Stores Like Polo Ralph Lauren: 10 Alternatives For Men (Online and IRL)

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or newer to the world of menswear, there are probably a rare few brands you’ve known for quite a long time (believe it or not). We’d bet that Polo, part of the famed brand founded by Mr. Ralph Lauren, is one such brand.

The company carved out a name for itself making everything from preppy staples like its logo polos to all-American classics like denim. They also helped bring fashion to the masses as a true “lifestyle” brand (if you wear Ralph Lauren, you too can live this way).

Because the brand is so well-known, that means there are plenty of stores like Polo Ralph Lauren to tickle your fancy if you love the RL style.

men wearing polo ralph lauren clothing

Plenty of brands like Polo hit the sweet spot in terms of upscale yet casual, preppy but not too preppy menswear these days. We’re here to walk you through some of our favorites.

That way, you can make a world of your own while dressed in brands like Polo Ralph Lauren.

Let’s start shopping.


Our Favorite Stores Like Polo Ralph Lauren

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Club Monaco

It makes a lot of sense that Club Monaco tops this list, seeing as Ralph Lauren was the corporate parent of the Canadian-founded fashion brand until spring 2021.

club monaco homepage

But without getting too far into semantics, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Club Monaco is like a slightly more contemporary take on Ralph Lauren, focusing on premium sweaters, bold outerwear, slim trousers, and elevated basics.

They don’t have as recognizable a logo as Polo, but that’s not a bad thing at all. 


J.Crew is another giant of American fashion with an illustrious history of its own.

jcrew homepage

The retailer is also a mainstay in plenty of American wardrobes, perhaps including your own.

And just like Ralph Lauren has its signature pieces (like polos and washed denim), so too does J.Crew (think of its chambray shirts and Ludlow suiting). Certain staples are also priced in a similar manner, so you can stock up on your favorites. 

Original Penguin

Interestingly enough, Original Penguin was founded before Ralph Lauren, and developed a similar brand identity right away (behind the strength of its golf shirt).

original penguin homepage

These days, Original Penguin makes use of its eye-catching logo on everything from polos to sweaters, turning American prep into modern fashion at agreeable prices. Like Ralph Lauren, its polos are its signature piece. 

Ben Sherman

Hop across the pond and shop another version of preppy style, this time with classically British roots. Like Ralph Lauren, Ben Sherman still bears the name of its founder, with years of history to match (dating back to the 1920s, in fact).

ben sherman homepage

And in terms of style, there’s a lot of similarity between the two, from an emphasis on throwback staples made modern (like the Oxford shirt) to a nice balance of casual and dressy pieces, including trousers and patterned sweaters. 

Fred Perry

If it’s iconic menswear you seek, then it’s hard to top another British heritage staple, Fred Perry.

fred perry homepage

Fred Perry embraces both the brand’s history and pushes the envelope with more fashion-forward designs and collaborations.

Interestingly enough, they’re another mainstay brand to shop if you want slim tailoring mixed in with slim, more casual pieces (like Oxford shirting). 


The Ralph Lauren lifestyle is all about coastal escapes, and Nautica’s heritage is similarly close to the water.

nautica homepage

That’s why you’ll find that the brand makes everything from swimwear to rain-ready outerwear and business casual staples, embracing tech fabrics mixed with modern silhouettes.

If Ralph Lauren is made for more relaxed affairs, Nautica is just a bit more ready for city exploration. 

Peter Millar

Accessible luxury that blends both performance fabrics and modern silhouettes is something Peter Millar gets perfectly right.

peter millar homepage

The brand is all about layering and making its clothes part of your travels and a well-rounded lifestyle. Here, you’ll find tech vests, cashmere sweaters, luxury outerwear and a distinctly American sense of style. 

Todd Snyder

One of America’s foremost menswear designers (and perhaps the best), Snyder himself actually worked at Ralph Lauren with, well, Ralph Lauren.

todd snyder homepage

Snyder’s namesake brand turns his own menswear visions into reality, focused on rugged staples with a Midwest feel, and then shaking them up with some New York City cool. The results? Exciting collections of super-premium menswear season after season. 


If you want a brand that calls to mind the prep influences of Ralph Lauren, but then shakes things up with performance fabrics and a call to action (to hit the course or hit the beach), then Rhoback is the brand for you.

rhoback homepage

The brand might not be as luxury-leaning as Polo is at times, but there’s plenty of modern-plus-prep influence to go around. 

Jack Wills

Cross the pond once more to take in the U.K.-centric, preppy stylings of Jack Wills.

jack wills homepage

The brand is fun and fresh, focused on the idea that your clothes are meant to be lived in. They don’t shy away from trends, but they’re also more than happy to deliver classic jumpers, chinos and more (with maybe a wink and a nudge).

The Best Stores Like Polo Ralph Lauren

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