Why American Giant Should Be Your Next Stop For Basic Wardrobe Essentials

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

We’ve talked before on Effortless Gent about why it matters where your clothes are made, and why American-made brands can sometimes be the key to major, long-lasting wardrobe upgrades.

The difference is in the details. So, get out your menswear maps and let’s take a journey.

American Giant is a prime example when it comes to the best American-made menswear, and why it matters (it’s right in the name, after all). Knowing where your gear and your favorite style essentials are made is one step in achieving the ideal Lean Wardrobe, too.

The American-Made Approach

If so many brands make the same styles, why does it matter if it’s made in America? Well, American-made gear has a history of higher quality, better craftsmanship and greater attention to detail. This all means you’re paying for clothes made with more durability, too. 

American-made menswear was once the norm. In fact, everything from denim to footwear was once produced on American soil. It takes longer and is generally more expensive, but it’s worth it. If you’ve tried an American-made brand and had a positive experience, you know. 

This American-made approach rings true for American Giant to this day. If you’re not yet familiar, you’re in luck as we dive into an A-to-Z American Giant review. 

For starters, the brand is staunchly committed to the idea that you should “invest in clothes that match your values.” 

That means they don’t cut any corners — like other American brands we love — when making even the most simple gear, like T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. You reap the rewards with durable pieces that can stand the test of time. That’s an understatement.

Where should your shopping search start? Our American Giant review is just the roadmap you need. 

Our Favorite Menswear from American Giant 

  1. American Giant Premium Slub Crew T

    This is just a simple T-shirt, right? Not so fast. Any American Giant review covering the best picks from the brand should start with its simple, subtly stylish tees, made from substantial, textured cotton in cool colors. There’s a color for everybody. 

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  2. American Giant Classic Full Zip

    Don’t stow away your hoodies yet, because you’ll need ‘em for casual outings this summer. The Classic Full-Zip is another fan favorite from American Giant, made with care in the company’s partner factories using a sturdy build and heavyweight fleece fabric (it’s also called the “Greatest Hoodie Ever Made”).

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  3. American Giant Sweatshorts

    These aren’t the same pair of shorts you use for chores or weekend lounging. Think of these like an upgraded version of a casual style staple, one that you can wear out of the house, too. This author has a pair and has found them ideal for laidback style that’s way cooler/better than athletic shorts.

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  4. American Giant Classic Cotton Crew

    American Giant can do it all. Here’s another example of why fabric and construction matters. These tees are made with soft cotton in neat, washed-out spring and summer colorways. Plus, they’re built with care in North Carolina.

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  5. American Giant Brigade Pants

    American Giant is far from your typical rugged, workwear brand. These fast-selling nylon-blend pants are tailored for lightweight breathability & feature a slim, chino-inspired design/ Wear them around town and on road trips as you please.

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  6. American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew

    This is another American Giant classic (and for the purposes of this American Giant review, it’s definitely a favorite of this author’s). This is one well-made crewneck sweatshirt. Wear iit with light wash jeans to shake up your shades of blue this summer on cool evenings.

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  7. American Giant Classic Cotton Polo

    This isn’t just your average polo shirt. Think: A timeless two-button design, breathable cotton fabric and a wide array of colors to match every pair of pants or shorts in your wardrobe. For the record, Sage or Washed Navy are our favorite colors. 

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  8. American Giant Crew Socks

    Yes, of course American Giant can make socks, and we wouldn’t be doing our diligence in this American Giant review if we didn’t let you know about it. Long story short: Find the right sock brand, and you might not wear anything else. These socks are made to American Giant’s exacting standards.

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  9. American Giant Horween Leather Card Wallet

    American Giant might not have started out making some of the finest leather wallets in the country, but they sure can knock it out of the park right now. The key here is durable leather from Chicago’s Horween. This wallet will get better the more you use it.

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  10. American Giant Highway Shirt

    This is the sort of casual, rugged, uniquely American shirt you should be proud to wear all spring and summer. We recommend it as a light overshirt atop an American Giant tee, but you can roll up your sleeves and wear it all on its own either way. The key is the durable cotton twill and Philly-made construction. 

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  11. American Giant Leather Belt

    Make sure your accessories are on point. To do that, you might as well add a handsome, rugged leather belt to your shopping cart to go along with your American Giant shorts. This belt one should be tough-as-nails while aging nicely over time. 

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  12. American Giant Roughneck Shorts

    American Giant has found a way to translate the durability of work pants into some dependable shorts for days in the sun this year (and well beyond). These are about as hard-wearing a pair of shorts as you’ll find on the market. 

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Here’s What Else We Love About American Giant 

But wait, there’s more. So much more. As evidenced by the brand’s entire lineup, from rugged belts to T-shirts, American Giant is a brand that cares. We don’t say that lightly. They care about quality and versatility as much as they do about working with and developing relationships with partner factories.

The fabric, material and hardware quality, from slub cotton to Horween leather, is also a major selling point. Plus, the mix of limited-edition and classic colors in a variety of styles, from polos to T-shirts and shorts, is enough to please the most discerning customer.

Play your cards right, and you can get your favorite colors of your favorite styles in nicely priced bundles

And we weren’t kidding when we said American Giant can do it all. Helpfully, you can also accent your casual pick-ups, like an American Giant hoodie, with gear for the rest of your wardrobe.

By the rest of your wardrobe, we mean everything from travel pants to the versatile Highway Shirt. On that note: The Highway Shirt is a shirt you can wear to a brewery or the office: Take it from this writer. 

We mentioned the affordable bundle deals above, but the brand’s standalone prices are also agreeable given what you’re getting.

Last but certainly not least: Every bit of the brand is carefully considered, just like the thought you put into your wardrobe. Doesn’t that sound like a brand worth investing in?

What’s Your Favorite American Giant Item?

After looking at our list, we know it’s hard to pick just one but do you have a favorite? When it comes to the brand that does it all, shopping for clothing and accessories is a breeze.

Let us know your favorite by hitting us up on Facebook or Instagram!