Stores Like Topman: 10 Alternatives for Men (Online and IRL)

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

It’s always exciting and noteworthy when you can tell what a brand stands for (and how it designs clothes) right away. With Topman, the eureka moment for the brand revolves around modern takes on classic British fashion, and that’s been its M.O. since the line launched in the late 1970s.

That distinct look also makes it quite easy to find stores like Topman, which isn’t a bad thing, either. As of 2021, Topman is technically part of ASOS, but it’s still got an aesthetic all its own.

If ever you wanted a tipped polo or trim drainpipe trousers (think about the pants worn by The Beatles), then Topman likely has what you need. Stores similar to Topman (the ones we’re featuring here) hit much of that same aesthetic: Somewhat preppy, leaning towards tailoring and on-trend casual staples and (for the most part), priced affordably.

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The Best Stores Like Topman Worth Your Consideration

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If you enjoy Topman, you’ll enjoy some of our favorite, ever-so-slightly similar picks below. 


Like GAP and Banana Republic, or Old Navy and GAP, well, Topman and ASOS are quite closely related.

asos men's homepage

But there are differences between the two brands. Namely, ASOS leans towards more streetwear pieces, more relaxed or fashion-forward silhouettes (be it wide-fitting pants or bomber jackets), and prints or colors that are bolder.

ASOS also tends to fall more on the affordable side of the menswear spectrum. 

Ted Baker

Ted Baker tracks pretty closely to Topman in terms of classic British tailoring and casual wear, from printed polos to the aforementioned “drainpipe” trousers. Yet, Ted Baker is a step up in both price and quality.

ted baker homepage

This isn’t a bad thing at all: Think of it like taking the training wheels off, so to speak, and splurging just a little on a new blazer or slim-cut suiting.


If it wasn’t clear by now, some of the best stores like Topman also share a similar British heritage.

Sunspel, however, is a luxury brand in every sense of the word, supplying T-shirts and polos as worn by James Bond.

Sunspel shies away from printed designs you might find at Topman, but if it’s a luxurious T-shirt or polo that you seek, then Sunspel is a definite leap forward from Topman’s more affordable wares. 


Now, MR. PORTER is a full-scale retailer that, unlike Topman, stocks a wide array of designer brands.

They’re also much more expensive, even the in-house MR. P line. And yet, you’ll find plenty of crossover in terms of categories, from knitwear to jumpers and outerwear. And as ever, MR. PORTER’s British heritage shines through, just like Topman. 


Topman has carved out something of a niche if you’re seeking minimal, well-fitting tailoring.

As luck would have it, this is also where HUGO BOSS hits the mark quite nicely. The key difference? Well, you’re investing in pieces from BOSS in a way you aren’t with Topman.

However, if you want a sharply cut suit in a classic color, BOSS is the right way to amp things up from the more affordable retailer across the pond. 


SSENSE is perhaps the closest store on this list of brands like Topman when it comes to its overall approach.

ssense homepage

They mix tailoring, casual pieces and an occasional preppy or streetwear piece with an array of colors and prints, plus relatively affordable pricing. Mix and match pieces from the two, or put together an entire outfit by shopping at SSENSE. 


If you tend to veer slightly towards more on-trend pieces from time to time, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Topman, especially if you seek, say, a patterned shirt or slim jeans.

boohoo men's home page

BOOHOOman hits that same sweet spot. Even better? The BOOHOOman line is also fairly priced, so stock your cart (responsibly) as you shop. 

BDG by Urban Outfitters

Entering Urban Outfitters is like entering a world all its own, where you can outfit your entire apartment or den with records, a record player, furniture and more.

urban outfitters homepage

Look closely and you’ll find the BDG line by Urban Outfitters, which is almost like a trendier version of Topman (think a varied array of silhouettes, a dusty color palette and more).

If Topman is your go-to when you want a piece that pops, BDG (the in-house line at UO) will give you what you need. 

Nordstrom Men’s Shop

While Topman’s fits and designs sometimes lean a bit more youthful, Topman also covers a wide range of menswear categories.

nordstrom men homepage

In terms of a similar range of products, Nordstrom also hits the mark nicely, yet they do so in a way that’s more classic and straightforward. Put it this way: If a Topman sweater isn’t quite your speed, Nordstrom has what’s on your shopping list. 

Original Penguin

If Topman goes hand-in-hand with British tailoring and sportswear, then Original Penguin embodies much the same feeling in terms of American sports.

original penguin

Its tipped polo and the iconic penguin logo could be found everywhere through the years on plenty of style icons, too.

These days, Original Penguin covers many of the same bases as Topman, from outerwear and button-downs to well-cut, tailored trousers. Shop accordingly. 

The Best Stores Like Topman

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