Looking For The Best Sock Brands? Here are 11 Of Our Favorites (All Different Lengths)

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Style Tips

The right socks can make all the difference in an outfit when it comes to style, functionality and of course, comfort. To save you time, we rounded up the 11 best sock brands.

When you think of the building blocks of your wardrobe, do socks come to mind? Perhaps, but probably not immediately right?

The best sock brands come in a wide variety of lengths to fit every lifestyle. From dress socks best worn with, well, dress shoes… to crew socks best worn with more casual types of footwear.

We know you’re a busy gent, so let’s get started.

Why Do Sock Lengths Matter? 

We’ll keep this one brief.

If you get caught wearing the wrong pair of socks your ensemble can quickly go from good to… not so good. They could hurt your feet, make your shoes feel much less comfortable, or just look out of place, and no one wants that.

That’s why our guide includes at least one of the best sock companies, sure to produce your new favorite pair of socks. The details make the difference, so let’s shape up in style. 

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Socks? 

Sure, you could find socks at your local gas station (probably, if you had to). But is that the best place to buy your socks? Probably not.

There are plenty of brands that make great socks, and we’ve bought, tried, and owned many of them over the years. The ones we mention here are among our favorites.

We’ve broken down this list based on sock lengths, and name a few brands to choose from for each length.

Over The Calf / Knee High Socks

Boardroom Socks Merino Over-The-Calf Dress Socks

Ever run across that cumbersome issue of having to readjust your dress socks over and over again as they slide down?

Boardroom Navy Dress Socks
Boardroom Socks, Over-the-Calf Dress

Knit with fine merino wool, these dress socks breathe to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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That problem is solved with Boardroom Socks’ over-the-calf option, specifically designed not to slide down past your calves. You can’t go wrong with comfortable merino wool or a crisp navy color, either. 

Mack Weldon Everyday Extended Crew Socks

You might know Mack Weldon from the brand’s affordable underwear and T-shirts, but consider adding these essential “extended crew” socks to your rotation.

Mack Weldon Everyday Extended Crew Socks

Premium combed cotton and a cushioned footbed make these socks something you’ll feel great about pulling on every day.

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Wearable with dress shoes in particular thanks to that over-the-calf fit, we appreciate the subtle pattern and use of combed cotton. Of course, depending on the pattern and color, it may be better suited as a smart casual / casual option.

Mid-Calf Socks

Boardroom Socks

Gotta mention Barron’s preferred sock brand, Boardroom Socks, in the mid-calf category as well.

Boardroom Socks

From the yarns they use to their meticulous design, Boardroom Socks' commitment to quality traces all the way through the production process. Each pair of socks is hand-inspected before being shipped to your door.

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While they specialize in over-the-calf and mid-calf lengths (both formal and smart-casual options), they’re also working on no-show socks, ohhh yeah.

Made in USA, family owned, and affordably priced… you can’t go wrong with Boardroom.

Bombas Vintage Stripe Calf Socks

You’ve probably heard of Bombas socks. In case you haven’t, one of the things that sets them apart is that they donate a pair of socks to someone in need for every pair they sell.

Bombas Vintage Stripe Socks
Bombas Vintage Stripe Calf Socks

These socks have classic stripes around the calf that are specially designed with stay-up technology. It's the perfect tension level so that your socks (and stripes) stay up and never slip down.

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Solid social mission, for sure. And with this pair specifically, we appreciate the casual, retro styling of these calf socks.

Try pairing them with rolled chinos or dark denim, or pulled up with shorts for a more stylish, trend-forward look.

L.L. Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks 

Go right ahead and team up your iconic Bean Boots with these rugged, durable merino wool socks from the same heritage brand.

L.L. Bean Merino Ragg Wool Socks
L.L.Bean Merino Wool Ragg Socks

These socks are made of premium, itch-free Australian merino wool and nylon/elastic for durability and stretch. PLUS, they can go in the washer and dryer.

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It’s a perfect pairing that’ll keep your feet warm all winter long, and that’s the kind of matchmaking we appreciate. 

Crew Length Socks

Smartwool Medium Hiking Crew Socks 

If you value your time in the great outdoors (and if you value comfort while wearing your hiking boots), then you need the right pair of crew socks for hiking.

SmartWool Socks
Smartwool Medium Hiking Crew Socks

This all-purpose hiking sock was designed for rugged day hikes or moderate backpacking. An arch brace holds the sock in place and adds additional support and a flat-knit toe seam matched with our responsibly-sourced Merino wool helps keeps you comfortable.

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Turn toward Smartwool, one of the best sock companies out there. These shouldn’t be too bulky, and they should readily provide all-day comfort.

As far as the fabric, wool socks are both breathable and insulating, cushioned yet durable. During cold weather season, I wear wool socks the most.

Uniqlo Men’s Slub Half Socks 

Surely, you know Uniqlo for the brand’s wildly affordable shirts and pants. Little secret: They also have incredible socks.

Uniqlo Slub Socks
Uniqlo Men's Slub Half Socks

Slub socks with a distinctive design that pairs great with casual looks. You know you can't go wrong with Uniqlo.

