Stores Like J.Crew: Our Top 20 Alternatives, Both Online and IRL!

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Are there any brands or retailers out there that are as ubiquitous and reliable as J.Crew? Actually, if you’re looking for stores like J.Crew—the dependable American retailer that changed the way men shop and dress—then you’ll find plenty of standout offerings in store.

Because J.Crew does so many different things well, from making slim-fit jeans to chambray shirts alongside soft, tailored blazers, you’ll find many brands that are more similar to J.Crew than you might expect.

If ever you’ve wanted to fill your wardrobe with similar styles while gaining versatile pieces at agreeable prices, these are the best stores like J.Crew to start shopping right now. 


The Versatility of J.Crew

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J.Crew is known for many things, from introducing men to better tailoring via its Ludlow suiting line, to offering up more fitted, colorful-yet-classic shirting, jeans, sweaters, and more.

That they did all this at prices that were still accessible to college kids (like this writer, who made weekend trips to his local J.Crew) is impressive.

And that they still continue to do so today is also impressive, even if the brand has gone through some changes over time. 

The Best Stores Like J.Crew for Men

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Here are our top 20 picks for the best alternatives to J.Crew!


Bonobos seems a pretty natural fit if you want a retailer that behaves in much the same fashion as J.Crew. They specialize in well-fitting chinos and denim, with a range of styles, just like our friends at J.Crew.

They too have branched out to beautiful tailoring and outerwear over the years. If you want to throw in some more fashion-forward colors and prints, NYC-based Bonobos has you covered.

Banana Republic 

Banana Republic is both contemporary and professional. It reaches the same sort of on-the-go modern man as J.Crew, but with a bit less flash and a bit more straightforward styling.


You’ll still find everything from chinos to trench coats, chunky cardigans and trim dress shirts, yet BR doesn’t stray too far from clean, crisp colors and basic patterns.

Pricing also falls in line with J.Crew for many of its most popular items, which are the kind of pieces to be worn to the office and out to dinner afterwards. 


J.Crew currently owns Madewell, and it shares similarities in aesthetics with a marginally more youthful edge.

Madewell makes denim well, but that’s not all they make well. It’s easily one of the best, affordable stores, like J.Crew, for those looking for the latest in-style pieces without venturing too far into the unknown.


If J.Crew changed the game for menswear in the mid-2000s, Everlane did so right on its heels, starting in the early 2010s.

everlane homepage

Everlane took J.Crew’s model of soft-washed tees, classic denim and Oxford shirts, and made its production more transparent and affordable.

And while some J.Crew pieces are inspired by the runway, Everlane hits it out of the park if you want simple, subtle menswear that can be mixed and matched with ease. 


If you’ve ever tried J.Crew’s jeans, a lineup that includes both athletic-fit and razor-sharp slim denim, then you know it’s something of a specialty for the retailer.

What if we told you there was a brand that took that focus on jeans and amplified it even further? That’s what PAIGE does, channeling jeans into an entire California lifestyle brand, then offering up sleek shirting and soft basics as complementary pieces.

PAIGE also leans a bit edgier than J.Crew, but its denim is competitive in both price and looks. 


An iconic clothing store that epitomizes the term “classy,” Nordstrom delivers sophisticated and timeless looks for all types of styles.

nordstrom men homepage

Furthermore, one may be charmed by the extraordinary deals one might discover during a shopping spree to Nordstrom.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Under the well-done design guidance of Aaron Levine, formerly of Club Monaco, A&F has experienced a resurgence in recent years, and for a time, they seemed to be as popular as J.Crew.

abercrombie homepage

A&F is a great place to go if you want pieces that are similarly fashion-forward compared to J.Crew, but offered up at lower prices. The basics, from expertly faded jeans to soft Oxford shirts, are also up for grabs these days at Abercrombie. 

Ministry of Supply

If there’s any brand on our list of stores like J.Crew that’s the most high-tech when it comes to performance wear, Ministry of Supply would be IT.

From temperature regulation and odor control materials, these garments are engineered to perform.

You’d think all this tech means a sacrifice in appearance, but Ministry of Supply has science and style with many of the same essential silhouettes as J.Crew offers.

Mavi Jeans

Like PAIGE, Mavi is a brand that’s made denim into an entire lifestyle and brand approach. It’s like if J.Crew did the same thing with its jeans, although Mavi uses a wider variety of fits and fabrics.

Like J.Crew though, you can also get dressed head-to-toe with the brand, especially if you seek a jean jacket, a soft and subtle T-shirt and nicely tailored jeans. 


If PAIGE or Mavi are examples of what happens when a brand goes all-in on denim, SuitSupply is what happens when a brand goes all-in on refined, contemporary tailoring (like if J.Crew made even more of its famed Ludlow suiting).


SuitSupply’s outerwear and frankly beautiful suits and accessories retail for a higher price point than J.Crew, so they’re a nice splurge if you want something more head-turning than J.Crew’s comparatively classic tailoring. 

