Stores Like Nordstrom Rack: 10 Alternatives For Men (Online and IRL)

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If Nordstrom Rack, the more affordable little brother of Nordstrom, is your jam for discounted-yet-awesome menswear brands, you may be wondering if other stores like Nordstrom Rack exist. Well, you’re in for a treat. 

Let’s face it, who hasn’t shopped at Nordstrom Rack? I mean, some locations even do their own in-store tailoring! But here’s the thing: Nordstrom Rack doesn’t dominate the market when it comes to discounted designer clothing for men… and that’s a good thing for me and you.

There are other stores just like Nordstrom Rack selling designer menswear clothing at reasonable prices.

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10 Stores Like Nordstrom Rack Worth Your Consideration

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…why? They sell menswear at affordable, discounted prices. Some are department store setups that carry multiple brands, while others are their own unique brands.

Take a look and hopefully you discover a few that you haven’t shopped before.

Saks Off 5th

Like its direct competitor, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th offers steep discounts from regular retail prices, sometimes up to 70% off!

While not as luxurious as its full-priced Saks Fifth Avenue locations, Saks Off 5th offers the sophisticated gent access to incredible deals on everything from relaxed-fit designer pants to tie-dyed joggers and lavish accessories sure to complement any man’s attire.

Bloomingdale’s Outlet

This department store is also a subsidiary of the full-priced department store, Bloomingdale’s. With lofty discounts on most items, it’s challenging to imagine wanting to shop at the more expensive version.

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Offering online style experts at your beck and call, Bloomingdale’s Outlet is the answer to every occasion where making an impression is the end goal.

Neiman Marcus Last Call

This outlet suffered the way many retailers did in 2020, shuttering many of its brick-and-mortar stores. However, Neiman Marcus Last Call still has a heavy online presence offering deep discounts on quality merchandise.

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Consider Neiman Marcus Last Call your go-to for luxury, high-quality items that probably don’t exist in many others’ wardrobes. Offering a few trend-worthy styles to complement the classics, Neiman Marcus Last Call is the refined gentleman’s preferred outlet.

TJ Maxx

While definitely on the more budget-friendly side, don’t turn your nose up to this off-price retailer with over 1,000 stores nationwide. A few of the same or similar items found at Nordstrom Rack can be found at your local TJ Maxx.

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How do they do it? They swoop in when a department store overbuys or a designer overproduces.

The majority of the products they sell are brand names at 20%-60% off, making TJ Maxx one of the solid alternatives to Nordstrom Rack, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Marshalls offers much of the same merchandise that TJ Maxx does and is also owned by TJX Companies, a corporation specializing in off-price department stores.

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Can’t find that Nautica crew neck pocket tee you saw at TJ Maxx last week? Try Marshalls. Or how about them Joe’s 5-pocket slim fit twill pants you were eyeing online the other night? No longer available?

There’s a good chance your neighborhood Marshalls will carry something comparable.

New Republic

Bet you didn’t expect to find New Republic on this list! And if you haven’t yet heard of them, maybe you should get acquainted.

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While New Republic is better known for its well-priced shoes in classic silhouettes, you can also shop the entire collective of clothing brands under the New Republic umbrella (Five Four, Melrose Places, Basics, among others).

I’d say the general aesthetic is more casual with an athleisure slant, and a similar quality to some of your other favorite brands like Uniqlo, GAP, etc. They seem to always have sales too, so if you’re unfamiliar with the brand but want to check them out, it won’t be too high-risk.


Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? The iconic red star? Macy’s is perhaps the oldest retailer on this list, having been around since 1858!

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While Macy’s is not an off-price retailer, it’s like Nordstrom Rack in that valuable men’s fashion can be found at surprisingly affordable prices.

The classic, go-to staples in your closet should never forego quality for quantity. With that being said, Macy’s is a superior choice in making sure that that timeless, heather grey Calvin Klein polo remains hanging in your closet for years to come.


Nordstrom Rack may have their own in-house alterations department, but Gutteridge breathes a sophisticated, tailored Italian style. They claim a perfect fit, be it a silk and cotton half-sleeved sweater or a linen suit blazer. 

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If premium textiles and impeccable design are a priority for you, then Gutteridge is a definite must-shop Nordstrom Rack alternative for a tightly edited, smart sharp wardrobe.


J.Crew is the epitome of timeless apparel. If you purchased a cable-knit crew neck sweater in 2000 at a J.Crew, there’s a probable chance that you still own and wear that sweater. 

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Great fabrics at affordable prices aren’t always easy to come by but J.Crew offers that and then some. Whether you’re looking for an update to your business casual attire or in need of a special occasion get-up, J.Crew will certainly have it.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean has been a recreational icon for over a century. While known for its outdoorsy, rugged appeal, it can be quite a surprising retailer for a consumer searching for stores similar to Nordstrom Rack.

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a color-blocked Anorak jacket with a funnel neck or a simple long-sleeve henley, L.L. Bean has this and more. It’s quite possible to find some L.L. Bean items at a Nordstrom Rack, in fact.

Lands’ End

With items ranging from regular to big and tall, Lands’ End is for the comfort-seeking.

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From casual poplin shirts with a subtle microprint to a basic, solid long sleeve pocket tee, Lands’ End offers quality fabrics that fit any budget. Pun, intended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nordstrom Rack

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What are stores like Nordstrom Rack called?

Stores like Nordstrom Rack are called off-price retailers that provide high-quality goods at cheap prices. These items are typically off-season.

Off-price retailers offer an inconsistent assortment of brand-name and fashion-oriented soft goods at exceptionally low prices.

What is the difference between Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack?

Nordstrom is a department store stocked with full-priced items, while Nordstrom Rack sells products that Nordstrom used to sell or even still sell. The items at Nordstrom rack are all discounted, serving as an outlet of sorts to Nordstrom.

Is Nordstrom Rack better quality than other discount department stores?

Nordstrom Rack’s products are of the same quality as its full-priced department store that sells high-end merchandise.

Saks Off 5th and Bloomingdale’s Outlet all sell comparable merchandise to what Nordstrom Rack sells, so labeling it as better quality wouldn’t be accurate.

Does Nordstrom Rack have clearance?

Nordstrom Rack has what they call a Clear the Rack sale about once a month. This clearance sale lasts about two to five days, where consumers can score an additional 25% off already deeply discounted merchandise.

What’s your favorite Nordstrom Rack Alternative?

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Have you ever shopped at any of these stores? Which ones are your favorite alternatives?

If you were looking for stores like Nordstrom Rack that sell great brands and / or well-fitting menswear at affordable prices, hopefully we’ve introduced you to a few new spots to check out.

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