College Wardrobe Essentials: A Capsule Wardrobe For Young Guys On A Budget

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Smart Casual

This article is for the young guy in college, getting ready to go to college, or just graduated college… who wants to improve his wardrobe with the absolute essentials needed to dress more “grown-up”.

So how exactly should college guys dress? Most “menswear essentials” lists seem to be a bit tailored to older guys, and guys with more money.

What if you were on a budget but still wanted to dress in a smart, sharp, casual way? What are the absolute essentials that will get you started on your minimalist wardrobe, while still leaving some money in your pocket for pizza and beer and maybe a textbook here and there?

14 items and outfit ideas for a college wardrobe

In this article, I’m going to give you a list of fall and winter budget-friendly essentials for your “starter level” grown-up wardrobe. Whether you’re a freshman or a grad student, you’ll be able to wear the smart sharp clothing on this list.

If you are a first year, just watch out for that Freshman 15 so you don’t have to keep sizing up 😉

Grab The Quick Reference Guide

Want all my clothing suggestions and outfit ideas in one place? I created a handy dandy infographic. It’s huge though! Just click the image below and I’ll email it to you.

teaser image for college wardrobe essentials infographic

When buying your college wardrobe essentials…

…just make sure to keep these things in mind!

Is this your definitive, grail, minimalist Lean Wardrobe in all its glory?

No, of course not.

For one, these suggestions are mostly for the fall and winter seasons. Naturally, some of the items I suggest can work year-round.

Second, since budget is the most important thing here, we’ll have to sacrifice a bit of quality and durability, but that’s OK. These are your college clothes, after all… you’re most likely going to replace this stuff little by little throughout the years.

Eventually, when you start working and have a bit more disposable income, you’ll probably want to upgrade to nicer versions that are higher quality, made from better fabric, have a better brand name, etc.

But for now, let’s focus on getting the most bang for your buck.

Did you catch this video?

Luckily, you won’t have to sacrifice on fit!

When I was in college back in 2001 (whoa), there weren’t nearly as many budget-friendly clothing brands that catered to a younger guy looking for a classic wardrobe that also nailed fit .

Now, the options are plentiful.

In general, for a classic look, you want to 1.) buy your size, and 2.) choose a slimmer fit.

If you go too far in either direction-oversized and voluminous, or overly-tight and skinny-you’ll look too trendy.

example of mens jeans too skinny and pants too big
Great example of overly tight and too loose. While trendy and fashion-forward, these styles go too far in either direction if you’re trying to wear a classic silhouette. Images via here, here

Great example of overly tight and too loose. While trendy and fashion-forward, these styles go too far in either direction if you’re trying to wear a classic silhouette. Images via

The goal is slim, but not tight. Look at how my jeans fit here. Slim, but not tight. NOT a skinny jean. Do the best you can.

Take stock of your basic build and try on a bunch of stuff. And most likely, if you’ve never done this before, you’re wearing clothes that are 1-2 sizes too big, so size down.

Another bonus of wearing clothes that are your size and cut slim? They will fit closer to your body, which is more flattering and helps you appear more proportioned, taller, slimmer, and more mature.

Is this a list of trendy, fashion-forward clothing?

Nope. If you’re looking for trendy stuff that’s more fashion than classic, this isn’t the article for you, but you could check out this video for a few tips on dressing more stylishly.

These are clothing essentials meant specifically for the younger guy who wants a closet full of sharp basics and everyday clothing… versatile pieces he can wear to class and on a date… to the library and to the bar… a wardrobe that will look great as a freshman, and as a grad student.

This college capsule wardrobe will help you appear older, but in a good way (not in a “senile 96-year-old grandpa” way, not even in a “40-year-old dad” way).

In a way that shows you’re put-together but still age-appropriate, that you care, that you’re intentional and thoughtful, and should be taken seriously.

Basically, these clothes will establish you as the guy who has his shit together (even if you don’t, 100% of the time).

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“So, in a nutshell, what are we going for?”

We’re going for a minimalist wardrobe made of well-fitting, budget-friendly basics and essentials in muted, neutral colors.

These will build the base of your new, age-appropriate minimal wardrobe, and are the most versatile things you can own.

This new wardrobe will make you look older (without “dressing old”), more sophisticated, and like you know what you’re doing on campus (yep, even if you’re just wearing a T-shirt and jeans!)

Quick sidenote: This list won’t include every clothing item you’ll need. For example, anything you wear for specific activities (like if you hunt, or ski, or swim). I didn’t include stuff for workouts and sports like gym shorts, tank tops, sweatpants, workout sneakers, etc.

You’ll have to make that assessment on your own. Since everyone is different, it’d be difficult coming up with a general list of those things.

Free Guide: Download The College Wardrobe Essentials PDF

Want all my clothing suggestions and outfit ideas in one place? I created a handy dandy infographic. It’s huge though! Just click the image below and I’ll email it to you.

teaser image for college wardrobe essentials infographic

Essential shirts for your minimal lean wardrobe

T-shirts in gray, black, and white

What’s one wardrobe essential that doesn’t need much explanation? A basic tee, y’all. Every list of basics and essentials has a few T-shirts. The important part is, again, making sure they fit well.

