14 Stores Like SuitSupply for Guys Who Need to Look Dapper

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If you’ve got SuitSupply on speed dial or in your browser’s bookmark, that’s understandable, what with their exclusive selection of over 1,000 fine Italian fabrics and in-store tailoring. Not to mention, ordering an affordable suit online via a made-to-measure program used to be unheard of! 

Finding the perfect-fitting suit at one of SuitSupply’s 100 + stores worldwide is as their formula states: straight, to the point, and personal.

What if I told you that your options are not limited to SuitSupply, though? In this article, you’ll find SuitSupply alternatives to satisfy most preferences and wallets.


Our Favorite Stores Like SuitSupply

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Here are our picks for our favorite stores that are like SuitSupply!

Spier & Mackay

Canadian brand Spier & Mackay is our top alternative to SuitSupply, with their signature Neapolitan cut suits starting at $498 (even less during their sales).

spier mackay homepage

Their price point is lower, but their product matches the quality you expect and get at SuitSupply.

They, too, like SuitSupply, have a full MTM program.

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In terms of ready-to-wear, J.Crew has a modern collection of men’s suits and tuxedos to fit every budget.

jcrew homepage

With a great selection of silhouettes, colors, and yummy fabrics, it’s not hard to find what you’re looking for. From slim-fit to more classic, J.Crew also offers a small assortment of sustainable garments in Italian four-season wool or Irish cotton.


Unconstructed Italian wool blazers in an eye-catching burgundy plaid should hang in every guy’s closet. So, where to find an affordable one with 3 different fit choices? None other than NYC-born Bonobos.

bonobos homepage

Free shipping both ways with quick and friendly customer service is important, especially when shopping for formal wear, and Bonobos offers all of the above and extended sizes.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic offers one of the best modern selections to suit (pun, intended again – last one, I swear) every aesthetic.


If a tropical, tonal print isn’t quite your steez, don’t fret because Banana Republic also offers that slim-fit suit jacket in navy, black, grey, brown, and shall I continue?

Club Monaco

For the no-fuss, much more casual suiting vibe, look no further than Club Monaco.

With a RTW (ready-to-wear) selection that I can count on two hands, you may not find everything you’re looking for, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peek.

From wool to linen blends and even a textured piqué at a decent price point, Club Monaco leaves the shopper wanting more.

Massimo Dutti

Headquartered in Spain, Massimo Dutti has recently closed their US stores and is now online-only, but they’re worth checking out.

Specializing in high-end luxury cashmere and wool products, this RTW brand embodies an elegance that appeals to the independent and cosmopolitan man.

massimo dutti homepage

If the attractive price tag isn’t enough to sway you to check out their online shop, perhaps their charity work will. 

Massimo Dutti works closely with mental health organizations that pursue social rehabilitation and professional work placement programs for individuals with mental disorders or physical disabilities. Buying a suit while supporting a good cause FTW!


It’s hard for guys to find ways to stand out in this day in age. Standing out has seemingly become mainstream, and formal wear tends to be one of the most difficult areas to set oneself apart.

We’ve all shown up to a dinner party practically twinning with the host’s husband at one time or another, but InStitchu makes standing out a little easier.

institchu homepage

With their 100% certified Australian Merino wool and fabrics sourced from the world-renowned Dino Filarte label, InStitchu brings the term “affordable luxury” to life.

With their online custom/made-to-measure suiting, the Australian-based online tailoring brand with prices comparable to SuitSupply also offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Oliver Wicks

Easily one of my favorites on the list, based on personal experience and final product, Oliver Wicks uses many popular Italian mills to make their suits in Europe. This helps eliminate any duty, retail, and transportation costs.

oliver wicks homepage

Boasting the “best Italian wool,” they primarily offer half-canvas suits in various appealing colors and fabrics. However, they do offer a full canvas suit for a $119 upgrade.

There are also a lot of great customization options with an alteration credit up to $125. And because of the level of mastery that goes into making these suits, I’d expect the turn-around time to be much longer than it actually is.

