Seiko Watches Are An EG Favorite! Here’s why

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It’s no surprise to any regular Effortless Gent reader that Seiko is easily one of our top three favorite watch brands of all time.

You can get a dependable and good looking Seiko 5 automatic for under $100, or a Seiko Prospex diver for almost $1000. Looking for something more beautiful and rare? Grand Seiko watches can easily run between $5,000 – $10,000.

Seiko has sport watches, dress watches, minimal watchesautomatic watches and quartz watches and digital watchesdiving watches and chronographs… at practically every price point.

With a history as rich as the Seiko brand, and the breadth of their (multiple) lines, you’re bound to find something in the exact style and price you want, with the exact functionality you need.

This is the Seiko hub on Effortless Gent, the central place where you can find all our Seiko-related articles, as well as other watch articles that you may find interesting.


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The Best Seiko Watches Within Your Budget

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Love Seiko watches, but trying to stay under a specific budget? We got ya. Just check out the watches we recommend in each range: Under $1000, under $500, under $200, and under $100.

And yep! You can actually find amazing Seiko watches under $100.

These Are The 15 Best Seiko Watches To Add To Your Collection

best seiko watches sport watches and dress watches

These are the 15 BEST Seiko watches (our personal favorites out of the hundreds of models available), and you can find them all on Amazon!

How Does Seiko stack up to similar brands?

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There are plenty of watches out there, so you may be curious how Seiko compares to brands of a similar quality level, build, or price range. We hand-picked some of the most popular brands that can be compared to Seiko and pit them against each other.

Check out our Seiko comparison articles.

The Seiko 5 Sports Line

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Seiko 5 is Seiko’s entry level line of mechanical watches. Don’t let the entry-level categorization fool you, though: these are solidly built watches with a plethora of styles. I’d be surprised if you can’t find a model you like.

The “5” stands for the five qualities every watch in this line has: Automatic winding, a day/date function, water resistance, an unbreakable mainspring (or Seiko’s proprietary Diaflex), and shock resistance (or Seiko’s proprietary Diashock).

Read on for a few of our Seiko 5-specific articles.

Did you catch these Seiko articles?

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The following Seiko articles didn’t fit neatly into a category for this page, but I don’t want you to miss them because they’re jam-packed with brand knowledge and (more importantly) our favorite picks.

If you’re looking for a new dress watch, a chronograph, a quartz, or something else, you’re bound to find something here. Read on!

These Watch Articles Could Come In Handy

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While not directly Seiko-related, you’ll learn a lot from these informational articles.

Other Watch Articles You May Be Interested In

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Even though Seiko is one of our favorite watch brands to write about, it’s not the only watch brand we discuss here on the site. Check out our other watch-related articles below.