Got Maskne? Here’s How to Cover Up A Pimple (And How To Treat / Prevent Them In The First Place)

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Grooming

This article is for the guy like me who gets the occasional pimple or blemish and wants a straight-forward way to cover it up. And if you have several persistent, stubborn ones, this post will be equally as helpful.

I noticed pimples surfacing more frequently lately, which I believe is due to wearing masks all the time.

So in this article, I’m not only going to cover how to cover up a pimple. I’ll also go over some methods I use to treat pimples, as well as how to prevent getting pimples in the first place.

How to cover up a pimple

OK, so what’s the best way to hide or cover up a pimple?

Plain and simple, you need a concealer.

If you have a wife or partner who wears makeup, you could always try their products, but I suggest using Stryx’s Concealer Tool.

stryx concealer tool

I’ve had this thing for a couple years now, and I use it whenever I have a blemish or pimple that needs to be covered up.

In fact, I actually keep this on a shelf in my studio, and I dab it on right before I have to film a video. Like I said, I don’t usually get pimples, but because of all the mask-wearing this past year, I seem to always have one. This concealer definitely comes in handy!

Another thing I can appreciate is that Stryx tries to help men build routines, and not just with their products, either. Coincidentally, we’ll be discussing a basic skincare routine a bit further down in this article.

Stryx Concealer Tool

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Some things to know about the Stryx Concealer Tool

  • How to apply it: Application is quick and easy — you can dab it on with the pen and blend in with your finger. Super simple and no fuss.
  • It’s custom formulated for men’s skin, which is typically oilier, thicker, and has larger pores than women’s skin.
  • The way the Concealer Tool is formulated won’t clog up your pores or prevent your blemishes from healing. The same can’t be said for all concealers.
  • Stryx has a selection of shades that will cover most skin tones. If you’re unsure, you can reach out to support and they’ll help you choose the best color.
man applying concealer with stryx concealer tool
Applying Stryx concealer — dab it on and blend with your finger. Easy!

In case you’re curious, I use the Medium Mahogany shade, so if you have a similar shade of skin, you’re probably good with that color.

How To Treat Pimples (so they go away, ASAP)

OK, so now you know how to cover up a pimple. That’s like your urgent daytime “I have to see people and I don’t want this on my face” solution.

But what’s the best way to treat your pimple? Well if you’re at home after a long day, winding down, and you have nowhere else to be… this is the perfect time to start the healing process.

First off, don’t pop or pick at your pimples, especially if they’re in that painful red stage.

All the bacteria on your fingers and under your nails will transfer to what is essentially an open wound on your face. In mild cases, it will prolong the healing process. At worst, the pimple could get infected. So don’t touch or pick at them; leave them alone as much as possible.

So what’s the best way to get rid of them?

I use these two products:

Pimple patches

If you haven’t seen these, they’re like little stickers you leave on your pimple overnight. These hydrocolloid patches extract all the bacteria and gross stuff from your pimple and bring it to the surface where it’s trapped in the patch.

clear pimple patch
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After a night of wearing these patches, you’ll notice your pimple has flattened and started to heal. In fact, I try to cut it off at the pass and if I feel a pimple starting to form, I apply one of these right away. Can’t hurt, right?

But no matter what stage your pimple is in, I recommend using these patches. After washing your face in the evening, apply one of these, and you’ll be in much better shape the next morning.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I used this first before I came across pimple patches.

This product is essentially a solution of isopropyl alcohol, salicylic acid, calamine, and camphor. You apply it in the evening after cleansing your face. You take a Q-Tip and dip it into the pink sediment, and dab onto your pimple. Super simple.

bottle of mario badescu drying lotion

The isopropyl alcohol helps to dry out the pimple. Salicylic acid decreases inflammation and redness by shedding dead skin cells and clearing out pores (which also helps to prevent more pimples).

Calamine eases any itching and cools the skin, while camphor helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness.

This product definitely dries out your pimple on the surface, though it may feel more harsh than the pimple patch if you have sensitive skin. I believe this product is worth trying out, and comparing the results to the pimple patch. See what works better for you and go with that.

How to Prevent Pimples In The First Place

OK, let’s talk about how to prevent pimples. So far, you’ve learned how to hide them, and how to treat them… but wouldn’t it be better to not get any in the first place?

So here are a few simple, straight-forward tips.

Get into the habit of washing and moisturizing your face in the evening

Use a high-quality face wash every night. If you don’t wash your face regularly, it’s a simple process:

  1. Splash your face with some warm water
  2. Squeeze a bit of facial cleanser in your palm, lather it up
  3. Work it into your skin; go in little circles to make sure you covered the entire surface area thoroughly
  4. Rinse!

Once or twice a week, I use an exfoliating face wash. This has the little scrubby beads to help get that layer of dead skin off the surface. Also helps to keep your pores clear.

But beware: You don’t want to use this more than once, maybe twice a week, at most. It really dries out your skin if you use too much.

Finally, you want to moisturize

If you’re washing your face in the evening, you want to apply a nighttime moisturizer (NOT a daytime moisturizer… very important).

What’s the difference between day and night moisturizer?

Daytime moisturizers usually have an SPF, which is a good thing, since it helps prevent any sun damage to your skin. But you don’t want to apply a moisturizer with SPF to your skin before bed. Daytime moisturizers have to sacrifice their hydrating properties to accommodate the sunscreen.

Before bed, after washing your face, you want to use a moisturizer designed for repair and hydration. Your skin repairs itself during sleep, and nighttime-specific moisturizers are formulated to aid your skin in repair and rehydration. Some also have retinol, which helps to soften wrinkles and skin texture.

So to summarize: Moisturizer with SPF only in the morning. Rehydrating moisturizer (Retinol optional) in the evening.

The skin care products I use

I’ve used Brickell Men’s Products for several years now. They use all-natural ingredients and the products feel lightweight on my skin. I love their moisturizer and cleanser.

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I also use Tiege Hanley. Tiege makes the skincare process super easy. The products themselves feel great on my skin and are also lightweight.

I love their subscription service because I don’t have to think about it. New kits are sent out automatically every month (and to be honest, the 30-day supplies seem to last longer than a month).

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I’ve also tested products from a company called Geologie. I liked how they custom formulated their offering based on your skin’s needs (you answer a few questions on their site before ordering).

I did find their moisturizer to be a bit heavier / thicker than I like, but I loved their face wash and eye cream.

Geologie Skincare

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Simple solutions for preventing, treating, and covering up pimples

I hope this article helps!

Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and you may have a more serious case of acne, which could need a more heavy-duty regimen. It depends on your age, genetics, and skin.

This article is primarily for older guys (30+) and only get the occasional pimple. But if you do absolutely nothing in terms of skin care, you can absolutely use these tips to up your skincare game 1000%.

To solve the issue of occasional pimples, definitely check out the Concealer Tool.

Stryx Concealer Tool

"You never know when a red spot may appear, but you always know you can make them go away with Concealer Tool. Just tap a little on your face and blend in."

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