How did you learn to shave? Maybe your dad, grandfather, or older brother taught you. Didn’t you feel proud and confident that first time, lathering up and shaving like a man? 

What about now? Still feeling confident and manly each time you shave? Or – like for most guys – has it just become another ho-hum part of your routine?

That first shave is a memorable rite of passage for most guys. But from there it just becomes a regular part of life – no more special than any other part of getting ready for work.

But here at EG, we’re all about taking the simple things and elevating them. You don’t have to be flashy or trendy to look great – actually quite the opposite. A simple, lean wardrobe style is always a better choice – with updated classics that fit great and look even better.

The same principles apply to a great shave. You don’t need the latest, 12-bladed beast to get a clean, smooth shave. A simpler, classic option is often better.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s acknowledge that every guy is different. You have unique needs and your own personal routine. So consider these 5 types of razors. Each offers a different approach to shaving. Which will be right for you?

Electric Razors – Fast and Convenient

5 Ways to Shave - Which Is Right for You?

The electric razor is all about speed and convenience. You can use this thing anywhere – even in your car on the way to work. It’s not going to get tossed out by the TSA, so it’s travel friendly too.

Those are the pros. But speed and convenience aren’t everything.

Even though technology has improved greatly, an electric razor still can’t offer you the close, smooth shave that a blade does. They also cause skin irritation for many guys. So if you know you have sensitive skin or tend to experience razor burn, this probably isn’t the option for you.

Price wise, electric razors fall into the mid range. They require a big upfront investment – most quality electric razors cost around $100 and you only have to replace the blades about once per year.

If you need an on-the-go solution or only need to trim your facial hair once or twice a week, an electric razor might be a good choice for you. Otherwise, you’ve got 4 more options to consider.

Disposable Razors – Cheap and Easy

5 Ways to Shave - Which Is Right for You? 

You can pick up a box full of plastic disposable razors for just a few bucks. They’re quick and easy – use it, toss it, move on. So they win on cost and convenience. But…

They’re cheap for a reason. You get a light, plastic handle with one or two low quality blades. So don’t expect a great shave from these discount razors.

Since there’s almost no weight to the razor itself, you’ve got to apply a lot of pressure to get a close shave. That makes it easy to nick your skin, cause ingrown hairs, and suffer from post-shave irritation.

If you’re traveling, camping, or otherwise need the cheapest, easiest solution possible, this is it. But otherwise, you’ve got far better options.

Cartridge Razors – Safe but Expensive

 5 Ways to Shave - Which Is Right for You?

Cartridge razors – like the Mach 3 or Fusion – are the most popular option on the market right now. They are also by far the most expensive of the 5 types of razors. Why’s that?

Each cartridge is only designed to be used 4-5 times. A lot of guys will extend their use, trying to stretch out the cost of buying new blades. But when you do that, you end up with dull blades crammed full of shave debris and bacteria. That’s a recipe for a bad shave, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs.

If you change your cartridges as often as recommended, you’re going to blow through over $200 annually in blades. You can probably think of a better way to spend all that money. (And if you can’t, I can!)

Of course, it’s not all bad news for cartridge razors. These things are ridiculously easy and safe to use. Their pivoted heads make it easy to go around the contours of your face. And the multi-blade design makes it easy to shave quick without worrying about cutting your face.

But that ease comes at a high price.

If you’re traveling, these make a good choice. You can pack them without fearing the TSA (in most cases). There’s still a better option for most guys…

Safety Razors – The Upgrade Option

5 Ways to Shave - Which Is Right for You? 

If you want the best quality shave, go with a safety razor. This is what men graduate to after they’re sick of crappy disposable razors and expensive cartridge razors. Coincidentally, it also is the least expensive option over time.

Safety razors are more expensive up front than disposable and cartridge razors. But if you choose a quality razor, it can last you a lifetime. And instead of dropping hundreds of dollars each year on blades – like with cartridge razors – you’ll only spend about 25 cents per shave.

Long lasting quality. Better experience. Smart investment. Yeah, that’s basically all the core values behind everything at EG.

Think of a safety razor more as a tool than the other types of razors. You have to learn to use it properly – and there is definitely a learning curve at first. Give yourself more time to shave than with any of the previous options. The first few times you use a safety razor, expect to take 10-20 minutes.

But that’s because you’re getting a smoother shave and a better experience. When you use a quality, well-designed safety razor – like OneBlade razors – you immediately notice the difference compared to disposable and cartridge options.

If you’re new to the idea of using a safety razor and don’t want to waste time on low quality options, this is the razor for you. It’s a modern take on the classic safety razor – with added details that make for a far easier and better shave.

There are some drawbacks to the traditional safety razor. These things aren’t travel friendly. Sure, you can pack it in a checked bag. But if you’re all about lean traveling, you’ll need to bring along another option – no surprise that razor blades are not TSA approved.

Also, most guys cut themselves shaving a few times at first. Which is painful and frustrating. But that’s where the OneBlade stands out compared to most traditional safety razors.

It’s got a meticulously designed pivoting head, which basically eliminates the learning curve when you switch over. Instead of having to cut yourself and stress out trying to find the right angle, the OneBlade razor adjusts for you.

This unique innovation means you get the safe, efficient shave of a cartridge razor with all the benefits of using a single blade. Win-win.

Straight Razors – The Professional’s Choice

5 Ways to Shave - Which Is Right for You?

Straight razors have been around since ancient times. They’re simple, effective, and last a lifetime. But they’re also potentially dangerous and take quite a while to learn to use properly.

If you’re totally into the experience of a barbershop shave at home, invest in a straight razor. And invest lots of time into learning how to handle it just right.

If you want the luxury of a straight razor shave but don’t have the time or desire to invest, you can still hit up your barber for a straight shave every now and then.

Which Razor Is Right for You?

When you need a fast, easy solution, an electric or cartridge razor might be best. They’re quick and convenient, but won’t offer you the best shave.

At home though, go with the upgrade option: the safety razor. It will take a bit of time to get used to, but you won’t ever want to go back once you see the results.

Thanks to our friends at OneBlade for being a part of this post.Looking for an investment-worthy safety razor that you can enjoy for life? Check out OneBlade and their new CORE razor. It’s the perfect mix of classic design and modern engineering.

5 Ways to Shave - Which Is Right for You?

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