pick up lines

Hey gents,

I had a hilariously awesome time reading through all your best / favorite pickup lines.

Some of you guys took the honest, straight-forward approach (“Hi, I’m ______, what’s your name?”), some were a little more direct (“I lick p*@#y like a champ.” — wow), and the rest were all kinds of funny.

It was tough picking a winner. There were at least ten I wanted to give this to, but sadly the dudes at Bonobos only let me pick one.

The pickup line that caught my (and Kate’s) attention the most (because we were laughing for so long, because we have the mentality of teenagers) is this one:

“Did you fart? Cuz you just blew me away.”

Ha! Damn, I wish I used that one the first time I met K. That would’ve helped set an accurate tone for the rest of the relationship.

Anyway, congratulations David! You’re the lucky winner of a pair of Game Day Chinos. You’ll be receiving an email shortly (if you haven’t already).

Thanks everyone for posting all your pickup lines, I really did have a great time reading those and I wish I could’ve given chinos to all you dudes.

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Till next time, have a great weekend!



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