Here are 15 of the Best Seiko Automatic Watches (from $100-$1000)

by Karlton Miko Tyack  |  in Watches

Ask any collector to name their top watch brands that make affordable automatics, and you’ll get Seiko as a response 9 out of 10 times. Today, we’re rounding up the 15 best Seiko automatic watches, at a range of price points!

One of the qualities that make Seiko so trusted and beloved is that you get what you pay for with them, at every level. 

Efficiently, they’ll still use older, paid-off parts and tooling to build certain watch models, which is how they’re able to sell some darn good automatics for so cheap. On the premium side of the price spectrum, their automatics are either high-performance or rare, and hardly ever overpriced.


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Check out these watches before we dig in further!

The Best Seiko Automatic Watches Between $100–$1000

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Seiko is a good, democratic brand to go to when looking for an automatic watch. So let’s get to it! Here are our choices, in the categories of sport and field, dress watches, and casual!

Sport and Field Watches

Seiko Alpinist Limited Model SBDC093

We love the iconic green dial Alpinist, however, this limited edition’s porcelain dial behind its ornamental appliques offers less contrast, and a more understated harmony.

seiko alpinist sbdc093 photo
Seiko Alpinist Limited Model SBDC093

This watch is equipped with Japanese automatic movement and 6R35 calibre. This timepiece has sapphire, antireflection coating glass

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Meanwhile, its sophisticated forest green leather strap serves as a nod to the original’s trademark emerald face. It runs on Seiko’s high-performance 6R35 automatic caliber, which boasts 70 hours of power! 

Seiko Prospex Compass SRPD31K1

This Seiko Prospex is unique in that it’s an undeniable visual marriage between a compass and a watch — the cardinal directions are as distinct as each 3-hour marker.

Seiko SRPD31K1 photo
Seiko Prospex Compass SRPD31K1

It is equipped with Japanese automatic movement and 6R35 calibre. Stainless steel case of round shape.The dial of this Seiko watch is beige. Display type: analog. This timepiece has sapphire, antireflection coating glass.

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This gives it the same adventurous aesthetic (and same 200m of water resistance!) as its solar-powered Seiko Land cousins, but with the added horological bonus of running on Seiko’s 4R36.

This automatic movement features 24 jewels and hacking, and you can admire it through the transparent caseback.

Seiko PROSPEX Shogun SBDC029

One of Seiko’s most popular dives in the $1000 range, this Shogun SBDC029 boasts classic looks and tons of functionality.

Seiko SBDC029 photo
Seiko Shogun Prospex Titanium SBDC029

Considered “the lightest diver,” this Shogun is the titanium answer to classic, usually stainless steel, Seiko dive watches. Not only is the titanium construction stronger and 45% lighter than steel, but this Japanese import runs on the respectable and hackable 6R15 automatic caliber and features a brilliant green fluorescent lume.

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02/14/2023 01:28 pm GMT

The case and strap are titanium, so they’re almost half as light as regular steel. Even better? The lumed markers are still brilliantly contrasted even during the day.

It also has 200m of water resistance, a GMT hand, and runs on the 23-jewel 6R15 automatic Seiko movement.  

Seiko 5 Sport Specialist SRPE80

This sport watch is souped up with exquisite textures and material, making it truly one of a kind. The patinated and embossed gold bezel makes it look like an important artifact.

Seiko 5 Sport Specialist SRPE80 photo
Seiko 5 SRPE80 Specialist Style
$395.00 $239.00

The Specialist Style Seiko 5s take classic sport watches and soups them up with creative designs and materials. In the case of the SRPE80, it’s an antique-style patina gold bezel, a distinct patterned dial, and unique strap made of silicon and leather. It’s an overall adventurous, masculine, and fun aesthetic!

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02/14/2023 11:58 pm GMT

Meanwhile, the meticulously textured dial gives the watch a more detailed, hand-crafted look.

Add the leather-adorned silicon watch strap and the hackable 4R36 automatic movement, and you’ve got a head-turner of a watch.

