You’re Gonna Love These Rugged Wardrobe Staples from Buck Mason

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

Buck Mason was first known for its high-quality T-shirts in quintessential cotton blends. They’re much more than that these days.

The Buck Mason product line now includes durable shirt jackets, denim shirts and even laidback sweats made with style in mind.

Our Buck Mason review will cover plenty of these style essentials. 

Building a proper Lean Wardrobe starts with dependability. As in, dependable clothes that you know are well-made, versatile and just the right blend of modern and classic.

Buck Mason: Your New Staple

That goes for simple items like hard-working denim and reliable staples like the timeless Oxford shirt, to name but a few you should have close at hand.

All-American style lovers —fans of wear-anywhere staples like slim jeans, easygoing T-shirts, hard-wearing chambray shirts — are in luck, because Buck Mason checks all of these boxes. If you want versatility, style and reliability, they’re a brand to buy now. 

Think of it this way: Buck Mason is a reminder that even simple style staples can be seriously stylish and well-made.

The things you thought you knew about how to make a T-shirt, for example, start to shift when you consider the way Buck Mason does it. Our Buck Mason review tells you everything you need to know. 

Here’s What to Know About Buck Mason

But let’s get up to speed on the Buck Mason backstory. They initially drew crucial inspiration from American factories in Cleveland, once an industrial hub that epitomized American workwear. 

This approach is best exemplified by chambray shirts, tough leather jackets, sturdy denim overshirts and more. These staples are all well-made, and all draw from the brand’s diverse array of locations (think Austin, Brooklyn and L.A.’s trendy Silver Lake neighborhood).

These are classic pieces with an air of timeless style and quality.

It helps that you can mix and match Buck Mason denim with a Buck Mason tee and a Buck Mason denim shirt, for example.

If you’re the type of guy who wants to make shopping easier, it’s helpful to be able to stock up on everything at one dependable brand.  It’s even more helpful that by looking to the past, you can come up with some neat, current styling tricks for yourself (more on these in a moment).

Buck Mason isn’t all about the past, though. The brand is suitably fresh and modern for even the most discerning style fan, and they just released a nice summer blazer to prove it. 

Blazer aside, these are our favorite Buck Mason picks right now. This Buck Mason review will set you on the path to standout style in no time. 

Here Are Our Favorite Buck Mason Pieces 

  1. Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee

    To get to know Buck Mason, you’ve got to know the brand’s tees. This style is a staple of the brand, one for which it’s best known. The Slub Curved Hem Tee features soft-as-can-be fabric and that neat hem, making it more interesting than just a plain T-shirt.

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  2. Buck Mason Denim Vintage One-Pocket Shirt

    This shirt is a personal favorite of this author. It’s perhaps the perfect denim shirt, if you want one in a soft vintage wash with subtle detailing. It’s also ideal to wear with black Buck Mason jeans for a bit of rock n’roll style. Every Buck Mason review needs a great denim shirt, does it not? 

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  3. Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket

    As mentioned above, this stylish summer blazer is a new addition to the Buck Mason line. Think of it like a refreshed take on the classic summer blazer, with an easygoing style to match. Wear this jacket on the plane or train, and wear it to that summer wedding, too.

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  4. Buck Mason Deck Shorts

    Yes, Buck Mason does shorts for summer, too. These are part hiking shorts, part swim shorts, part “go-anywhere” summer shorts that dry quickly and pair with polos or T-shirts easily. All that’s missing is a cold beer in your hand. 

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  5. Buck Mason High Desert Flannel Shirt

    You want rugged? Buck Mason’s got rugged, too. This could be your new go-to shirt for chilly summer nights or blustery fall days in equal measure. It’s an excellent example of a classic staple piece that’s been upgraded for the modern man. 

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  6. Buck Mason Classic Oxford

    Here’s another staple of the brand. This could be the dictionary definition of an Oxford shirt, made with Oxford cotton and shell buttons. Wear it untucked with dark blue denim, tuck it in with a khaki blazer or wear it underneath a cardigan when colder weather hits.

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  7. Buck Mason Slub Twill Officer Pants

    These are Buck Mason’s take on chinos, and you can wear them in every season. They blend classic military style and functionality with durable fabric and a tailored fit for modern times. 

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  8. Buck Mason Ford Standard Jean

    What goes perfectly with a Buck Mason tee? These jeans. They’re mid-rise jeans with a tailored, not overly tight fit. This makes ‘em all the better to wear with a Buck Mason tee or even a hooded sweatshirt.

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  9. Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Hooded Sweatshirt

    If you thought a hooded sweatshirt was just a simple hoodie, think again.  Buck Mason uses a blend of brushed French Terry fabric for a soft, well-fitting hoodie made to be layered up beneath a denim jacket.

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  10. Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee

    Here’s a prime example of how a T-shirt can be so much more than just a T-shirt. The aptly named Tough-Knit Classic Tee is precisely made with a tightly woven cotton fabric in three versatile colors. Get one of each, then wear these all summer. 

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Here’s What Else We Love About Buck Mason 

As you shopped through the styles above, perhaps you realized something: There’s a lot to love about Buck Mason.

The brand’s commitment to quality carries through its fabric selections and washes to a versatile range of styles. They’ve found plenty of ways to reinvent the T-shirt and jeans, for starters, and that’s really the tip of the iceberg in any Buck Mason review. 

You know what you’re getting in terms of fit, fabric and quality. Buck Mason’s Oxford shirts aren’t too baggy or too tight and its T-shirts, for instance, you get sleeves that hit at mid-bicep, with no excess fabric through the body. It’s the little things, folks. 

They’re also committed to new styles that meet brand customers and fans in the middle, like the tailored-but-casual Carry-On Jacket. The fact that you can wear that jacket with a Buck Mason tee or an Oxford shirt is a huge bonus. 

Plus, a wide range of colors and fabric washes keeps things interesting, even when you’re shopping for something as simple as a T-shirt. 

What’s your Favorite Buck Mason Piece?

The bottom line is that you can (and should!) mix and match Buck Mason pieces with ease. From there, get ready to keep coming back to this brand. 

Let us know your favorite pieces from Buck Mason and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram!