Twice As Nice: Here Are 15 Of The Best Seiko Watches Under $200

by Karlton Miko Tyack  |  in Watches

Strategic sourcing and Japanese efficiency has made Seiko famous among watch collectors. After all, few brands are as generous with cool features and designs at every price point as they are. This is why we were able to round up some excellent Seikos for under $100.

Today, we’re back at it! This time, we’ve rounded up, in our opinion, the 15 best Seiko watches under $200.

We were able to build a diverse group by simply unlocking the sub-200 category. So whether you’re looking for a practical tool, something pretty to look at, or a classic everyday watch, Seiko’s got you covered.


  1. Seiko SNK355

    This watch has the same silhouette as the SNXS79K, but features a lot more surfaces for light to hit giving it a glimmery, frosty aesthetic. The subtle repeating Seiko 5 logo pattern on the white face adds dimension, and the shiny, multi-link, multi-layer bracelet makes it just a bit fancier looking. Go for this watch if you want a fun yet elegant automatic that can easily transition from day to night. 

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    02/15/2023 01:23 am GMT
  2. Seiko SNXS79K
    $135.00 $118.98

    At 37mm, this classic analog sport watch wears like a vintage dress watch, which means it suits most guys’ wrists. The smooth bezel and black dial is reminiscent of an Explorer I, and the original bracelet is one of my favorite Seiko designs: It’s three-links long, but they’re thinner and slightly rounded at the edges, like a combination of an oyster and jubilee. It’s convenient not to have to worry about a battery with it’s 21-jewel automatic movement, especially at this price point!

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    02/14/2023 12:08 pm GMT
  3. Seiko SRPC51K1

    At 45mm, this dive is a submarine of a watch with both utilitarian and style-focused design elements. Its hefty bezel features a unique concave design that descends into the silky blue dial, which is perfectly complemented by gold accents and full-figured indices and hands. Go for this watch if you want a dive that’s classic enough, but also undeniably eye-catching.

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  4. Seiko SNN241

    With its bold Arabic numbers, this versatile chronograph is reminiscent of a vintage pilot watch (and would look excellent paired with an aviator bomber jacket!). Its stepped dial and contrast-stitched leather strap is a mix of sportiness and elegance. If you’re looking for a refined everyday watch that doesn’t compromise on masculinity, go for this guy.

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  5. Seiko SSB301P1

    There are so many layers to this well-engineered chronograph, that you can look at it for hours and still find a new detail. I especially love how each of the three subdials seems to sit on a different surface, adding visual dimension. Overall, this maximalist timepiece’s biggest strength is how it manages to take a lot of details and organize it in a way that’s tidy and slick, but still fun.

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  6. Seiko SSB291P1

    This watch is as robust and masculine as any classic chronograph yet its light color palette gives it slightly romantic undertones, making it appropriate for camping and date night. The stark white face with bright blue hands are a classy combination and the croc-embossed calfskin leather strap (available in brown or navy), elevates it from tool to luxury sport watch.

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  7. Seiko SSB265P1

    The shiny copper accents, black dial, and beehive-textured background uniquely give this chronograph a distinct rootbeer aesthetic, which is more common with dives. Wear this watch with a leather strap for a noticeable but still professional daytime look, or a silicon strap for a hearty and utilitarian style perfect for casual days.

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  8. Seiko SRN054

    This fashion-forward watch features a rose gold finished case and rose gold hands and markers, all on a sophisticated black canvas. Between the slick attention to detail and the multiple layers and features on the dial, this timepiece can really add personality to a smart casual or formal outfit. Function-wise, Seiko’s “Kinetic” is an accurate quartz movement with an automatic power generator and six-month power reserve, so this watch is as reliable as it is beautiful.

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  9. Seiko SNKN37
    $225.00 $135.00

    This unusual stunner features a luxe blue dial with glossy futuristic indices that almost look like an alien language at first glance. It runs on Seiko’s famous and brutally efficient calibre 7S26 automatic movement. The uniquely shaped case and modern face can go with any strap, but the distressed brown leather provides an endearing and uncommon contrast.

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    02/14/2023 10:48 pm GMT
  10. Seiko SNE529
    $240.00 $204.00

    This watch balances sportiness and elegance, making it perfect for literally any occasion. The green and gold combination is similar to the SNKM97, but the darker emerald hue and traditional shape give it a more understated, less retro tone. It’s also solar-powered, with a 10-month reserve, doesn’t require batteries, and features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.  

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    02/14/2023 10:03 pm GMT
  11. Seiko SUP896

    The Seiko SUP896 is a more modern and understated tank, featuring sleek baton indices instead of Roman numerals and a stepped 28mm gold-toned case. The dial face boasts an impressive golden luster, which complements the calfskin leather strap. A contemporary take on vintage tank watches, this watch truly goes with any suit jacket.

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  12. Seiko SNE507

    Another unique dress watch from Seiko, this solar-powered 39.5mm dress watch creatively implements texture, from the posh basket-weave blue pattern on the dial to the gear-shaped case. The stainless steel bracelet is made up of several interchanging links, for a high-sheen complexity. Go for this watch if you want a creative dress watch with a lot of architecture to it.

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    02/14/2023 05:58 pm GMT
  13. Seiko SNE095P2

    This robust field watch works as efficiently as it looks. The nylon strap is sturdy and comfortable, the functions are all solar-powered, and the Seiko calibre V158 is a reliable engine of precise timekeeping. The different sized indices and machine-like aesthetic bezel make it just a little more playful than the standard military-style watch without going overboard. 

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  14. Seiko 5 SNZG09K1

    This is the quintessential field watch, complete with a sturdy, smooth bezel, a black dial with legible white markers, and a green durable nylon strap. It’s similar to the beloved Seiko 5 SNK80X models (particularly the green SNK805), but with a full-on glow-up, boasting a dimensional face with actual layers vs just markings. And of course, as a Seiko 5, it’s fully automatic and water-resistant at 100m.

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    02/14/2023 12:48 pm GMT
  15. Seiko Recraft Green Dial Automatic SNKM97
    $250.00 $138.98

    This watch is from Seiko’s vintage-inspired Recraft collection, and is a perfect choice if you want to be noticed or if you’re a nostalgia-buff. It’s chunky on the wrist and its retro green and gold color palette is evocative of popular men’s timepieces from the late 60s and early 70s. Other cool design elements include a sunburst dial that's so shiny, a laser beam effect runs across the face when the sun hits it directly, and the white-framed 12, 6, and 9 markers that match the white-framed day/date.

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    02/14/2023 08:28 pm GMT

Seiko’s Bang-for-Buck Watches

As a watch collector who’s interested in every price point, I’m really grateful to Seiko! Sometimes you just want a sub-200 fashion watch that looks cool, and Seiko will give that to you but throw in a fun automatic movement or a solar-powered quartz for good measure.

On top of that, Seiko’s democratization of watch collecting has made it a safe space for newbies and budget buyers to mingle with seasoned collectors.

We hope you are able to find a few Seiko watches under $200 from this roundup that you love!