11 Of Our Favorite Stores Like Old Navy (Online and IRL)

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

If affordable, casual, yet versatile menswear is in your wheelhouse, then Old Navy has long been a solid bet. They’ve morphed into an even better option in the last handful of years, and luckily, there’s no shortage of stores like Old Navy to help round out your menswear wardrobe. 

Old Navy might have once been the place you went as a youngster to get matching Fourth Of July T-shirts (guilty as charged). But if you take another, closer look, you’ll find the building blocks of a Lean Wardrobe, from well-fitting denim in dark colors to classic Oxford shirting and surprisingly soft basics.

Many stores like Old Navy hit this same sweet spot, as well, offering variety and the sort of mix-and-match potential that can be mighty useful these days. Whether you’re still working from home or heading back to the office, the latest and greatest crop of Old Navy-esque stores has something for you.


The Best Stores Like Old Navy for Guys to Shop Now 

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Here are our favorite alternatives to Old Navy!


It makes sense that GAP and Old Navy share some of the same DNA, seeing as Old Navy sits under the GAP umbrella, business-wise.

Logistics aside, GAP provides the same mix of casual and business casual essentials, but with a strong focus on denim and denim jackets, plus polos and tees.

These are often at slightly higher price points than Old Navy, although there are plenty of sales throughout the year. Well-fitting chinos and Oxford shirts are also the name of the game at GAP. 


If Old Navy is pretty classic and straightforward, then Topman’s menswear offerings are ever-so-slightly amplified and on-trend.

topman homepage

Think leaner (or more relaxed) cuts, a more distinct prep leaning and slim tailoring meant to be styled any which way you please. Topman offers printed, flowy shirts, denim in a range of fits, and futuristic-looking outerwear, too. 


There’s plenty of competition out there in the world of laidback, wallet-friendly men’s style essentials.

h&m homepage

This is where H&M and Old Navy are the most similar, and yet, as with Topman, H&M goes a bit further in terms of following the trends, compared to Old Navy.

If you want an affordable leather jacket or weekend-ready trousers, for instance, H&M is a great pick. Look to them for basics priced to sell, too. 

Urban Outfitters

With each passing season, Urban Outfitters stocks both its digital shelves and well-designed stores with a plethora of trendy menswear and home goods.

urban outfitters homepage

While UO offers everything from record players to furniture, it’s the men’s style department where they land in a similar spot to Old Navy. In-house brands like BDG offer up well-priced tees and denim, along with trim Oxford shirts.

Urban Outfitters even offers a wide range of footwear options to choose from.

American Giant

On the surface, American Giant hits a lot of the same categories as Old Navy, from T-shirts to zip hoodies.

But here’s where things get interesting: American Giant makes its pieces in the States, delivering long-lasting durability and classic looks.

Side by side, they might look the same, but if it’s USA-made craftsmanship you prefer (albeit with a higher price point, naturally), American Giant is an excellent option.

Buck Mason

Buck Mason is yet another brand like Old Navy in terms of what it stocks and sells, from field jackets to some of the best T-shirts and exceptionally well-fitting jeans.

Here’s the kicker, though: They’re a step (or three) up in both quality and price.

If you have the budget and care about outstanding quality, as well as supporting a smaller, independent brand making incredible men’s clothing, Buck Mason’s the way to go.

Either way, the result is a range of classic essentials designed to be worn nearly every day. 

Goodlife Clothing 

Old Navy is reliable and easily accessible when you want to stock up on basics in a pinch, to be sure.

goodlife homepage

Goodlife takes much the same approach, and they’ve got you covered with a full range of tees, henleys, cozy hoodies and sweats, often in an astonishing range of colors.

The difference is in the details though. Goodlife uses processes like sun-fading and finishing touches like scalloped hems on its hoodies and tees. These are solid basics, but ever-so-slightly cooler. 

J. Crew

Any discussion about the best menswear brands on the market, especially brands that deliver dependable style picks, has to involve J.Crew.

jcrew homepage

Think of the long-running American brand like a more mature and cooler Old Navy… sort of an “older brother” brand.

The good news is, there’s still plenty of overlap in terms of product assortment, from chambray shirts to a wide range of denim in fits for slim guys and athletic dudes in equal measure. 

Alex Mill

There are certain brands we can’t get enough of here at Effortless Gent, and Alex Mill is assuredly one of them.

The NYC-based brand is like a more trend-forward (especially in terms of silhouettes) Old Navy, with a definite cool factor.

If you want to swerve a bit from Old Navy and try out, say, pleated chinos paired with a chore coat-blazer hybrid, Alex Mill is going to be the way to go.


If you enjoy a good brick-and-mortar shopping session (and really, who doesn’t?), then there’s a possibility you might be able to hit up Old Navy and Uniqlo at your local shopping center on the same day.

uniqlo homepage

If not, well, the beauty of Uniqlo is that they’ve made it easier than ever to shop online for modern, minimal pieces, be it black jeans or a grey Oxford shirt, all at prices that are quite competitive compared to Old Navy.

Uniqlo also specializes in puffer jackets and other outerwear, and even dials up the occasional collaboration with a high-fashion designer.


While Old Navy hits it right down the middle of the fairway, so to speak, in terms of menswear (nothing too bold or flashy), Zara mixes things up quite a bit.

zara homepage

The brand, heavily influenced by runway styles and trends, is your destination for fashion-forward items that still strike the right tone in terms of affordability.

Think of them like the place to go when you’re feeling a bit bolder than Old Navy, but still want to save a few bucks. 

The Best Stores Like Old Navy

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