These Are The Top 10 Men’s Clothing Brands You Should Be Shopping Now

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Style Tips

Building a menswear wardrobe that works across a variety of situations is a bit like putting together a puzzle. Different brands suit different needs and fit together in different ways.

The competition to win your heart, mind and wallet is fierce these days. There are some brands that do just one thing well, and some that specialize in premium menswear across the board. With a few of our favorite brands, you could feasibly put together an entire outfit from head to toe!

We rounded up the top 10 men’s clothing brands that can deliver essential quality and style for your Lean Wardrobe. We’ve also included a few honorable mentions that fall outside the smart-casual realm, too.

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Our Favorite Men’s Clothing Brands

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Here are our picks for our favorite men’s clothing brands!

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder bills itself these days as the “ultimate menswear destination,” and that’s really not that far off from the truth.

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The brand is the namesake of Todd Snyder himself, a longtime industry vet with experience working for (and reshaping) big-name brands like J. Crew through the years.

Over the past decade, Snyder has brought his vision of accessible luxury to an audience that appreciates modern takes on the classics, be it a Timex watch, a chambray shirt or a tailored suit. You might have to splurge on a few of these pieces, but it’s well worth it. 

Taylor Stitch

No matter which figurative or literal box you want to check off on your menswear to-do list, Taylor Stitch probably has what you need.

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The San Francisco-based brand launched more than a decade ago with a focus on making the best men’s casual shirts, and it shows: Its Oxford shirts and chambray shirts are perfect to wear tucked or untucked, with jeans or chinos or even the brand’s drawstring shorts.

Now, they make everything from rugged leather boots to durable waxed outerwear, and they even offer the chance to pre-fund new launches. 

Alex Mill

We’ve told you that Alex Mill is undoubtedly a brand to know, but a refresher is always helpful.

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The brand has the pedigree (founded by the son of former J. Crew head Mickey Drexler) as well as the know-how when it comes to what guys want.

And if what you want happens to be, for example, a perfectly broken-in Oxford shirt and jeans that are slim but not rock star-skinny, perhaps served alongside a cotton blazer, then Alex Mill is your new go-to brand.


The Bonobos story is practically the stuff of legend these days.

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Founder and former CEO Andy Dunn wanted to hone in on making the perfect pair of pants. He sold those pants everywhere, even taking a sample to guests at the pool on a wedding trip.

Now, Bonobos makes so much more than pants: Think crisp dress shirts, breezy short-sleeve patterned shirts, fine Italian suiting and even denim (for when chinos aren’t enough). You can now put together a head-to-toe Bonobos outfit with ease. 


Funnily enough, it’s because of guys like Mr. Todd Snyder that J.Crew is such a force in the menswear world today.

But the J.Crew template works because the brand makes menswear essentials that look good on every guy.

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They introduced the world to slim suiting with its Ludlow suiting line, and they also make fine-as-can-be, affordable chambray shirts, T-shirts and nicely cut denim.

You can also get gear from time-honored brands like New Balance and Vans, made in partnership with J.Crew. 


When Everlane debuted in the early 2010s, the brand was an anomaly.

Few brands told you about the exact factory in which your clothes were made, and few did it as affordably as Everlane.

From weekender bags to pocket tees to chore coats, the direct-to-consumer brand cuts out the middleman and sells direct to stylish guys everywhere.

They also use sustainable materials like organic cotton, so you can feel good about your purchases. 

Billy Reid

You’d be hard-pressed to find a brand that can make both a rugged denim shirt and the peacoat favored by James Bond, but that’s precisely what Billy Reid does.

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Sure, you’ve seen the brand’s aptly named Bond Peacoat on the silver screen (actually named for its Bond Street store in NYC).

However, Billy Reid also makes selvedge Oxford shirts, durable denim and handsome blazers at prices that are premium but not incredibly expensive. 

Spier and Mackay

Look, shopping for tailoring can be expensive.

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It doesn’t have to be with Spier & Mackay, though. They specialize in affordable takes on a variety of formal wear for all occasions. Just check out our in-depth review on their suiting to get a taste.

And lately, they’ve been dropping great casual garments as well, so if you’re looking to sharpen up your casual wardrobe, I wouldn’t sleep on Spier.

Buck Mason

Buck Mason is the perfect definition of an all-American brand.

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They were first inspired by rugged workwear worn in manufacturing hubs across the country, and that led to some incredibly well-designed henleys and jeans.

The T-shirts are ultra-soft, the brand’s denim is classic and faded just right, and they’ve now got you covered for fall with flannel shirting. 


For years, Uniqlo was one of the best-kept secrets in menswear. Think highly affordable and well-made upgrades to wardrobe staples, be it tailored trousers or thermal henleys.

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They’ve also collaborated with high-fashion designers over the years, but it’s the brand’s core staples (which even include camel topcoats and navy peacoats) that are worth shopping for. 

Honorable Mentions for the Best Menswear Brands

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It was so hard to pick just 10 brands so we wanted to share our honorable mentions here as well!


Head across the pond and shop for classic British smart-casual menswear with Drake’s.

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The brand makes handsome neckties and accessories, as well as beautifully cut chore and wool jackets for cold weather. 


Filson should certainly belong on any list of the best men’s clothing brands.

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First worn by Northwest explorers, the brand now makes accessible and hard-wearing waxed jackets, flannel shirts and more to exacting standards for the modern man. 


SuitSupply is both bold and classic, delivering three-piece suits and sharply tailored blazers in a variety of fabrics and colors.

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If you’re searching for a suit under $500, SuitSupply should be one of your first stops.


If you’re in search of trend-forward menswear that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then Zara is the perfect place to shop.

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There certainly are plenty of stores like Zara out there, but it’s always best to go to the source. That’s especially true if you want patterned shirts, on-trend outerwear in distinct silhouettes, or razor-sharp denim and tailoring. 

Old Navy

You can stock up on way more menswear than you might expect at Old Navy, and that’s great news indeed.

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Refresh your basics, get a new pair of jeans and even layer up with a field coat, all at prices guaranteed to save you some dough. 

The Tie Bar

Much like Bonobos, The Tie Bar has grown over time, and well beyond just affordable knit ties seen on the pages of GQ.

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You can now get dressed in perfectly on-point business casual style with the brand’s dress shirts and trousers (and yes, ties). 

John Elliott

John Elliott has helped redefine streetwear for a new generation of style-obsessed guys.

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The designer helped prove that sweatpants can (and should) be worn outside the house, especially with a fresh set of sneakers. 

Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore is many things all at once, and that’s not a bad thing.

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They make boat shoes with Timberland as well as premium takes on sportswear (think MLB logo caps made from upgraded materials). They also produce preppy, retro-style polos and tees, so there’s something up for grabs no matter which way your style leans. 

Do you like our picks?

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Did we include any of your favorite brands? Let us know which brand you’re ready to stock up on by hitting us up on Facebook and Instagram.