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15 Best Orient Watches for Men

Orient is Japan’s largest producer of mechanical watches. And while everyone loves their Makos and Rays, this beloved brand offers far more than excellent dive homages — though they are excellent!

15 Best Hamilton Watches for Men

Hamilton Watch Company isn’t the only US watch brand that’s been acquired by a foreign company. Still, they’re an uncommon cultural hybrid. Hamilton timepieces today still have that Pennsylvania rust-belt gumption and practicality, but they’re souped up with sophisticated Swiss precision.

The 15 Best Citizen Watches for Men

Citizen watches have a stellar reputation for building advanced, eco-friendly, and intelligently-designed watches. They introduced the world’s first light-powered analog quartz watch in 1976, and continue to lead the charge in light energy. So, we’ve selected (in our opinion) the 15 best Citizen watches for men.

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