10 Of The Best Slides For Men (Comfy, Stylish, Casual)

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From your living room to the locker room to a day at the pool, slides can do it all. And with everything from classic staples to modern takes on the style, you have a wide range of functions and aesthetics to choose from when customizing your look.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the 10 best slides for men, featuring options for every personal style and budget.

In it, we’ll introduce you to our favorites from big brands, as well as some sleeper hits that deserve more recognition than they get.

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Our 10 Favorite Slides for Men

Without further ado, let’s get into our 10 favorite pairs.

Read on til the end of this article; we answer a few common questions about slides and the best way to wear them for a sharp casual look!

  1. GREATS Classon Slide

    The Classon Slide from GREATS is one of those shoes that’s almost too perfect. They really do seem to have thought of every detail, from the sustainable construction to the just-right custom fit to the comfortable cushioning. All that, and they have a unique look that sets them apart from more classically styled slides.

    Made from recycled ballistic nylon reclaimed from fishing nets, the Classon Slides are both environmentally responsible and ultra-durable. They’re a “buy it once and wear it for a decade” sort of slide, especially with their double-reinforced stitching and rugged buckles. Combined with significant arch support and a breathable lycra lining, that makes the Classon Slides an ideal summertime companion.

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  2. Polo Ralph Lauren Cayson Slide

    Though better known for their designer clothing and colognes, Ralph Lauren makes a darned good pair of slides. They’re modeled after the classic style we’ve seen in Adidas and Gucci slides (above), with a minimalist construction that’s only offset by the red Polo label. 

    Made entirely from padded EVA, with a slightly grippy sole, these are dedicated poolside slides. Do take note, though, that they feature a much more narrow fit than most of the slides in this review. If your feet trend towards the wider side, go for a roomier fit instead.

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  3. Nike Benassi JDI

    Affordable, comfy, and lightweight, Nike’s Benassi slides are great for casual everyday use. The classic Nike logo makes the foot strap stand out, while a micro-printed “Just Do It” pattern adds eye-catching detail.

    A thin foam midsole gives just enough cushion to keep your arches and instep in good shape, and the soft-fabric-lined foot strap is key at preventing chafing or irritation on the top of your foot. Overall, Nike’s Benassi slides are a great way to get your slide game started on the cheap.

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  4. Suicoke Moto Cab

    Japanese style giant Suicoke has been shaking up the North American fashion scene since their stateside introduction in 2006. And as one of their first items to really make a splash in the U.S. fashion scene, their Moto slides have achieved genuine cult status.

    A big reason for this is the Moto slides’ inimitable design sense, with its boldly colored, chunky, and adjustable straps. They’re made with nylon uppers and an antibacterial footbed, with plenty of padding to make them comfortable as heck.

    Even though they’re super comfortable, Suicoke’s slides are distinctive enough to wear with more put-together outfits. And with ten different colors to choose from, you can find a pair to match your unique style.

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  5. Cole Haan Goldwyn 2.0 Crossband
    $150.00 $94.99

    This version of the Cole Haan Goldwyn 2.0s boasts both premium, long-lasting materials and a stylish cut. The crossband adds a resort-chic look about, the kind made to be worn with linen, but is still neutral enough to be worn with any casual outfit. Moreover, the slight heel gives it a sleek silhouette.

    It’s built from full-grain leather, which means handsome patination is in the cards for this guy. And though the sole is slightly reminiscent of a dress shoe, with its wood-grain stack aesthetic, the full rubber outsole and supple leather footbed ensures loads of comfort.

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  6. Gucci Signature Stripe

    Now we’re really getting into high fashion slide choices. After all, it’s hard to get much more distinctive than Gucci’s styling — including these iconic stripe slides. 

    But they’re not just good looks, either. The grippy soles are made from dense rubber, giving plenty of cushion and arch support when combined with the leather lining. That leather gets carried through to the uppers, making these slides as durable and long-wearing as they are attractive.

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  7. Birkenstock Slides
    $70.00 $34.95

    Born in Germany but now made worldwide, Birkenstock made a name for themselves with sandals that contour to the unique shape of your foot over time. And even though they’ve come a long way from their original leather and jute construction, these synthetic polymer slides have many of the same foot-cradling features.

    If you’ve stayed away from slides because they don’t provide enough support for your feet, Birkenstocks are the answer. They offer more toe room for better natural foot alignment, as well as a raised toe bar, contoured footbed, and deep heel cup. Overall, these attributes combine to make Birkenstocks the slides of choice for anyone with foot, ankle, and knee problems.