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However, you should seriously consider adding these Uniqlo socks to your cart the next time you check out the brand’s digital shelves. They’re simple, classic, and crazy affordable!

Ankle Socks

Mack Weldon AirKnitX Ankle Socks 

The first pair of Mack Weldon socks could be worn with smart casual outfits, while this pair definitely leans more casual (and ideally, hidden, under pants).

Mack Weldon AirKnit Socks
Mack Weldon AirKnitX Ankle Socks

An athletic sock that combines airflow-enhancing technology with anti-odor silver. Perfect for the gym, a run, or daily wear.

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You can’t go wrong with any Mack Weldon products, their socks included. Consider these socks ideal for long days on your feet wearing casual sneakers. Or perhaps, more likely, any athletic pursuits and training sessions.

The options are endless.  

Low-Cut (Below The Ankle) Socks

Darn Tough No Show Light Socks 

Darn Tough socks really do live up to their name. Although they specialize in more rugged hiking socks, these ankle socks would also prove a fitting addition to your sock rotation.

Darn Tough No Show Ultra Light Socks
Darn Tough No Show Light Socks

A dialed-in precise fit makes for a won't-quit sock when the challenges pile up.

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Reader Jason F. reached out and made a good point about the Darn Tough brand: They have a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee, which more than justifies the price. Jason goes on to say:

“I’ve worn through a couple pairs already after some heavy use, and they made good on it. It’s easier to justify an expensive pair of socks when you can get replacements for just the cost of return postage!”

If you want ankle socks that offer comfort without showing as you rock, say, rolled chinos and unlined suede chukka boots, these are the way to go. 

Bombas Tri-Block Marled Ankle Socks

If you couldn’t tell by now, we definitely love Bombas as a casual sock option. Just check out these ankle sock options, for starters.

Bombas Tri-Block Ankle Socks
Bombas Tri-Block Marled Ankle Socks

This tri-blocked ankle sock features a cushioned footbed and a honeycomb arch support system. Plus, they are cotton so you know they are breathable! 

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I mean come on, with a blend of neat color options and innovative fabric, how can you resist? Get a six-pack of these Bombas ankle socks to cover all your low-cut sock styling needs. 

FootJoy ComfortSof Socks 

Looking for something plain and simple? Snag yourself a three-pack of these functional and highly affordable socks (perfect for playing golf or getting around a city wearing casual sneakers).

FootJoy Socks
FootJoy ComfortSof Low Cut Socks

ComfortSof delivers a soft and cushioned sole for added comfort with every step. The socks are super affordable so be sure to stock up!

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Heck, at that price, you might as well get two three-packs of these so you never run out of socks for the gym, pickup games, or just hanging out at home 😉 

No-Show Socks

Uniqlo Back Pile Low-Cut Socks

For true no-show sock performance, you want a brand that you can trust. For us, that’s Uniqlo. The quality-to-price ratio can’t be beat.

Uniqlo Back Pile Low Cut Socks
Uniqlo Low-Cut Socks

No-show design makes it looks like you are not wearing any socks. Non-slip heels ensure a better fit.

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These true no-show socks from Uniqlo are ideal to wear with your favorite leather sneakers on casual weekends.

Barron likes these most because, even though they’re super affordable, they manage to not slip off your heel throughout the day like most other pairs seem to do.

Falke Cool Kick Invisible Liner Socks 

No-show socks are crucial in warm weather if you’re trying to stay as comfortable as possible. Falke is another brand Barron loves (great quality and ability to stay on your heels when walking).

Falke Liner Socks
FALKE Invisible Step Socks

Ideal for light, elegant summer shoes. Guaranteed to be non-slip thanks to its anti-slip system at the heel, and invisible due to its innovative knitting technology.

02/14/2023 08:43 am GMT

While they’re on the pricier end, they’re well-designed and are well worth it. These liner socks are the ideal pairing with canvas sneakers or loafers. 

Sock Insoles

Comfort Zone Odor Stopper Cushioned Insoles

Talk about an ideal blend of functionality and ingenuity, right?

These cushioned insoles keep your feet fresh and dry (as someone who deals with NYC summers, this is CRITICAL, trust me).

Comfort Zone Insoles
Comfort Zone Odor Stopper Cushioned Insoles

These insoles work to fight foot odor, while absorbing moisture to keep your feet both fresh and dry! Not only do these insoles provide long-lasting protection against odor and moisture, but they also cushion your step for added comfort.

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Best of all, you completely skip the annoying heel slippage most people experience with no-show socks, because these insoles go straight into your shoe. And yes, you can throw them in the washing machine like normal socks.

NotSocks Sockless Solution Insole

Really want that true sockless vibe without putting your feet through the ringer?

not socks insoles
NotSocks Sockless Solution Insole

These bamboo /charcoal insole covers are designed to keep your feet fresh and to protect your shoes

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Get these NotSocks insoles, which check all the right boxes as yet another solution among the best online socks out there. 

So, The Best Sock Brands Are… ?

It depends on what you’re looking for, really. Some of these brands are much better suited for outdoor activities while other sock brands excel at being perfect for dressy occasions.

All of these brands are reliable and generally affordable, which is all you can ask for when it comes to socks!

Was that helpful?

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