These 12 Stores Like L.L.Bean Are Perfect For The Adventurous Guy

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Whether you’re a serious adrenaline junkie or just a weekend trail hiker, you’re probably out in nature a lot. Your style is a bit more rugged and outdoorsy, but you still want your clothes to be both functional and stylish. L.L.Bean’s aesthetic checks all those boxes.

L.L.Bean believes that the longer one is outside the better, which is why they make clothing, and their beloved Bean Boots, specifically for extended periods in the wilderness. From insect-repellent garments to built-in UV protection, there’s no excuse to stop exploring!

With plenty of plaids, denim, and fleece in silhouettes you can layer on and be active in, L.L.Bean has many options in their product line for the adventure-seeking, casual guy, but what if you want more options? 


12 Other Stores Like L.L.Bean

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Below is our curated list of 12 stores like L.L.Bean:

Lands’ End

Founded in 1963, Lands’ End is a direct competitor to L.L.Bean, offering high-quality apparel for the quintessential American lifestyle. 

Specializing in casual aesthetics, much like L.L.Bean, their comfy fleece layers provide optimal warmth during those chilly winter months.

lands' end homepage

For the thick of the summer heat, they use Supima cotton, a superior, breathable type with extra-long fiber, originating in the US. It’s known for its softness and color retention.

Size-wise, Lands’ End has it all from regular to big and tall.

Eddie BAuer

Another direct competitor on our list of brands like L.L.Bean, Eddie Bauer celebrates over 100 years of bringing product innovation to outdoor enthusiasts. 

eddie bauer homepage

Don’t worry, you don’t have to summit the 11th tallest peak in the world to benefit from Eddie Bauer’s product line! Heritage basic, plaid button-ups, thermal henleys, and casual sweatshirts abound for that Sunday Funday hike.

Well known for their goose-down outerwear, the durability in Eddie Bauer’s apparel is what makes this brand a stand-out L.L.Bean alternative.


The Vermont-based company, Orvis, is passionate about getting outside and that shows in their exceptional line of products.

As a trusted source of quality and technical innovation, Orvis, at its core, is the world leader in fly fishing, but the business has grown through its offerings in clothing, including the popular Barbour line, another L.L.Bean alternative on our list.

orvis homepage

An Oxford button-down shirt elevates any pair of denim, while a dependable work shirt can dress them down.

A twill shirt layered underneath a favorite sweater can take any of their basic crewnecks, known for their outstanding softness, from plain to polished in twenty seconds.


Patagonia is renowned worldwide for its broad line of high-performing, high-quality products.

patagnonia homepage

On a mission to build the best products without causing harm to the environment, Patagonia uses 100% recycled feathers. They also ensure that the wool and other organic products are ethically procured.

While these practices land their clothes at a higher price point than L.L.Bean’s, it’s worth it for those who are environmentally conscious or those who are simply looking for a style that lasts, figuratively and literally.


Recreational Equipment, Inc. believes a life lived outdoors is a life well-lived. This is why they offer everything from cozy camp wear to cycling and hiking gear. REI has it all and then some.

Fleece crewnecks in classic silhouettes constructed from cotton and recycled polyester layer nicely with a heavyweight flannel in blue plaid, for those especially chilly evenings.

rei homepage

The sun-protective, quick-drying convertible pants are great for those days when the temperatures vary greatly from day to night.

REI is definitely on the higher-end of the price point compared to L.L.Bean, but you can still find some pieces that won’t break the bank. You’re certain to find the long-lasting quality that many of these stores like L.L.Bean can boast.

The North Face

Named after the coldest, most unforgiving side of the mountain, The North Face offers an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear.

the north face hompeage

Like many on this list, The North Face is not short on its tech apparel, like their trademarked Thermoball Eco made with 100% recycled materials and DryVent fabrics that are fully waterproof and windproof.


Columbia Sportswear, an apparel, footwear, and accessories company, was founded in 1938 and, like many on our list, is passionate about the great outdoors.

columbia homepage

Columbia’s growth was fueled by technological breakthroughs in the fashion industry. In 2016, they trademarked OutDry Extreme waterproof apparel and shoes, which is exactly what it sounds like. No wet feet and socks at the end of a long trail hike!

Since then, Columbia has introduced other tech options and continues to be one of the leading go-to’s for the outdoor-loving guy who appreciates this Portland-based company’s answer to high-end sportswear.

Flint and Tinder

For the city-dwelling, swashbuckling, adventure-seeking guy, Flint and Tinder is where it’s at. Your style leans heavily toward the rugged with a side of swag.

flint and tinder homepage

Made and sold by Huckberry, Flint and Tinder is 100% American-made apparel with a guarantee for longevity. Their 10-year collection is an homage to this with free repairs after 10 years of wear!

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch started as a shirting company. These shirts are expertly constructed from high-quality fabrics and meant for the long haul.

taylor stitch homepage

They still make shirts, but over the years expanded their offering to a wide array of incredible outerwear pieces, pants, knits, and accessories… all designed around the idea that consumers don’t need more, they need better products that last longer.


Barbour is a British luxury and lifestyle brand best known for its iconic cotton-waxed jackets – jackets that have been worn by fishermen, construction workers, and royalty for years!

barbour homepage

If you’re looking for top-notch outerwear, Barbour is where you’ll find it, and while the price tag isn’t cheap, neither is the quality.


Another known for its superior outerwear, Belstaff is a British company favored by the likes of Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham. It’s no surprise they’ve been associated with many types of adventures, from land to sky to the silver screen.

belstaff homepage

Motorcycle-inspired silhouettes, versatile layers, and tech-infused garments make up a large portion of this sophisticated, high-end retailer’s product line. 

Wallace & Barnes

Sold exclusively at J.Crew, Wallace & Barnes is full of durable, workwear-driven menswear pieces that’ll keep you dashing outdoors, and effortlessly layered.

wallace and barnes homepage

If you’re a guy who has a rugged style, Wallace & Barnes will be the brand you gravitate toward. These pieces can handle a beating, but you’d probably want to take care of this stuff too.

From a rich, chocolate brown corduroy chore jacket to a naval workshirt in Japanese selvedge chambray, this is nice clothing!

Frequently Asked Questions About L.L.Bean

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Is Lands’ End similar to L.L.Bean?

Lands’ End is similar to L.L.Bean in overall style and available categories. L.L.Bean, however, offers more performance-driven items.

Are Eddie Bauer and L.L.Bean the same?

Eddie Bauer and L.L.Bean are not the same. In fact, they are direct competitors.

Is L.L.Bean High-end?

While not considered low-end, L.L.Bean offers a wide range of price points for every buyer. Their product is good quality, meant to last.

Do L.L.Bean boots have a lifetime warranty?

Due to a few unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of L.L.Bean’s legendary lifetime warranty, L.L.Bean no longer offers it. Instead, customers can return products for up to one year with a receipt.

What’s your favorite L.L.Bean alternative?

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Do you have a favorite L.L.Bean alternative among the brands and stores we recommend on this list? Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know.