Gents, I’ll make this quick. It’s important to look all business when you’re dressed for the office or an important event. Don’t go all professional below the neck yet wear a pair of Oakley sunglasses to shield your eyes from harmful rays. Save those for when you’re actually being active.

Instead, opt for a pair of classic sunglasses such as the aviators. Nothing fancy or flashy needed, just your standard style, metal-framed shades with dark lenses. Reflective, you ask? No. You’re a California Highway Patrol officer? Well, okay, I’ll let it slide this time. But I’m warning you buddy, don’t you dare let me catch you round these here parts again.


Anyway, when the occasion calls for a little effort, leave the sporty shades at home. Instead, opt for a classic silhouette such as the aviator, the Wayfarer… anything but the Oakleys, please.


Check out Valet’s concise guide to fitting sunglasses to your face. Lucky for you, the models on that page are great examples of the types of sunglasses you should be pairing with your dressier clothes.

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19 Responses

  1. BlackLABL Clothiers on

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Its a shame that wearing a suit turns into an “event” and an “excuse to be 'cool.'”
    Sidebar: The black-shirt combo during the day is also somewhat douchey IMO.

  2. William on

    oh man! Barron, you nailed that one. Its more serious than people think. Honestly, there is no place for sporty shades unless you are, well, playing a sport…

    There are SO many more options to shade your eyes than a pair of Oakley's…no doubt.

    Great post brother.


  3. Fnark on

    I totally agree. A suit is not a prison, but it is a uniform. It is not the place for personal expression: it's there to show you are a $%## MAN. Respect it.

  4. Lpwickerbottom on

    The funniest thing about the picture is the guy on the left is wearing a pair of Pradas that my wife has.

  5. Barron on

    Agreed; those are all great options for the price. I think sunglasses are something worth investing a little more in, considering how much one wears them.

    Thanks for the input!

  6. Barron on

    Often the attempt to look 'cool' just makes one look like 'that guy who doesnt know how to wear a suit'.

    Another combo I see a lot is the blood red shirt with black tie and black suit. I've never understood that. This is almost always worn by the type of people who never wear suits, and who don't know how to wear a suit or know how it should fit.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Barron on

    Thanks, my man. I'm always surprised when I still see grown men on the streets doing this. You'd think it'd be common sense, but perhaps not. And you're right, they're meant for activity and should be used as such. Appreciate your comment.

  8. Barron on

    I think a lot of people try to 'personalize' their look when wearing a suit, for example, pocket square, or colored dress socks, which I'm totally fine with assuming it's done right. But when they're personalizing it by injecting their casual styles into it (baggy, larger suits? unhemmed pant legs? and in this case, sporty eyewear?) is when I disapprove.

    Thanks for your comment!

  9. Barron on

    I know these higher-end brands advertise their silhouettes as unisex, and I do believe most can be pulled off by either sex, but I tend to see that particular style you pointed out mostly on women as well.

    That's all I'm saying. 🙂

  10. Barron on

    MB knows his stuff, and I especially enjoy his occasional snarky attitude towards things. Toolbaggish, in this case, is very fitting. 🙂

  11. Arkhangael on

    I tend to think of it as ok to wear Oakleys while driving to work. I live in a country where the sun is serious matter, and it’s important not to be blinded.
    But I do agree that generally, sports accessories do not match suits n ties.

    However, Oakleys are fine when you are wearing other relaxed outfits.