Amazon Prime Day 2022: Fashion Deals

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While I couldn’t list everything here, be sure to check out my Idea List on Amazon for the entire selection.

Important to note: The prices you see are most likely the original price—click through to see the Prime Day pricing!

I’ll continue to post more Prime Day fashion deals as I find them. Make sure to keep this tab open in case I find anything else.

Effortless Gent Amazon Idea List: Prime Day 2022 Fashion Deals

All the great menswear stuff (and more, probably!) I've found on sale for Prime Day 2022

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These are just a few. View my Idea List for the entire selection I’ve found.


More Ray-Ban models on my Idea List here.


Both of these spring / summer jackets have plenty of different styles and colorways available. Tap through to view them all.


A couple casual shoe options.

Pants & Shorts

shirts & sweaters

Looking for more?

Tons of stuff (too many to list here) but tap below to view my Amazon Idea List. In it, you’ll have access to all my Amazon Prime Day fashion finds.