated look.
    My employer, friends, and family have all noticed and commented.
    Thank you for teaching me what no one else ever did.