Our Favorite Tanner Goods Wallet, Belt, and Everyday Accessories Worth Holding Onto

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Accessories

At Effortless Gent, if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it thousands of times: Building a proper Lean Wardrobe requires care and attention to detail — and brands that likewise follow suit. You haven’t stocked your wardrobe with any average brands, so why would you start now, right? 

Let’s give you a helpful guide today, starting with Tanner Goods, out of Portland, Oregon. The brand a perfect example of a company that goes above and beyond.

It’s evident in the finely crafted goods they make, and it helps that Tanner Goods’ flagship store is a thing of beauty. If you’ve had the chance to visit pre-pandemic, you know what we mean. If not, today’s your lucky day.

light colored leather cardholder on table
Photo via Tanner Goods

But back to the products themselves, the real reason why we’re here.

Tanner Goods makes finely crafted leather goods and accessories with a West Coast spin. We’ll tell you all about them in our Tanner Goods review. In fact, the brand’s adage is “Worth Holding Onto,” and what they mean by that is pretty evident when you consider each perfectly crafted piece, from wallets to belts.

Here’s What We Love About Tanner Goods

It’s tough to narrow it down when it comes to a proper Tanner Goods review. Like we always say, the difference is in the details, and like our friends at Billykirk, Tanner Goods gets the details right.

This is great news for the discerning Effortless Gent (that’s you!). This means sturdy leather stitching, a rich variety of high-quality leathers and USA-made craftsmanship in every piece, from wallets to belts. 

(If you’ve ever tried on a cheaply made leather belt or spotted a leather wallet in the checkout bin at a fast-fashion store, you know what the exact opposite feels like.)

It’s pretty fitting that through the years, Tanner Goods has partnered with like-minded brands from time to time, including P.F. Flyers. They even partnered with Portland brewery Upright on a special beer some time back, and that’s just too cool. 

To make a long story short, they’re an all-American brand with the goods and gear to match other heirloom pieces in your wardrobe. The brand’s belts and leather wallets, for example, will age as nicely as your selvedge denim 

The brand also makes durable apparel in classic silhouettes (more on that in a second), and that’s an approach we can get behind. Your wardrobe should be versatile and ready for anything. Luckily, head-to-toe style is easy with Tanner Goods. 

These Are Our Favorite Products to Buy From Tanner Goods

  1. Tanner Goods Classic Belt

    Believe it or not, Tanner Goods is perhaps best known for its well-made, durable leather belts. After all, a finely crafted belt can be a daily workhorse in your wardrobe. This belt works for casual or business casual scenarios, with denim or chinos alike. 

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  2. Tanner Goods Journeyman Wallet in Natural

    Remember what we said about that bin of cheap leather wallets in the checkout line at a fast-fashion retailer. Well, this handsome natural leather wallet is the opposite of that. It’s not just any flimsy leather wallet. It’s a wallet that will get better with age and stand up to the demands of daily use.

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  3. Tanner Goods Drifter Dopp Kit in Pacific Moss

    The days of chucking your toiletries in a Ziploc or a plastic grocery bag are long gone, are they not? We’d still wager you don’t have a dopp kit like this, though. It’s a prime example of something “worth holding onto,” and you can use this tough dopp kit on trips aplenty for years.

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  4. Tanner Goods Layover Duffel in Navy Konbu

    When the Tanner Goods team puts its collective minds to the task of producing handsome, rough-and-tumble gear, they don’t stop until they’ve got it darn near perfect. Take the Layover Duffel. It’s an ingenious bag with exterior zippers, a large interior compartment and adjustable side straps to customize your carry for quick trips any time of the year.

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  5. Tanner Goods Key Lanyard in Cognac

    It’s just a key lanyard, right? Well, not quite. Never misplace your keys again with this well-made leather lanyard. This author has been using his daily for five years.

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  6. Tanner Goods Woodlands Crewneck in Heather Grey

    See, we told you that Tanner Goods wasn’t just slinging leather wallets and belts. In this case, they also make a terrific crewneck sweatshirt to wear with casual style staple. It’s made in Canada, the country that’s home to other well-made, athletic-inspired gear from brands like Reigning Champ. 

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  7. Tanner Goods Dress Belt in Cognac

    Any Tanner Goods review has to include one of these, and every wardrobe should also have a refined dress belt. Think of this like the dressier alternative to the brand’s Classic Belts. KNow that you’ll also have this one for years. And if you’re going to buy one dress belt to pair with brown leather dress shoes, make it this one.

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  8. Tanner Goods Koru Rucksack in Field Tan

    Tanner Goods really can do it all. This is a rugged carryall rucksack made for outdoor adventures aplenty. It’s also well-made enough to work for days in the city (it’s the waxed canvas construction and English Bridle leather that sets it apart).

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  9. Tanner Goods Aspect Bifold in Cognac

    There’s more than one way to haul your everyday carry, as evidenced by this unique zipper wallet. Consider it a handy way to haul plenty of EDC picks, complete with a zipper pouch and three card slots. In fact, you should use this to add a small notebook and field pen to your haul. 

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  10. Tanner Goods Single Wrap Wristband in Cognac

    We’ve talked about the best bracelets for men, and here’s one to get you started. Consider this a cool way to shake up your “wrist game” with simple, subtle style.

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  11. Tanner Goods Valet Tray in Natural

    There are a great deal many goods worth covering in any Tanner Goods review. Luckily for all of us, the valet tray is something of a specialty of Tanner Goods. This is yet again another fine example of a carefully made, handsome leather piece from the brand.

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  12. Tanner Goods NATO Watch Strap in Black Cordovan

    In need of a stylish new watch strap? Of course you are. Helpfully, Tanner Goods can indeed do it all. In this case, that includes the precise art of making a durable leather watch strap from Cordovan leather, the kind that’ll (say it with us) get better with age 

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Here’s Why You Need Tanner Goods In Your Wardrobe

So, now you know our favorite picks from Tanner Goods. Any Tanner Goods review is in fact pretty tough to narrow down as far as the essentials. After all, when you start to upgrade your accessories, as in opting for, say, a handmade leather belt or a new, incredibly well-made leather watch strap, you feel the difference right away.

It all goes hand in hand with your Lean Wardrobe. The best accessories can even lend an air of confidence and cool to the rest of your ensemble (again, try it and see for yourself!). Tanner Goods makes its entire line with intention and thought in mind, the same way you’d put together an outfit or pack for a road trip.

Each time you put on a Tanner Goods belt or pick up your Tanner Goods wallet, it’ll get better and break in (hopefully, with some fun new memories to go with it). These really are pieces worth holding onto, and making all your own. Like I said, I’ve had a wallet and key lanyard in my rotation for years and years. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our Tanner Goods review. We love the variety this brand offers (and hope you do too). Do you have a favorite from our list? Let us know by DM’ing us on Instagram or hitting us up on Twitter.