Taylor Stitch

As J.Crew gained fame in the mid-aughts and beyond, there was another brand founded quietly, and with a focus on making some of the best men’s shirts.

taylor stitch homepage

That brand was Taylor Stitch, and the San Fran style masters now cover much the same ground as the global brand that is J.Crew. Taylor Stitch gear, especially its waxed jackets and selvedge denim, is more rugged than good ole J.Crew, and that’s not a bad thing at all. 

Polo Ralph Lauren

Finding Polo Ralph Lauren on a list of brands like J.Crew is not surprising, with it being the best trendsetter in the “dressy and classy” arena. But don’t let the word “trendsetter” scare you, either, as Polo Ralph Lauren understands the concept behind safe fashion.

ralph lauren home page

Perusing the shelves or website at Polo Ralph Lauren is like entering an evergreen time machine. This stuff is designed to span decades and blur trend lines.

The applause for their menswear line is well-deserved.


Owned by the fast-fashion powerhouse, H&M, COS stands for “Collection of Style,” and their stylish items aim to live beyond the season.

homepage of cos

Think timeless appeal with a side of modernity. Like J.Crew, their collection caters to the casual, the formal, and everything in between.

Their new CORE by COS line is built around the idea of lasting essentials, designed to work for the consumer, backed by a “buy better, keep forever” approach.

Alex Mill

Alex Mill is another brand that gets a lot of love around these parts, and for good reason.

They’re a store that just so happens to be very similar to J.Crew in terms of that versatility and cool factor, probably owing to the fact that former J.Crew head Mickey Drexler’s son is at the helm of Alex Mill.

If you want a patch pocket blazer or more adventurous pleated chinos, then Alex Mill is the proper place to start your search for slightly more fashionable takes on modern staples. 


Something changed in the years since J.Crew really shot to fame, and that’d be a focus on sustainability plus style in nearly every single facet of the menswear game, and by every single brand.

ASKET harnesses this approach quite nicely, making style staples that are a touch more minimal than J.Crew, and doing so with a more global approach you’ll only find from European brands.

That is to say, if you want to trade your J.Crew blazer for a shirt jacket, you’ll find what you need at ASKET. 


One brand able to seamlessly add a modern flair to classic pieces without being so modern that they go out of style quickly is Boden.

boden homepage

The British-based apparel company is for the J.Crew-loving man who appreciates the care and craftsmanship that goes into a garment.

A super-soft sweatshirt over a cotton-wool flannel paired with some straight-leg denim will take you from your casual day plans to a night out.


One thing that J.Crew does so well? The brand takes straightforward pieces, like loungewear or a pocket tee, and turns them into something special and altogether with more of an “It” factor.

reiss homepage

Reiss also does this, focused on simple luxuries that turn a field jacket or a merino polo into a downright premium must-have. The brand is a bit more modern and certainly pricier at times than J.Crew, so think of it like a worthwhile splurge. 


A company that will repair, replace, or recycle their denim for life, just to keep it out of landfills, is a great company in my book!

Outerknown was founded by professional surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore as a sustainable lifestyle brand made “For People and Planet.”

Like J.Crew, Outerknown carries apparel and accessories in an extensive array of categories. This includes, of course, apparel for a day at the beach, catching some rays and waves.


Known for exceptional shirting, Ledbury’s bespoke and made-to-measure abilities make it a go-to for the finest, handcrafted shirts around.

ledbury homepage

Ledbury’s online offerings are limited compared to J.Crew’s immense collection. However, they have everything you may need to create a stylish outfit for every occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a basic pocket tee in an attractive heather or a classic polo, Ledbury’s got you covered.

Flint and Tinder

If you find yourself searching for pieces that are ever-so-slightly more rugged than J.Crew, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon Flint and Tinder, the in-house, best-selling brand at San Francisco’s Huckberry.

flint and tinder homepage

They specialize in waxed trucker jackets, great-fitting denim and modern five-pocket pants, covering the bases in terms of menswear classics (not unlike J.Crew).

You can even mix and match your F&T pieces with J.Crew favorites, or better still, put together an entirely new look with Huckberry style staples.

Frequently Asked Questions About J.Crew

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about J.Crew!

Is J.Crew considered fast fashion?

J.Crew is not what would necessarily be considered fast fashion, as they don’t produce nearly as many styles per year as brands like H&M and Zara.

Is J.Crew’s quality better than Banana Republic’s?

They’re of similar quality. Some of their lines, such as J.Crew’s Wallace and Barnes line, or Banana Republic’s Heritage line, may be held to higher quality and construction standards, which is reflected in the finished product (and price).

What other brands, aside from Madewell, does J.Crew Group, Inc. own?

J.Crew Group, Inc. also owns Crew Mercantile, J.Crew Factory (the outline line), the Ludlow Shop (specialty suit shop), and crewcuts (children’s line).

What’s the difference between J.Crew and J.Crew Factory?

J.Crew Factory is an outlet store, selling comparable products to J.Crew, but at a slightly lower quality in terms of fabric and construction, therefore, lower prices.

The Best Stores Like J.Crew

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Which is your favorite pick from our list of alternatives to J.Crew? Let us know! You can find us on Facebook or Instagram.