Seiko 5 Bottle Cap SRPC61K1

We’ve recommended the playful rootbeer version, but this SRPC61K1 Bottle Cap Seiko balances out the unique and bold silhouette with a more traditional colorway.

Seiko SRPC61K1 photo
Seiko 5 Bottle Cap SRPC61K1

Black dial enhanced by luminous silver-tone hands. Silver-tone stainless steel case with a silver-tone stainless steel band. Automatic movement.

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While the case-bracelet size contrast gives it a peculiarly distinct look, this watch still has everything you need in a diver: unidirectional bezel, excellent lume, a scratch-resistant crystal, and the in-house 4R36 movement.

Seiko 5 Sports SRPC51J1

With a more forward and striking design language, the SRPC51J1 is a classic tool watch, with a more design-focused look.

Seiko SRPC51J1 photo
Seiko 5 Sports SRPC51J1 Watch

Blue dial enhanced by luminous yellow gold-tone arrow-shaped hands. Silver-tone stainless steel case with a silver-tone stainless steel band.

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Form and function-wise, it has the unidirectional bezel, 44.5mm case, and a 24-jewel automatic caliber.

However, the exceptionally confident two-tone bezel is decked with generously sized stencil-style numbers, and the hands and indices wear a fashionable gold outline, for a stylish, but still practical and masculine-looking sport watch.

Seiko SKX007

One of Seiko’s time-honored ultimates, the SKX007 is a must-have for fans of the brand.

Seiko SKX007K2 photo
Seiko SKX007

A sleek, good-looking watch with water resistance up to 660 feet (200 meters), the Seiko Men's Diver's Automatic Watch is an instant classic.

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02/14/2023 11:43 pm GMT

Originally popularized for being one of the best affordable Submariner alternatives, this version of the SKX is now an icon on its own because of its classically handsome look, its 21-jewel legacy workhorse 7S26 automatic movement, and the Jubilee-Oyster hybrid bracelet it’s often paired with.

If you’re looking for a highly-esteemed and dependable dive, this guy is for you.

Dress Watches

Seiko Presage Gradient Cocktail Time SSA346

From Seiko Presage’s popular Cocktail Time series, the SSA346’s rose gold-toned steel case and brown croco-embossed leather strap is reminiscent of a swanky gentleman’s bar.

Seiko SSA231 photo
Seiko Presage Gradient Cocktail Time SSA346

From the Presage Collection. Fine mechanical watchmaking from Japan, this timepiece features a refined design crafted with a rose gold stainless steel case and brown leather strap.

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The champagne dial boasts seven layers of gloss finish, and the date indicator and power reserve add a gadget-aesthetic that doesn’t take away from the overall elegance.

Go for this 29-jewel automatic if you like your dress watches to have a technical visual touch to them.

Seiko SARB035

The often elusive SARB035 is coveted for its versatility, classy and clean design that forgoes unnecessary elements, and its collectability.

Seiko SARB035

The 035’s beautiful cream dial, delicate and polished indices, and sword hands have a recognizably distinguished style, even compared to its closest copycats. With its sapphire crystal, 50-hour power reserve, and icon status, the SARB035 is a genuine crowd-pleaser.

Seiko Open Heart SSA231

The SSA231 features a whimsical and fun design with its open heart, white dial, and Roman indices, but also a robust and sturdy build. It has a case size of 41mm, 13mm thick, and runs on the 41-hour power 4R39A movement.

seiko open heart ssa231
Seiko Automatic Silver Open Heart Dial Men's Watch SSA231

This statement piece is a beautiful choice for those with whimsical tastes, as well as those who are horologically curious. Between its blue feuille hands and Roman indices, the design combines stately and traditional features with more playful qualities. Plus, you get to admire Seiko’s watchable 4R39A movement, which has 24 jewels and gold and silver-toned parts throughout.

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While the open heart gives you a preview of this 24-jewel movement, you can see the full show on the back, making this entertaining timepiece the perfect accessory for boring events!