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Black Lapel

Definitely on the higher end, Black Lapel offers custom shirts and suits online with their Flawless Fit Guarantee.

The quality and craftsmanship of these suits are evident with a great selection of colors and contemporary and modern fits to choose from.

black lapel homepage

Just insert your measurements online, and voila! Await the arrival of a custom-made suit that may or may not require alterations. Thankfully, Black Lapel offers a $75 credit per jacket and $50 for everything else.

Pro Tip: Have a professional tailor take your measurements beforehand instead of taking them yourself.

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Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Indochino offers half-canvassed suits that start at a handsome price point: $399. 

indochino homepage

They do have a broad selection of fabrics and colors, and they do offer an MTM program. Unfortunately, Barron (our Founding Editor) never had the best experience with products from Indochino.

He tried two different suits on two different occasions, years apart, and had to send them back for multiple remakes. In the end, they simply just didn’t fit him well.

But! Don’t let one man’s experience deter you from trying Indochino. Several of our friends have had positive experiences with the brand, including the folks at The Modest Man (check out their review).

If you have a trusted friend help you with measurements, and you triple check, you should be OK. And if you nail the fit once, you should be set for life, so long as your measurements don’t change too drastically between orders.

Sene Studio

Based out of Los Angeles with ethics, sustainability, and accessibility in mind, the cousins behind Sene Studio saw an opportunity to bring quality custom-made apparel to an industry obsessed with the narrow-minded illusion of the “ideal body.”

Using advanced technology at state-of-the-art mills in Japan and Italy, Sene Studio eliminates the middleman and offers a Guaranteed Fit.

Sene Studio is revolutionizing wardrobes everywhere. From FlexTech fabric born at the leading performance fabric mill in Japan to denim sourced from one of the oldest mills using long fibers for a buttery-soft touch.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder has a smaller collection of suits than many on this list aside from Club Monaco, but there is certainly no shortage of style. From corduroy to wool to cashmere to seersucker, Todd Snyder is one of the best places to buy your next suit.

todd snyder homepage

Offering an in-store or online made-to-measure program, you’ll choose from a curated selection of premium English and Italian fabrics and add your personal touch to everything, including the lining.

Brooks Brothers

The oldest apparel brand in the United States has been in continuous operation since 1818 for a reason. Brooks Brothers can skew a bit traditional in terms of fit and cut, and it is certainly worthy of making our list of stores like SuitSupply.

brooks brothers homepage

Their offerings are neutral in color and safe for the classic guy on the hunt for a traditional suit style. Plus, they do basic tailoring in-store for free. And for a nominal fee, they’ll do more complicated work like taking in the body of a jacket.


Customizing your own suit can be overly complicated. With Lanieri’s comprehensive online tools, it just got easier.

lanieri homepage

Selecting details from the fabric mill to the buttons, the piping and stitching color, among many other options… you’re sure to score yourself a quality, custom-made suit that’s completely made in Italy. The price tag certainly reflects the craftsmanship and includes shipping and customs.

Like many of these SuitSupply alternatives with made-to-measure suiting, Lanieri has an online algorithm to aid in getting the correct measurements, but should it not fit perfectly, they offer a $100 credit toward tailoring.

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Does Suitsupply offer tailoring services?

SuitSupply offers in-store tailoring services through their made-to-measure personal tailoring program.

Does Suitsupply ever have sales?

They have outlet sales twice a year. Here you’ll find last season’s suits and clothes up to 50 percent off regular prices.

What is Suitsupply’s custom-made program?

Customers can custom make their suit, choosing fabrics, fit, buttons, stitch, belt loops, shoulder style, etc., that is then crafted and delivered within 2-3 weeks.

What’s Your Favorite SuitSupply Alternative?

We hope you liked our favorite stores that are like SuitSupply. What’s your favorite pick from our list? Let us know by hitting us up on Facebook or Instagram.