Got a style-related question For Me?

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Send me an email below. But wait! Before you do, read this:

1a. If you have a simple style question, I might’ve already written an article about it. Do a quick Google search, such as “dark denim” (sans quotes), otherwise, I might email you back with “Google is your friend, bro.”

1b. Got a style question that I didn’t answer in an article? You have a better chance of receiving a reply if you keep your email brief. Like, under-5-sentences brief. You don’t have to tell me your life story if you’re just wondering how to match navy with white, for example.

2. If you’re a company promoting a product, or a PR company promoting a company or product, I receive 8-10 emails a day just like yours. Feel free to reach out, but I most likely won’t respond, and if you have an awesome product, I’ll probably hear about it from readers and friends, and I’ll be reaching out to you.

3. If you’re a freelance writer, but really, you’re stealthily inquiring (on behalf of a client) about writing a guest post just so you can insert a link somewhere in there, please click here.

Get it? Got it? Good.

If you’ve read #1 but couldn’t find an answer, and you’re not #2 or #3, send me an email by clicking the button below.