Seiko Presage SRPE43J1

This Seiko SRPE43J1 is a brilliant mix of different styles of dress watch features: simple seconds, alternating Arabic and baton indices, silver-toned dauphine hands, a contoured date window, and all in the timeless and versatile body of a Presage.

seiko SRPE43J1
Seiko Presage SRPE43J1

Blue dial enhanced by silver-tone dauphine-style hands. Silver-tone stainless steel case with a black leather band.

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02/14/2023 05:13 am GMT

What really makes this watch stand out though, is its striking dial, a kaleidoscoping pattern design in deep blue.

Casual Watches

Seiko SSA383

If you love cool textures, a unique style, and an authoritative all-black look, the Seiko SSA383 serves up visual dimensions.

Seiko SA383K1
Seiko SSA383

The Seiko watch is designed as a small Jewel personal and intimate. The watches are harmonious with the environment and the wearer, and their functions offer a reassuring and exciting feeling.

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The case is steel with a carbon titanium coating, the crown features knurled edges, and the dial face sports a racetrack on the outer edge, a thin ring of Arabic numerals within the track, and finally a carbon-like center dial.

All of that is complemented by a sailcloth, leather-backed strap, and powered by the reliable 4R37 automatic caliber.

Seiko 5 SNK617

This reasonably-sized 37mm timepiece is sleek and modern, yet the red second markers partnered with every hour index is a clever design touch, giving us the color palette of an old-school Game Boy.

Seiko SNK617
Seiko 5 SNK617

The Seiko Men's 5 Automatic Black Dial Stainless Steel Watch boasts high-tech Japanese automatic movement hidden behind classic analog styling. Precise 21-jewel Japanese automatic movement keeps this watch functioning without a battery: It is powered automatically with the movement of your arm. 

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02/14/2023 07:08 am GMT

It runs on the entry-level 7S26 self-winding movement, which is exposed through the exhibition caseback. Between its cool design and automatic caliber, this watch definitely punches above its sub-100 price point.

Seiko Arabic Dial SNKP21

The SNKP21 is mostly minimal, with its stark black dial, luminous silver-tone hands, and simple bezel with gradual lugs.

Seiko SNKP21J1
Seiko Arabic Dial SNKP21

This watch features a black dial enhanced by luminous silver-tone hands. Silver-tone stainless steel case with a silver-tone stainless steel band. 

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02/14/2023 10:48 am GMT

This serves as the perfect backdrop for the statement design of this timepiece, its beautiful and unique Arabic numerals, printed in an alluring slate color. This watch is truly exquisite, unlike any other, and sleek enough to be worn in formal situations.

Seiko SNKM97

A popular model from Seiko’s vintage-reboot Recraft collection, the retro-cool dial boasts a fun 60s green-and-gold palette, complemented by a robust cushion case.

Seiko SNKM97
Seiko Recraft Green Dial Automatic SNKM97
$250.00 $138.98

This watch is from Seiko’s vintage-inspired Recraft collection, and is a perfect choice if you want to be noticed or if you’re a nostalgia-buff. It’s chunky on the wrist and its retro green and gold color palette is evocative of popular men’s timepieces from the late 60s and early 70s. Other cool design elements include a sunburst dial that's so shiny, a laser beam effect runs across the face when the sun hits it directly, and the white-framed 12, 6, and 9 markers that match the white-framed day/date.

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02/14/2023 08:28 pm GMT

At 43.5mm, it wears big on the wrist, almost like a chunky bracelet. The green face has a smooth patinated and gradation black around it, for a silky sophisticated look in the evening, and a shiny lightplay under the sun.

Which One’s the Best Seiko Automatic?

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As always, it depends what you’re looking for, and what your personal style is! With Seiko, you get what you pay for, so it makes looking for a watch easier and less stressful. Plus, you can focus on the fun stuff, like styles, functions, or possible experimentation.

That, plus all of Seiko’s movements are in-house provides an added cache too!

Which models are your favorite? Do you have a Seiko caliber preference?

Let us know by hitting us up on Facebook and Instagram!