Hey gents,

Earlier today on Facebook, I came to the realization that EG’s two-year anniversary blew by, and I did nothing awesome or memorable to celebrate!

Kinda sad. So today marks the two-year, one-month anniversary of this site. Here’s the first post if you didn’t feel like digging through the archives.

Mostly, I just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks for reading, for your insightful comments and kind emails, and most of all, for trusting me with advice that you apply to your daily lives (which is really cool, by the way).

Two years ago I wasn’t sure of how this site would progress. I got plenty of questions from guy friends, asking me what to wear with a certain shirt or pair of pants, or what shoes go best with whatever they had on. This happened often enough that eventually, I figured that if my friends had these questions, other guys must as well. And so EG was born.

We have a pretty active readership here; it’s been great getting feedback from you guys and I encourage you to keep commenting, emailing, tweeting, etc., if you ever have questions or think of topics I can cover. I’ll do my best to continue writing (hopefully) informative, thought-provoking, slightly smart-assy (but all in good fun) articles that you can learn a bit from.

What to expect in 2012

Early in the new year, I’ll be releasing a guide for sale that will help you evaluate your closet, get rid of the non-essentials, and restock it with classic, long-lasting, interchangeable pieces, all at your own pace. Once you’re finished with the guide, you’ll be the best-dressed version of yourself you’ve ever been.

I’m super excited to release this, as I’ve been working on it for a while now. I’m confident this step-by-step guide will really help those who may have the motivation to change, but aren’t exactly sure where to start.

More on this later, but to make sure you don’t miss any updates, make sure to sign up for the email list (if you haven’t already).

Of course, I’ll continue the writing on this site, and if you ever have any topic suggestions or things you’d like to hear about, don’t hesitate to let me know through the comments, or in an email.

That’s all for now. Have a great holiday weekend with your families. Merry Christmas!