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  8. Adidas Adilette Slides
    $40.00 $20.00

    When you think of a pair of slides, there’s a good chance that Adidas’s Adilette slides will be the image that comes to mind. That’s because this ubiquitous model of slides has been around for decades, making its way from the living room to the locker room to the pool in cities around the world.

    The popularity of these slides speaks for itself, as they are the number one leader in worldwide sales for slippers. Their soft, textured lining and grippy outsoles make them a standby in any guy’s wardrobe — so get them while they’re still offered at such an affordable price.

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  9. Nike Off Court Slides

    Take the general shape of Nike’s Benassi slide (above), then add twice as much comfort padding all over, and you’ll get their Off Court slides. That includes a double-dense foam footbed, and an ultra-soft fabric-lined strap.

    Where you should wear these slides is in the name: They’re perfect for all of your recovery time after hard activity. The shape of the sole combines with the soft footbed to enhance natural recovery of your feet and ankles, and the sizing can even accommodate people with wider feet, too.

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  10. Champion Slides

    A one-time favorite of boxers and pro athletes, Champion nearly fell out of favor in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. But thanks to a resurgence in vintage and streetwear style, the Champion brand is now more popular than ever.

    That makes Champion’s slides a little bit more versatile than other brands, since you can easily pair them with whole streetwear outfits to wear just about anywhere. And sure, they look great as a casual slipper outside of athletic activities, too. But as inexpensive as these slides are, you can splurge for a selection of colors to perfectly match any outfit you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slides for Men

Before we wrap things up, let’s take a moment to address some common questions about slides for men.

This’ll help clear up any lingering confusion you have, as well as address a few more specific cases for types of slides.

When is it appropriate to wear slides?

Slides are a wonderful, versatile piece of footwear — but they’re not appropriate for all-day, everyday wear no matter the situation. Save them for the most casual situations:

Hanging out around the house, taking a day off by the pool, or after a workout when you’re headed home from the gym. Basically, if you can wear sweatpants during an activity and not feel out of place, slides are appropriate, too.

What’s the difference between slides, sandals, slippers, and flip flops?

Slip-on shoes go by a wide variety of names, some of which can be used interchangeably. Basically, it goes like this:

  • Sandals are the category term, and encompass all styles of footwear that are breezy, open, and held on by one or more straps.
  • Flip flops are a more casual type of sandal. They don’t have a back heel strap, and get their name from the sound they make while you’re walking.
  • Slides are sandals that you literally slide your foot into. Unlike some types of sandals, they do not have a post for your toes to fit around.
  • Slippers are just like slides, but have a closed toe box. They’re great for wearing around the house.

What are the best men’s sandals for walking?

When you’re going for a long walk, you might want to choose something with more support and tie-downs than slides have to offer.

Slides are great for getting around small areas, but longer walks, whether on the trail or on a sidewalk, are better left to sandals with adjustable straps on the toes and heel. Chaco’s Z/1 series is a great example of a perfect sandal for walking.

What are the best slides with arch support? 

Got foot problems? Get Birkenstocks. It really is as simple as that.

The German footwear company got its start with sandals made to mold to your unique foot shape, providing more specific support for people with foot, knee, and ankle problems.

The latest generation of Birkenstock Slides carries forward this tradition with a padded, contoured footbed, deep heel cup, and raised toe bar that help put your feet in optimal alignment.

They’re also the best slides for plantar fasciitis, since their double-thick footbed and sole really reduce impact on the ground, too.

Do I wear socks with slides? 

You know, it’s totally up to you whether you wear socks with slides. Around the house where no one can see you, you don’t have to worry about looking silly — so wear socks if it’s more comfortable for you. 

Same goes for at the gym: No one is going to look twice if you’re wearing socks with slides. Of course, if you’re going to the pool, it’s better to leave the socks in your bag.

Are slides unisex?

Slides as a general category are a unisex type of footwear. But depending on the specific brand, you may find slides that are catered more towards the shape of either women’s or men’s feet.

If so, you’ll notice that they offer sizes specific to each sex.


Hopefully by now, you can see that slides have a wider range of uses than you might have imagined. From the casual staple Adidas Adilette slides to high fashion Gucci Stripe slides, you can cover a lot of ground while staying ultra-comfy.

Have any questions about how to style your slides? Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll help you sort it out.

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