I’m glad you’re here! I put together this resource page so you have everything you need to put together your lean, minimalist wardrobe. Around here, we just call it a “Lean Wardrobe”.

What exactly is a Lean Wardrobe?

Lean Wardrobe: a minimalist wardrobe; the minimum number of clothing items you need to create a flexible, well-rounded wardrobe that suits your daily life.

If you have too much clothing, yet nothing you actually want to wear, are looking to “fill in the gaps” with classic staples that outlast trends, or simply hate everything you own and want to start from scratch, I encourage you to adopt the Lean Wardrobe philosophy.

“Is the Lean Wardrobe for me?”

It does not matter if you:

  • are young, old, or middle-aged
  • are light-skinned, dark-skinned, or somewhere in between
  • are fat, skinny, or athletic
  • are short, tall, or of average height
  • have a tight budget, a bit of cash to spend, or are blessed with crazy deep pockets

The Lean Wardrobe is a framework on how to approach building a wardrobe, regardless of your age, body type, or budget. Yes, the Lean Wardrobe is for you if you want a versatile, interchangeable set of clothes that you can wear every day, no matter where you’re headed.

“What kind of clothes are in a Lean Wardrobe?”

My suggestions for a Lean Wardrobe consist of classic, timeless pieces that serve as menswear standards… modern interpretations of silhouettes and styles that have been around for decades.

If you feel you look too young, your Lean Wardrobe will lend you a more mature look. If you are an older gentleman, the Lean Wardrobe will help you look contemporary and modern, without appearing trendy or like you’re trying too hard.

Ready? Start with these

Download our free eGuide, The Lean Wardrobe

Since this philosophy is so important, I wrote a guide laying the foundation.

Learn the Tenets of an Effortless Gent

Twelve principles that guide the way you approach and develop your personal style.

Understand The Lean Wardrobe Pyramid

Let’s think of the Lean Wardrobe as a pyramid, split into three levels.

Assess Your Lifestyle

Here are three things to consider, and questions to help you evaluate each one.

Go Beyond Basics with Style Archetypes

Take your style a step further.

Here’s a simple way to find the clothes you need

Build A Lean Wardrobe

Smart Sharp Style is the easiest program to follow if you want to dress sharp, feel confident, and command attention without doing a ton of shopping (even if you hate fashion)!


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men's wardrobe essentials - effortlessgent

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials: The Clothes A Man Needs In His Minimalist Wardrobe

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Style Archetypes: The key to dressing well while still being yourself

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Both totally understandable. And if that’s you, I think I know why you’re feeling that way.

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Stay Clean With These Three Classic Sneaker Styles

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An EDC-Style Wardrobe: 12 Things In Your Closet You Can’t Live Without

While there’s no one standard EDC for every person, there are a few things most, if not all, of us carry. The best part of an EDC is its predictability and consistency.

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Style Archetypes: How To Go Beyond Basics And Take Your Style A Step Further

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Three Ways To Let Trends Influence Your Style (In A Good Way)

You don’t have the time or interest to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. At the same time, you don’t want your wardrobe going stale. So, what do you do?

Travel Light: A Lean Approach to Packing

Packing for versatility and flexibility is always a smart move, whether you’re going away for the weekend, or traveling for weeks. What’s the best way to do that?

I Challenge YOU to Build a Lean Wardrobe. You in?

In case you’re too lazy (or overwhelmed) to assess your lifestyle right now—you’ll have to do this eventually, by the way—but you want to get started building that Lean Wardrobe today (hooray), then I have a solution / challenge for you.

Assessing Your Lifestyle: Three Things To Consider Before Building Your Lean Wardrobe

Here are three things to consider, and questions to help you evaluate each one.

lw pyramid banner

The Lean Wardrobe Pyramid: A visual to help you get it right

Here’s my theory that should prove useful to the gent who’s still getting his bearings. Let’s think of the Lean Wardrobe as a pyramid, split into three levels.

The #Menswear Mindset: A Signature Style Chat, From Squalor To Baller

Ian Anderson runs From Squalor to Baller, a site focused on simple style advice for the modern man. We share very similar ideals when it comes to personal style and building a basic, flexible wardrobe. He has an envy-inducing closet, much closer to a perfect Lean Wardrobe than my own.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Choosing A Versatile Suit and Wearing Each Piece Separately

How flexible is a suit, exactly? Is it really worth the investment, even if you’re not a guy who wears suits every day? How many days in a row can you wear one suit? How do you take a suit from formal to casual and back again, if necessary?

Let’s tackle each of these questions (that I asked myself, in my head) one at a time. This should help, in case you’ve ever wondered the same thing.

Mixing Casual And Tailored: A Signature Style chat with A Bit Of Color

Mr. Walbolt is a creative at heart, having run an art publishing company for 28 years. With years of practice putting together color, pattern, and design style, he has a keen understanding of what looks good together.

How To: Incorporate Trends In Your Classic Lean Wardrobe

If you’ve been reading EG for any amount of time, you may think I’m completely against trends, solely based off the Lean Wardrobe approach I always champion.

While I do think a Lean Wardrobe is best, being anti-trend isn’t the full truth.

F#%K Fashion: Eight Tips to Being the Best Dressed Guy You Know

F#%K Fashion: Eight Men’s Fashion Tips to Becoming the Best Dressed Guy You Know

You don’t need to be a menswear expert well-versed in the terminology and minutiae to put together a basic, good-looking outfit.

Get a copy of EG’s latest book, The Lean Wardrobe: Five Principles to Achieve Closet Mastery

Get a copy of EG’s latest book, The Lean Wardrobe

Aah, yes, the Lean Wardrobe. We discuss it a lot here on EG, and I’ve mentioned it many times in several different articles. But what is it exactly? And how do you get one?

Since the Lean Wardrobe philosophy is such an important one, I wrote a guide detailing exactly how to achieve it.

Lean Wardrobe: Packing for a five-day jaunt to Hawaii

As I write this, I’m preparing for a trip to Hawaii. While there, I’ll be in a few different social situations (as opposed to just plopping down on the beach the whole week).

Here’s the thing. We’ve talked about a Lean Wardrobe before, and preparing for a trip is one of the best times to put it into practice.

Simple thoughts to help guide you in your quest for personal style improvement

When I first started this site, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to cover and how I hoped it would help people. Three years into it, I have a much, much clearer vision of the site’s mission.

These principles are what guide the site, and they should guide you when developing your own personal style as well.

The Lean Wardrobe: Favorite Clothes of a Minimalist

My friends Ryan and Josh from The Minimalists approached me with this article, which I found pretty interesting. It’s on the more extreme end of the Lean Wardrobe philosophy I’ve been exploring, but a great perspective nonetheless. What do YOU think?

Men’s Outfit Ideas: The High / Low Look

The idea of high / low style isn’t exactly a NEW idea for men’s outfits, but it’s definitely a versatile one. Here are examples of how to do it well.