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While jeans may be your go-to pair of pants, consider stocking up on chinos as well. You can’t go wrong with a pair in British khaki (a caramel color, slightly darker than your typical khaki chinos) and charcoal.

Same with shorts; the most versatile colors are navy and British khaki. But since you’re wearing shorts in the summer, feel free to grab a pair or two in more adventurous colors.

Finally, one pair of mid-grey wool trousers for those occasions when you need to class it up a bit.

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Stock up on a few T-shirts (or V-necks, if you prefer) which are perfect for casual occasions. I typically stick with grey, white, or black for max versatility, yo.

My sport shirts are a mix of OCBDs and chambrays, plus twills and flannels for the colder months. Depending on fabric weight, most, if not all of your shirts can be worn year-round.

I own a few dress shirts as well, though not as many since I rarely wear suits. My workhorses are my white spread collar and light blue button down collar dress shirts.

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Midlayers not only add a bit of visual interest to your outfit’s layers, but they help keep you warm. They can replace heavier outerwear during the transitional months, or worn underneath your coat during the colder ones.

I have a number of sweaters, but also love shirt jackets, heavier wool flannel shirts, and quilted vests. These all serve as great midlayers. Stick to neutrals like grey, navy, tan, brown, or black to maximize versatility, but don’t be afraid to throw in a few bolder and more adventurous midlayers into the mix.

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The number and type of outerwear you buy will depend on how cold it gets where you live. Some guys can get away with light outerwear all year long, while others need to bundle up HARD and would benefit from investing in a warm coat designed to shield you from the elements.

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Men typically need 5-6 pairs minimum in their wardrobes. A pair of lace-ups in black and brown, a simple pair of leather sneakers, and a few pairs of casual shoes such as chukkas, work boots, or loafers.

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The type of socks that work best for you will depend on what you do day to day, as well as the season you’re in.

For me, I have a number of calf-length socks in a plush, colorfully flecked wool for winter from Boardroom Socks, and plenty of cotton no-show socks for the warmer months. I also dress more casually and don’t wear suits every day.

If you wear suits, you’ll want to invest in a few pairs of nice dress socks (I prefer over-the-calf styles).

And for summer, if you haven’t tried absorbing insoles as sock alternatives for your loafers and canvas sneakers, I think you’re gonna love em. The two I use most are linked below.

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If you’re on the slimmer side, go with boxer briefs that have a short inseam, between 3-6”. If you have bigger legs, I find 6-9″ inseams to be more comfortable.

Why boxer briefs? You get the best of both worlds: the support of a brief and the shape of boxers.

I’ve tried plenty of boxer briefs, and my favorites are typically made from a synthetic blend that’s designed with stretch, as well as moisture-wicking and cooling properties in mind. As far as color, I typically stick with black or grey. Light to mid-grey is great when you have to wear light-colored pants.

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Suits And Sportcoats

The number of suits you need will depend on how often you wear them during the week.

If you wear suits every day, you’ll probably want between 7-10 suits for variety (but realistically can get away with 5-6). If you wear them only for special occasions (maybe 1-2x per quarter) then you’ll be fine with 1 or 2.

If you are going for a smart, sharp casual style, you’ll use sportcoats more often. It’s beneficial to have one with a grey base and one with a navy base. I find myself using my glen check (with a brown and tan base) often, as well as a brown herringbone tweed jacket.

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I have a simple facial routine. Most nights I use a gentle face wash, rinse, then follow up with a facial moisturizer. I also have under-eye cream to help with dark circles and wrinkles (I don’t have many, yet, so this is more of a preventative measure).

The ideal hair product is different for every guy. It depends on your hair’s thickness, coarseness, length, and styling preferences. I have thick, straight, medium-length hair, and for me and the way I style my hair, I found that Beardbrand’s Styling Balm works well. It’s lightweight, has enough hold without being stiff or greasy, and smells great.

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