Let’s keep this brief: Every guy needs a pair of dark, tapered jeans. But you may be wondering, why tapered jeans over straight leg or bootcut styles?

Good question.

If you have a smart, sharp, casual style, one that often calls for jeans, an OCBD, brogues, and a sportcoat, having a slightly tapered leg on your jeans looks better.

Instead of having the same shape all the way down the leg, tapered jeans get narrower from the knee down to the ankle, resulting in a cleaner look, smaller leg opening, and less fabric bunching at the bottom.

Owning at least one pair of tapered dark denim jeans is important. You can wear it with everything from a T-shirt and sneakers to brogues and a sportcoat!

I always recommend Levi’s because they’re ubiquitous, affordable, and have a ton of different models that fit every body type.

My Recommendations for Levi’s Tapered Jeans

The first pair of tapered jeans I bought was the Levi’s 508 model. Unfortunately, it’s been phased out, though Amazon still has a few.

It’s OK though, because recently, Levi’s seems to have solidified their offering of tapered models: the 512 Slim Taper, the 502 Regular Taper, the 541 Athletic Taper, and the 501 Taper, which is similar to the 502, but with a higher rise and button fly like the Original 501.

Plenty of models are available with slightly stretchy denim fabric, which is ridiculously comfortable. For the denim purists, there are rigid, non-stretch versions as well.

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Which Are The Best Tapered Jeans For Your Body Type?

That’s it! Happy jeans shopping.

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