10 Of Our Favorite Stores Like Bonobos

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

There are plenty of menswear brands that are seemingly everywhere these days, from department stores to online shopping and even in-person retail. Bonobos is one of these brands, and that means there are certainly plenty of stores like Bonobos on offer, especially if you love what the pioneering pants retailer is doing nowadays.

There’s something for everyone at Bonobos, including business casual pieces and more fashion-forward picks.

The best stores like Bonobos hit that same sweet spot! We’re sure your Lean Wardrobe will be mighty pleased with what you find. Your next shopping quest starts now. 

bonobos clothing

A Little About Bonobos

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The Bonobos story is so much more than pants. However, that’s where the brand first made its mark well over a decade ago.

They also led the way in helping men shop and breathe easier: Go into one of its Guideshops, try on what you want (from pants and shirts to sweaters and outerwear), then leave and wait for your purchases to arrive at home.

While they still do that, you can also order directly online or scoop up some Bonobos pieces in department stores. 

The Best Stores Like Bonobos (You’ll Probably Love Just As Much)

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Madewell Men’s

Madewell, like Bonobos, has grown steadily over the years. It went from a brand specializing in women’s denim to a company that now makes all the menswear you could want. Like Bonobos, pants and jeans are a Madewell focus.

The brand also does a standout job with cozy flannel shirts and an array of sweaters, all the better for fall and winter. 

Goodlife Clothing

With Goodlife, what you see is what you get.

goodlife homepage

That is to say, Goodlife makes breezy, casual style staples like expertly cut T-shirts and throwback corduroy shorts, all the better to wear for days at home.

Yet, its well-made knitwear is also reliable, casual and cool, much like Bonobos makes in a much similar fashion. Clothing for the “good life” is too good to pass up, is it not? 


For a while there, JackThreads was everywhere, making the kind of cool and fashion-forward pieces that are tough to find at affordable prices.

jacthreads home page

The brand was relaunched some years ago, and they still hit that more casual, fashionable focus than Bonobos. But if you want a sharp jacket or an easy-to-wear T-shirt at prices lower than Bonobos, JackThreads is the way to go. 

Abercrombie & Fitch

Under the design direction of Aaron Levine, the former headman at Club Monaco on the design side, A&F has come roaring back to life in recent years.

abercrombie homepage

The brand is revisiting its heritage roots as a real-life outdoor retailer, and they’re also playing off the classics with tasteful graphic tees, straight-leg chinos and more. They offer a nice mix of everything, just like Bonobos. 

The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s

Bonobos can get pretty refined at times, which is why the Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s is a solid option when it comes to similar stores. Bonobos, like Bloomingdale’s, makes fine tailoring and casually cool sweaters, shirting and more.

bloomingdales men store homepage

Each can be mixed and matched with each other, especially for the office, and each price delivers some nice bang for your buck. 

Mott And Bow

The Mott and Bow story, like the Bonobos story, starts with an obsessive focus on pants. That being said, Mott and Bow specialize in exceptionally well-fitting and well-made denim at agreeable prices.

mott and bow homepage

However, they also offer nicely tailored chinos and a range of T-shirts and sweaters. For a range of fit options and denim washes, Mott and Bow is a great Bonobos alternative. 

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is like Bonobos’ more rugged cousin.

taylor stitch homepage

If you want, say, a waxed jacket to wear atop your Bonobos Oxford shirt and chinos, then Taylor Stitch is your go-to move. Pricing at Taylor Stitch tends to eclipse that of Bonobos, so be prepared to splurge. Don’t worry, though: It’s entirely worth it either way. 

Billy Reid 

When you’re ready to take things up a notch from Bonobos (in pricing, construction and fashion-forward appeal), Billy Reid is one of the best stores like Bonobos.

billy reid homepage

They’re premium, they’re modern and they cover every category you could want. Plus, like much of Bonobos’ clothing, Billy Reid’s look is timeless and versatile. 

Western Rise

Western Rise is a bit of a curveball compared to Bonobos, as the brand focuses more on performance fabrics and clothing.

western rise homepage

That being said, the brand also focuses on the fit of its exceptionally cool pants, including a five-pocket pair of stretch pants and a finely made pair of joggers. Think Bonobos, add in the great outdoors and you’ve got Western Rise. 

Nordstrom Men’s

Like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom has curated its own shop for men, checking off all the right boxes for a modern wardrobe.

nordstrom men homepage

They offer a wide variety, from knitwear to outerwear and trousers, and they do so at prices that are even more affordable than Bonobos. If you really love Bonobos, you can also mix and match your favorites with Nordstrom Men’s pieces. 

What’s Your Favorite Bonobos Alternative?

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Which is your favorite pick from our list of alternatives to Bonobos? Let us know! You can find us on Facebook or Instagram.