An Interesting Take On Black Leather Dress Shoes

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(This is Part II of Leather Shoes in our ongoing series, All In The Details. Check out Part I here.)

Here’s a twist on the old standby.

If you’ve been reading EG for any length of time, you’ve probably caught wind of my disdain for black leather shoes as the all-in-one solution for every dressy occasion.

I think brown leather is much more versatile and interesting, and most men should avoid black unless they’re funeral directors, undertakers, or comic book super villains.

Aaanyway, black has its place in every man’s wardrobe but I think it should be used sparingly.

I can see why guys gravitate towards black shoes though. It’s difficult to go wrong; at the same time, it’s pretty damn boring if you ask me… especially if you have other choices.

One thing I do really love is MIXING black with brown tones.

I can hear it already

The throngs of dudes all going “Say whaaa” because they grew up hearing you shouldn’t wear black and brown together.

Well, good thing you’re an EG reader, because when done correctly, black and brown can be ultra awesome together.

When it comes to shoes, here’s just one example: black leather shoes with a natural-colored sole.

Combining the old basic black leather dress shoe and sexing it up a bit with the contrasting sole is the simplest, classiest way to mix the two colors in your shoe.

And doesn’t that just look infinitely more interesting?

“So do you still hate black leather shoes?”

I wouldn’t say hate… that’s a strong word. I still don’t like them as the standard solution for all outfits because that’s way boring.

BUT! If you want to wear them, have to wear them, or are in the market for a pair, look for a black leather shoe with a contrasting natural sole to give your kicks a nice little… kick.