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The last couple weeks have been quite a whirlwind for us here at the Effortless Gent / Fifth&Brannan world headquarters. I’m a bit disappointed that I let EG’s posting schedule slack a bit, as I had a good run of two posts per week for quite a while. Over the past month or so, things have gotten super busy with the upcoming Fifth&Brannan launch, and I had to adjust priorities a bit.

Also, I’d much rather be temporarily absent than put out mediocre style content. I think there’s enough of that on the web as it is.

On the Fifth&Brannan front

At least you can rest easy knowing I wasn’t just sitting around in my underwear all day. As the launch approaches, the action has really ramped up, and K and I are busy tying up all the loose ends. It’s pretty overwhelming and I wish I could paint you guys an accurate picture of the things we’re dealing with, but words really can’t describe it. Just know we sleep really late, get up really early, and are always doing 12 things at once.

The photo shoot

Behind the scenes… was so amazing. If you’re following Fifth&Brannan’s or Effortless Gent’s Facebook page, you most likely saw our pictures from that day. We were tweeting constantly and documenting the whole shoot for our readers.

We’ve gotten so much great feedback and it seems everyone loves the photos… and those are just our behind-the-scenes iPhone shots! If that’s the case, I can’t WAIT to show you guys the final product.

Our friend JJ and the MotionScope Studies crew took the reins on Saturday, and he’s so speedy, he’s already starting to send me the final images. I can’t post them quite yet, but don’t worry, when they’re ready you’ll be the first to know.

If you haven’t seen the pictures we tweeted out last Saturday, there are a couple ways you can still get in on the action. You can check out the hashtag #5andB to get a play by play, or hop on over to Kate’s blog and read her latest post all about the shoot. You can also check out the album Kate created over at the Fifth&Brannan page.

Who’s that girl?

You may be wondering why there’s a female in many of the pictures if we’re a menswear line. Well, we couldn’t squander the opportunity to include a female companion for our featured male model, Nick.

I know you guys like the shirts and all, but at this point you’re probably more interested in the eye candy. So how about we give you both at once!

Meet the lovely Ismilda (modeling our white oxford spread collar french cuff shirt… and not much else).

Ismilda - Fifth&Brannan

Just wait till you see the final shots in our lookbook; your minds will be blown.

Follow Ismilda on Twitter and say hi! But don’t be a creeper; K and I are protective of her and we’ll have to put the smack down on you. :]

The launch event

The event is a whole separate beast; planning a launch party is definitely not the most fun I’ve ever had. We want everything to go perfectly and there are so many moving parts… we’re just hoping for the best. I CAN guarantee that there will be delicious wine and cake pops at the event, so if you’re torn about coming, knowing this should steer you into the YES column (by the way, the cake pops are F’ing delicious! I had like six already).

At the time of writing, we have 158 confirmed guests to the event, and many are bringing at least one other guest. How flattering slash awesome!

It’s not too late to RSVP! We’d love to meet our readers and everyone else who’s shown support for our brand. I hope you can make it out this Saturday, June 18, but even if you can’t, I’m sure we’ll have some great photos to share after.

Production headaches

Production is another constant pain we’ve had to deal with. K and I are perfectionists and we know our product makes our brand; we want to deliver the best possible experience when you buy a Fifth&Brannan shirt (and in the future, trousers, outerwear, etc). Because of that, we’re very particular with how our shirting is constructed and if it’s not up to our standards, we make sure our manufacturers know it. The problem is, their definition of good doesn’t always match ours, and so it’s a struggle.

Luckily, they are starting to understand what we expect and things have gotten better, though we can’t rest easy until this production run is over. Hopefully it will be even more smooth next season.

The Fifth&Brannan Shop is (soft) launched!

We recently soft launched our online storefront: http://shop.fifthandbrannan.com

We wanted to allow the flow of traffic and the chance for people to purchase the few items we have so we can test our shopping cart and make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s a fully-functioning site, and you can pick up a pocket square or tie (if there are even any left at this point), but even if you missed out, rest assured we’ll be restocking in a few weeks for our official storefront launch.

Want to be notified whenever we have new items in our store? Sign up here. You’ll also be receiving (mostly infrequent) Fifth&Brannan blog updates through email, so you don’t have to visit the site to see if anything new is going on.

By the way, the images of the Moss-colored necktie don’t do it justice. It’s such an awesome tie and goes nicely with a bunch of shirting! Just thought I’d throw that out there.

What’s coming up for EG

Hopefully a whole lot more great stuff on classic, everyday style. My next project is to put out a series of style guides on the site. I’ve mentioned it here and there in the past, but never really got a jump start on it with everything else that’s been going on. I hope to change that once 5&B is up and running.

The first guide I’m planning is more specific, and may only apply to a subset of my readers, but I think it’s a subject that isn’t covered in too much detail (apparently, since I get a lot of questions about it). Do me a favor, remind me of this promise once in a while so I get my ass in gear and create something awesome for you. Also, if you have other suggestions on what you’d like to see in a simple guide such as this, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Two final reminders

Check out Fifth&Brannan’s launch event and RSVP!  Also, visit our storefront at http://shop.fifthandbrannan.com and let us know what you think so far.

One more!

Follow me on Twitter.

Till next time!

6 Responses

  1. Lisa Adams on

    So proud of you guys!  Love that I got to see a dream become reality.  Really wish I could be at the launch party but maybe I can make it that way another time…soon!  Is Ismilda wearing JCrew in the other shots?  Do I even need to ask that? : )  P.S. You can sleep when you’re dead I suppose ; )  Congrats!!

  2. Antonio Centeno on

    Barron and Katie – congrats on all your hard work coming to fruition.  Now for the hard work…..creating a sustainable business that makes a profit and contributes to a healthy local economy and happy life for you two.  

    I wish I could be at the party as well, but I’m the best man at my little brother’s wedding in TN.  So I’ll just toast to your success a bit early – here’s to your success – chink/chink!



    • Kate on


      Thank you so much for your encouraging words and support throughout this entire process! 


  3. Dan on

    Yeah, those photos look pretty stellar and those weren’t even from the pro-grade camera. I always keep tabs on 5&B because you guys look like you’re creating the same kind of style I’d have on a daily basis in the ideal world.

    • Barron on

      Hey thanks Dan! Some of the final photos came in from the actual shoot. They’re looking really great. They’re over on the 5&B blog if you haven’t already checked em out.