Stores Like H&M: 10 Alternatives For Men (Online and IRL)

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H&M has everything the style-conscious young (or young at heart) guy could possibly be looking for. From everyday basics, to trend-forward pieces, and even sleek activewear, there’s a good chance H&M has what your budget-conscious wardrobe needs.

Despite originating in Sweden, the United States actually has the most brick and mortar H&M stores. Online, you can shop by “concept” (or what’s new / trending) and there’s even a “conscious” filter for the environmentally aware shopper who wants to shop their more sustainable options.

So if you love their overall aesthetic, you may be looking for other stores like H&M that offer affordable men’s clothing...

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What Are The Best H&M Alternatives?

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Well, that’s what we’re here for, so let’s get into what we believe are the 11 best stores like H&M for men that combine great style with affordability.


This Japanese retailer has many of the same offerings that H&M does, from activewear to formalwear to accessories. In addition, Uniqlo offers online-only access to extended sizes and bulk orders.

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Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Uniqlo is its apparel technology. Uniqlo offers everything from UV protective parkas and tees to HEATTECH garments that generate heat from your body. Talk about being an innovator!


Headquartered in San Francisco, Everlane is where you’ll find basic classics in a monochromatic array of colors.

everlane homepage

Fabrications are durable and meant to last. From Italian wool jackets to cashmere crewnecks and accessories as well as Peruvian Pima tees, Everlane isn’t about trend, rather, longevity.

While the price points are slightly higher than H&M, they’re still very reasonable, especially when you take into account the quality of materials, classic silhouettes, better construction, and the fact that these are basics meant to last.


Owned by ASOS, Topman is a go-to for gentlemen seeking trend-forward pieces for their closets. From tie-dyed sweatpants to oversized denim jackets, Topman is sure to have something in the season’s palette.

topman homepage

Don’t shy from the word “trend,” though, as they offer well-fitting basics, like H&M, and dressier button-downs in a universal check.

If you’re patient enough to browse or scroll for the deal, then you’ll be sure to score at Topman.


Aside from offering fashionable apparel and accessories for every type of man, including big and tall, Target is also a one-stop shop for all of your other basic needs.

target homepage

In particular, Goodfellow & Co, Target’s house brand, has all of the essentials to dress the modern gentleman from day to night, warm to cold and back again.

Offering a variety of button-downs in wearable solids as well as conversational prints, you’ll want to pick up more than one to add to your assortment.


This global retail chain is number one for a reason. Zara appeals to us all with its ability to provide a variety of products at dizzying speed.

zara homepage

Fancying that double-breasted faux suede blazer you saw online this afternoon? You’d better swoop it up now or it’s sure to be replaced tomorrow by another, equally as attractive, suit jacket with contrast lining.

Zara also supplies an endless lineup of the basic essentials: a soft cotton tee in neutrals or a crew neck 50/50 sweatshirt with rib trim, also available in all the neutrals.

Fast fashion does have its environmental downsides, but lack of variety isn’t one of them. (Plus, you can do your part by taking good care of the clothes you buy, so that they last years, instead of just a handful of wears).

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a haven for the trend-conscious gentleman. Self-dubbed a lifestyle retailer, they offer a multitude of high-quality name brands, like Nike and Levi’s, for its diverse customer base.

urban outfitters homepage

Whether you’re looking for a not-so-subtle casual pocket tee or something more urban woodsman-esque rugged, Urban Outfitters is sure to have something.

They, too, have basic silhouettes like H&M, but don’t expect to find your basic tee in a wide array of colors. Their selection is more about breadth than depth.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak’s quality and care in construction, not to mention the sustainability factor, justify the higher price points compared to H&M. Every material used in Frank and Oak’s garments is recyclable, including the tag!

frank and oak home page

Like H&M’s “Take Care” section of their website, Frank and Oak have “The Handbook,” a collection of stories and advice on “living good and green,” including articles on the best thing to wear for your body type and the benefits of linen.

From reversible vests and plaid shirts with contrast elbow patches, Frank and Oak is sure to complement any man’s existing attire.

American Eagle

American Eagle is the quintessential, casual American lifestyle brand. Offering color-blocked raglans in the softest fabrics and plaids in a myriad of colors and patterns, you’re sure to find something at AE that will complement your wardrobe.

american eagle homepage

Hooded button-ups and long sleeve rugbys are offered in a handful of colors, while your basic left chest logo tee can be found in upwards of 18 colors. There is certainly no shortage of color choices at American Eagle.

Like H&M, they sell multipacks of the essentials and still manage to cater to the trendier side of fashion while remaining comparable in price point.

And sure, they market to a younger demographic, but don’t let that fool you. You can find plenty of your basics (like good denim and chinos) here for a fraction of the price. I have a few pairs myself, and with the built-in stretch properties, they’re crazy comfortable.

Forever 21

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe on a budget or stay up to date with the latest trends, then Forever 21 mustn’t be overlooked.

forever 21 homepage

Like H&M, they offer extended sizing and the ability to “shop by occasion” online. Forever 21 is a fabulous alternative for casual pieces like pullover hoodies and organically grown cotton graphic tees. And the prices seriously can’t be beaten.

Again, you’re sacrificing quality and long-lastingness for a good price, but if you’re experimenting with different trends or styles that you aren’t yet used to (bravo, btw!) it doesn’t hurt to do it on the cheap.

Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda mixes the everyday classic with the contemporary. They seamlessly blend color, print, and textures for an authentic style definitive of their brand.

scotch & soda homepage

Scotch & Soda is a brand to consider if you appreciate the trend-forward style offerings of H&M, but want to do it in a more mature, grown-up way. Yes, the price point is higher, but you’re getting a better quality garment in much more interesting colors and fabrications.

From wool-blended overcoats to crewneck sweaters embroidered with a sun/moon motif, Scotch & Soda is a fun, refreshing, mature alternative to H&M.

Frequently Asked Questions About H&M

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Never really shopped at H&M, or you’re simply trying to learn more about the brand? We wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions here.

What kind of style is H&M?

H&M is known for its minimalist style inspired by architecture, graphics, and design. You can find affordable suits and sport coats here, as well as your basics, and some of the more trendier fashion pieces.

Is H&M apparel good quality?

H&M does have lower price points, which is great if you’re trying new styles or just need a new look that doesn’t break the bank. But of course, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for incredible fabric quality or super durable construction, you may want to look at other brands.

Does H&M have a loyalty program?

H&M does have a loyalty program including welcome benefits, birthday discounts, and points for shopping amid other perks.

What’s your favorite H&M Alternative?

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Which is your favorite pick from our list of alternatives to H&M? Let us know! You can find us on Facebook or Instagram.