10 Awesome Stores Like Zara For Men

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Trendy Fashion

Navigating the menswear world requires a guidebook all its own, especially when it comes to finding stores that you love (or stores that closely resemble ones you love, for that matter). Take Zara, for instance. 

There are plenty of stores like Zara, but it requires a bit of know-how to make them work for you.

So if you’re a fan of Zara, you’ll love these alternatives to the premium, accessible high fashion retailer. Ready for our picks?

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Zara: High Luxury at Great Prices

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Not every store can do what the Spanish high-fashion retailer does, after all. Zara has made a splash across the globe by bringing luxury to the world at prices that don’t break the bank. 

They specialize in of-the-moment pieces that blur the line between classic and modern. If you want to add a bit of on-trend flair to your wardrobe, you’ll find it at Zara. 

Pieces from Zara draw on high-fashion runway inspiration and from styles more commonly found in Europe, but don’t let that intimidate you.

If you just want to pick up some slightly more affordable versions of luxury items, be it a crisp white dress shirt or slim black jeans, Zara can certainly help you out. 

Our Picks for Zara Alternatives

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Here’s where that guidebook comes back into play. Stores like Zara have to hit a particular niche. That means our list of Zara alternatives has to be fashionable and affordable without going over the top.

It also means that stores like Zara aren’t a dime a dozen (remember, you’ve got your menswear guidebook to help point you in the right direction). The great news is,

You might even find a few pieces to add to your shopping cart right away, so keep that credit card at the ready. 

Mango Man

MANGO Man is a terrific alternative to Zara as far as fashion-forward pieces are concerned.

homepage of mangoman

They do a little bit of everything, from slim tailoring to sportswear and even some of their own takes on pieces you might find at a much more expensive fashion brand (like a slightly oversized linen suit).

They also make retro staples look cool and fresh again, be it the classic cardigan or a waistcoat. 

Club Monaco

This writer remembers well the first time stepping foot in Club Monaco.

Each store is carefully curated and thoughtfully considered, and the quality of statement pieces like garment-dyed Oxford shirts or camel topcoats is second to none.

homepage of club monaco

Club Monaco has an air of worldly cool, from the way the brand tailors its trousers to the fact that even classic pieces feel a little different.

Put it this way: In the hands of Club Monaco, even a crewneck sweatshirt can feel new again, which isn’t all that different from how Zara does things. 

Frank And Oak

Both Frank And Oak and Zara have a knack for translating the runway to the everyday, so to speak.

frank and oak home page

That means that you’ll frequently find bold colors and patterns on the digital shelves at Frank And Oak, just like Zara.

Helpfully, these pieces won’t break the bank, and you can also get a few more straightforward style staples as you shop, like slim blue jeans or leather sneakers. 

Forever 21

Don’t write off Forever 21 if you want to refresh your wardrobe on a budget.

homepage of forever 21

They’re a great alternative to Zara, because you’re getting some of that same fashion-forward flair at low prices.

If you haven’t shopped Forever 21 in years, it’s time to give them another chance. Consider them a terrific option alongside Zara for casual picks like slim jeans, graphic tees and cool outerwear.


Few retailers can compete with Zara as far as taking fashion worldwide.

homepage of ssense

As luck would have it, SSENSE is one of those brands, with an eye for visually striking style statements and a curated selection of brands to rival the best of ‘em.

You’ll also find bold turtlenecks, bomber jackets and more, to name but a few. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the SSENSE sale section if you want a deal on, say, luxury sneakers that few others have in their closet.

Mr. Porter

Whereas Zara is focused on affordability throughout its entire line, MR. PORTER is the place to go if you don’t mind investing in your menswear.

mr. porter homepage

Consider MR. PORTER like a more expensive step up from Zara, although many of the brands at MR. PORTER (including the site’s own in-house line) offers up similar takes on fashion-forward staples. From Tom Ford to Gucci, MR. PORTER can do it all. 


Despite its penchant for eye-catching outerwear, patterned shirts and more, one thing that Zara has always done well is its relatively straightforward basics.

homepage of diesel

If you want an alternative to Zara for slim jeans, T-shirts and denim jackets, DIESEL is perhaps the best option out there.

They’ve nailed down their specialty and they stick to it, which is particularly valuable if you want a denim experience from, well, denim experts. 


Like SSENSE and Zara, COS is firmly established as far as delivering fashion far and wide is concerned.

homepage of cos

The brand makes camp collar shirts, breezy trousers, polos, T-shirts and sweaters that wouldn’t look out of place on a coastal vacation.

This is a great thing for hot summer days, but COS also has you covered with cardigans, scarves and more when temperatures start to drop come fall and winter.


Zara has a lot of different specialties, including everyday essentials like denim, alongside visually striking outerwear, shirting and more.

homepage of DSTLD

Just like DIESEL, if it’s a denim-focused alternative to Zara that you want, go with DSTLD. You’ll find razor-sharp jeans and tees that deliver the same clean-cut style as Zara’s own denim line, and at agreeable prices. 

John Elliott

If ever you’ve seen a pair of sweatpants that looked tailored and sharp as heck, there’s a good chance those joggers were made by John Elliott.

homepage of john elliott

The brand has built quite a bit of buzz for itself as streetwear and athleisure have grown in popularity. That makes them a reliable alternative to Zara, especially as far as quality and sleek design are concerned. 

The Best Stores Like Zara

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Do you have experience shopping at stores like Zara?

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