You don’t want them to be:

  • too long (rule of thumb: if the hem goes past the middle of your back pocket, your T- shirt is too long)
  • too wide (looks sloppy, makes you look bigger than you are)
  • A size too big (the shoulder seam will fall past your shoulder bone, the sleeves are too wide, overall sloppy looking)

I talk in more detail about shirt fit tips here that you’ll probably find useful if you’re still trying to nail down the ideal fit.

the perfect gray t-shirt for a budget minimal lean wardrobe

As far as colors, the most versatile T-shirt you’ll own is a medium grey tee. It looks great with every pair of pants / shoe color / jacket combo you can think of. It’s the perfect neutral!

Of course, a basic tee in black and / or white is also great to own. They come in handy when you’re in a pinch and just need to look good with minimal effort.

The Uniqlo Supima Tee is, by far, the best T-shirt I’ve come across. Supremely soft, well constructed, plenty of colors, and only $10.

Great budget button-up shirts

You might be thinking, “Button up shirts are too formal for school.” Untrue bro!

The truth is this: you’re not used to wearing them. Therefore, you’re uncomfortable and self-conscious, therefore, you think they’re too formal.

But they’re not. Give it a chance before dismissing them as too formal. It’s really all about the types of button-up shirts you buy. You can’t snag your dad’s OCBDs he wears with his suits to work, because those will be too formal.

These button-up shirts, however, will be perfect for on-campus outfits.

So I suggest: One white OCBD, one medium chambray or denim shirt, and one medium check shirt.

great button-up shirts for a budget minimal lean wardrobe

The white shirt will give you a crisp, clean, slightly preppy look, and if you feel the need to make it even more casual, throw on your grey T- shirt underneath and wear it unbuttoned.

A chambray or denim shirt is my personal favorite—seriously, I own like six in all different styles and shades of blue—and can be worn with several different pants and shorts.

And “medium check shirt” may be a little vague, I know. I don’t want to suggest a plaid shirt, because that comes off sorta young and / or “bro”, especially if you get any ol’ plaid shirt off the rack at your basic men’s store.

A decently-sized check shirt, however, can look more elevated with just the right amount of visual interest (keeping everything else in your outfit solid).

For fall and winter, I suggest a wool or flannel red and black (navy, like in the example above, also looks awesome) buffalo check shirt. It’s a classic look, has major fall feels, and looks great with all your pants options.

A thick wool one can be worn as an overshirt (over a T- shirt, as a lighter outerwear item, and a medium-weight flannel version could be worn under a quilted or puffer vest for a bit of extra warmth.

Soon enough, you’ll consider these button-up shirts a wardrobe staple and wonder how you ever could’ve considered them “too dressy”.

The best pants for your budget minimal wardrobe

OK, let’s move onto pants, yeah?

The list basically boils down to a couple pairs of jeans, and a couple chinos.

“How should my pants fit?”

Same idea as your shirts. Slim, but not tight. A quick fit check: If you can pinch about 1″ of fabric total in between your thumb and index finger, that’s about the right amount of slimness.

how your pants should fit, pinch this amount of fabric

Your mileage may vary on this rule of thumb so use your best judgement.

As far as length, go for no break. What that means is, the hem will end right where your shoe begins. No piling up of fabric at your ankles. Why? This is the cleanest look, that’s why.

Not sure how to cuff your jeans? Check out this video

Rolling your jeans is OK. I often cuff mine 1-2 times. I also like a taller cuff (personal preference), but if yours are around 1.5″ or so, that’s a decent size cuff. Rolling saves money so you’re not tailoring your jeans, and I think having a cuff looks cooler anyway.

“Which pants do I buy?”

example of denim and chinos that are perfect for a man's minimal lean wardrobe
  1. Banana Republic Chinos

    BR has a variety of chinos in different fits and fabric styles, some 100% cotton, others with a bit of stretch for comfort.

  2. Uniqlo Chinos

    Classic chino pants available in a few colors and fits.

    Check Latest Price

For jeans: One pair of inky, raw, unwashed dark denim, and one pair of medium rinse denim. The dark ones have that ability to be dressed up or down as needed. The medium blue wash will be more casual.

For chinos: Your best bets will be one in charcoal, and another in a British khaki color (slightly darker than your typical tan khakis your farty old professor wears).

“What’s the difference between khakis and chinos?” Chino refers to the style of pants, and khaki refers to the color. But since chinos are usually khaki-colored, over time, we just started calling chinos ” khakis “.

Trying to go über minimal? 1 pair of dark denim, 1 pair of British khaki chinos.

Great shoes for a guy’s budget minimal wardrobe

You can’t get any more versatile than all white leather sneakers. Shorts to dress trousers; they can be worn with anything.

