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Want a lean wardrobe and effortless style, but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. Look good every day with these 11 casual wardrobe essentials 👇

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How can EG help my style?

Check out this page to see what we’re all about, and how the Effortless Gent philosophy can help you with your wardrobe.

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Is a Lean Wardrobe for me?

If you want a set of clothes that makes you look good and is easy to maintain without overwhelming you, you’ll love the Lean Wardrobe. Learn how to start yours here.

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What Matches with this?

If you need ideas on how to put together looks, some inspiration for different outfits, or buying guides for your next purchase, tap here.

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Are You Ready For Fall And Winter?

Browse our fall- and winter-related men’s style content below.

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Want to look sharp as the temperature drops? Here’s our guide to men’s winter fashion, filled with tips and outfit ideas for fall and winter.

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    Men: Here’s How To Layer Clothes To Keep Out The Cold

    As winter approaches, it’ll only get colder, so if you don’t already know how to layer effectively, it’s time to learn! We’ll be covering the details in this article.

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    The Best Men’s Boots for Looking Good (and Staying Dry) in Cold Weather

    From stylish city boots to true off-roaders, these are the best men’s boots that will get you through fall and winter season!

  • Viberg Review: Finely crafted, high quality, and unique Canadian boots and sneakers

    Viberg has the perfect high quality boots, and our review + overview will get into the nitty gritty details of this family-owned company.

  • What Is A Bomber Jacket? (Ask an Effortless Gent)

    So what is a bomber jacket, exactly? Why are there different styles? What’s the history behind the bomber? We’re answering all that in this article.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Leather Jacket (by a former leather jacket designer)

    Looking to own a leather jacket that will last a lifetime? This article will cover everything you need to know about buying a leather jacket.

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    The Koio Chelsea Boot: A Rugged Winter Boot Worth Your Consideration

    Koio’s twist on the Chelsea boot makes it a perfect casual + rugged option for fall / winter. Here are 5 things I noticed and really liked.

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I curated a special collection of clothes, styles, and brands—everything from T-shirts to suits—that’s Effortless Gent-approved.

So if you need something to wear and don’t know where to shop, start with this list.

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