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Maybe you don’t know if your clothes fit right, if the colors you choose look good on you, or how to put together great looking outfits. All you want is to feel confident and look handsome as hell.

This trio of FREE eGuides from Effortless Gent will be crazy helpful.

The Lean Wardrobe: Five Principles To Achieve Closet Mastery is our 101 class on a minimalist wardrobe. If you’re sick of having a ton of clothing, but feeling like you have nothing to wear, follow the tips in this eGuide and you’ll be well on your way to a lean, minimalist wardrobe.

The Contrast Cheat Sheet is the secret key to choosing the right colors for you. Depending if you’re low, medium, or high contrast, specific combinations of colors look better than others, so pay careful attention this cheat sheet.

The Spectrum of Style Formality answers all your questions regarding how formal or casual an item of clothing is. The secret to a smart, sharp look is combining the right elements of casual and formal together. This is your playbook,

Go over these three eGuides and your life will be so much easier… And your style? Effortless.

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“When I started to revolutionize my style, I began to command respect. I can definitely say that none of this was possible without EG’s assistance.” –Mathew O.