The problem is, the versions that are commonly recommended (yes, including the ones I personally always recommend) are easily over $200. That’s because good leather and quality shoe construction are costly.

However, if we’re focusing on getting the right look, and we’re OK with sacrificing a bit of quality for now, there are a few options.

white sneakers, boots, and dress shoes for a man's budget minimal lean wardrobe

Besides a pair of all white leather sneakers, a lightweight canvas sneaker in grey or off-white is also a nice pair to have. I wear canvas Chuck Taylors a bunch in the warmer months.

Moving on, a pair of boots is another great shoe option to have!

You can go the work or combat boot route, which is a no-brainer for fall and winter casual outfits (not to mention trekking the rainy, sleety, or snowy sidewalks). For something slightly more elevated, try a suede desert boot.

Finally, I debated for a while about including this last shoe, but I think it’s important to have at least ONE pair, juuust in case you need to dress up… and that is, obviously, a pair of dress shoes.

A simple plain toe derby dress shoe in brown leather will do the trick. In terms of formality, this is on the more casual side of the spectrum. You can wear this with your dark denim just as easily as a charcoal suit or dress trousers. So, again, versatility for the win!

Two Budget-friendly Outerwear Essentials for your Wardrobe

Every guy can make use of the Uniqlo lightweight down vest and down jacket. They’re really warm, yet surprisingly light and easily packable.

Uniqlo's Ultra Light down jacket and vest are great for the budget lean wardrobe

I have two of these vests and one jacket. I wear the jacket for casual outfits, quick runs to the store in the winter, hitting up the gym, etc.

And I use the vests over a sweater if it’s only a bit chilly, or as a midlayer under a heavier jacket or sportcoat when I’m dressing up a bit.

Alternatives if you have the money and like the look: A solid field jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket, and / or a denim jacket.

The One Dressier Item You Need In Your College Wardrobe, Just In Case

This is definitely optional depending on how often you need to dress up, but in a pinch, a dark navy wool sport coat can definitely come in handy.

This isn’t your classic prep school blazer with gold buttons. This is thicker and heavier to keep you warm, with casual details throughout: patch pockets, nappier cloth, possibly suede or corduroy elbow patches (you’ll find this detail on some, but not all jackets).

In case it isn’t the right season, this jacket may be sold out. I’ll link to a spring / summer version of the Thompson sport coat in a navy chino that works just as well (for warmer weather).

J.Crew Thompson sport coat is perfect for the budget lean wardrobe

Similarly to the shoes, you won’t get the best quality or all the right details with a budget version-for example, this one has flap pockets (totally fine), a slightly narrower lapel, and only a single vent-but that’s OK. You can always upgrade to better versions later.

What keeps this young and cool and age appropriate is the fit. It shouldn’t swallow you like your old college professor’s jacket does. It should fit slim in the body (not tight, with a low button stance and slightly wider lapels (none of that skinny lapel shit from 2007).

The hem should cover your butt (at least til where your cheek meets your leg) and ideally, two vents at the back. Remember to remove all those extra stitches (they look like Xs on the vents and at the cuffs, and dotted lines along the shoulders.

Save this guide for later? Download it Here

If you want a way to save this article for later, I put all the info together in one PDF (a very lengthy infographic). It’s huge! Just click the image below and I’ll email it to you.

teaser image for college wardrobe essentials infographic

3 easy, campus-appropriate, casual outfit combos from all these essentials!

Maybe you’re stuck. You bought all the clothes, but you’re not sure how to wear them together?

Here’s the good news: Because most (if not all) of the clothes we picked out are what I call “menswear neutrals“, everything can be worn together without risk of mismatching or clashing.

More good news: Menswear neutrals are perfect if you ever want to wear any other color that isn’t a part of the menswear neutral category.

So colors like red, bright green, yellow, purple, and so on? All these colors (and a mix of them, like in a plaid button-up shirt, for example) go with menswear neutrals.

Just keep all that in mind. For now, here are some outfit examples you can try with your new clothes you just bought.

College Outfit Idea #1

casual outfit for class example with budget minimal wardrobe

This would be a great casual outfit for running to class.

Super easy to throw on, everything matches (of course, #menswearneutrals) and you look sharp while still being super comfortable.

College Outfit Idea #2

casual outfit for going out example with budget minimal wardrobe

I love a good denim or chambray shirt ! Next Level Style Tip: You can wear them with dark denim, too.

For now, we’ll stick with our British Khaki chinos. Wear this outfit to class or on the weekend when you’re just hanging out with friends. The Uniqlo down jacket will keep you warm without being too bulky.

College Outfit Idea #3

dressy warm outfit for going out example with budget minimal wardrobe

Maybe you have a hot date or a more formal event that requires you to clean up a bit more than usual.

This would be the perfect fall / winter outfit for such an occasion. The vest is optional (depends on how cold it is) but works perfectly over the white OCBD and under the sportcoat for that extra layer of warmth.

If you didn’t wear the sportcoat, the chinos + OCBD + vest combo with these brown leather derbies is another great everyday outfit on its own.

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