The Best Men’s Bracelets and How to Wear Them

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Accessories

When it comes to men’s accessories, there’s a delicate balance between doing too much and doing too little. Finding the right balance is critical. That’s certainly the case when it comes to choosing one of the best men’s bracelets. Bracelets can be worn plenty of different ways. 

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of accessories as part of your Lean Wardrobe, come along for the ride. The best bracelets for men offer up just enough subtle visual detail alongside looks both casual and tailored. The key is finding the right bracelet, because material options and styles abound. 

You can rock a bracelet on its own, or stacked. You can wear a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch, or even opposite, Heck you can mix and match different varieties of bracelets (within reason, of course).

The key is avoiding what you might call a “Jack Sparrow” effect: An entire wrist or arm stacked with bracelets. 

See? It’s all about balance, and the best bracelets provide the right variety and a nice dash of style. And if the wide world of men’s accessories seems intimidating, fear not: We’re here to lead the way as you find what could be a critical new addition to your daily wardrobe.

The Best Men’s Bracelets: 15 Of Our Favorites

We’ve compiled a list of some our favorite bracelets. We hope you enjoy our picks!

Fabric Rope/Cord

Fabric rope or cord bracelets are a solid starter option as you enter this brave new world. They’re less flashy than metal bracelets and they don’t distract too much if your outfit has bolder colors or patterns.

Plus, they’re an affordable and versatile bracelet, particularly if you go with a  black cord bracelet like the Oliver Cabell option. 

You can wear a fabric bracelet just about any way you please. Wear it all on its own, stacked with a stainless steel dive watch or with a similarly colored fabric bracelet.

  1. Oliver Cabell Cameron Cord Bracelet

    Crafted by expert goldsmiths the Cameron Cord Bracelet has a 14k gold push closure on a cord bracelet with gold tips.

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  2. Miansai Metric Rope Bracelet

    The men's Metric 1mm Rope Bracelet features three strands of nylon cord hand-assembled into a sterling silver T-clasp closure.

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  3. Rubinacci Silk Bracelets

    Rubinacci's bracelets serve to show allegiance to your favorite football team – the colors of this trio recall Barcelona's famous strip. Made in Italy from soft yet durable silk cord, each one secures with a polished silver lobster clasp.

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Wear your fabric or cord bracelet casually (think a fresh white tee and olive chino shorts, plus canvas sneakers) in the spring and summer. Or else, add a bracelet to something more polished in warm weather, like a navy linen suit and a white linen shirt.

Depending on the color of your bracelet, you can even pair it with cold weather gear (think a henley layered underneath a chambray shirt).

For a pop of color alongside more neutral pieces, the Rubinacci trio of bracelets would work especially well. For neutral pairings, Miansai’s silver-toned bracelet adds visual interest to a look without going overboard. 

Metal Cuff Bracelet

If you want to amp up your bracelet game and go ever so slightly bold and distinctive, then a metal cuff bracelet could be for you. It’s more refined and dressier than a fabric bracelet based on materials alone.

Yet, you’ll find styles that are more minimal (like the Oliver Cabell Alan Cuff) or more eye-catching and fashion-forward (like the badass Alexander McQueen skull bracelet).

So, how to wear this bracelet when there are plentiful types of men’s bracelets?

A metal cuff or bracelet is going to stand out a bit more than a fabric bracelet. It’s best to wear a metal cuff bracelet (especially something like the McQueen bracelet) in a more subdued way: Consider making it the only accessory on your wrist, or else wear it opposite a more toned-down, classic leather watch

  1. Oliver Cabell Alan Cuff

    Crafted by expert silversmiths the men’s Alan Cuff in Silver has a minimal shape and is polished for a high-shine finish.

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  2. Mejuri Ribbed Cuff

    Handcrafted in sterling silver with a matte grey finish, featuring Mejuri's signature Men’s Edition black enamel line.

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  3. Alexander McQueen Skull Gold Cuff Bracelet

    This cuff has been made in Italy from gold-tone metal with an open setting tipped by two gothic emblems.

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Make sure it’s not part of a barrage of bracelets on your arm. These bracelets are more noticeable and should stand alone. The same could be said for ways to match your bracelet with your outfit. Think classic with a slight edge, like a white Oxford shirt paired up with black jeans and black boots, instead of blue denim. 

Consider wearing a bold metal cuff bracelet with another statement piece, like a black leather jacket, as you tone down the rest of the ensemble with a grey T-shirt and black jeans.

And because metal cuff bracelets are naturally more dressy, you can wear one with a sharp black or navy suit and a navy knit tie. In that case, make it your only accessory. 

In the warmer months, a metal cuff bracelet might be less ideal (it’s metal, after all) but you can still wear it with basic pieces like a navy polo or a white tee and chino shorts. It’s a step up in terms of style points, but one worthy of consideration. 

Metal Chain

The metal chain bracelet is a classic option that just might happen to be one of the first types of men’s bracelets you think of as you consider the category.

Metal chain bracelets have been worn for years by stylish gentlemen in all walks of life. Think of it as a happy medium between a skull metal cuff bracelet and a neutral fabric cord bracelet. 

Miansai’s Annex Cuban Chain Bracelet is a fine example, one that’s recognizable and cool without going too over-the-top. This is the approach you should take as you style this bracelet.

  1. Vitaly Design Kusari Bracelet

    “Kusari” was the ancient Japanese term for chain mail armour worn by samurais in the 1300s. The tightly-woven linking pattern of this bracelet was inspired by this impenetrable protective gear.

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  2. Miansai Annex Cuban Chain Bracelet

    The 3mm Annex Chain Bracelet for men is made using gold vermeil Cuban links fastened to a hardware inspired scissor clasp closure.

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  3. David Yurman Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet

    David Yurman's bracelet is made from smooth box chain links in a wider profile that makes it feel similar to wearing a watch. It's cast from sterling silver and polished to a high shine.

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You can certainly stack it atop a NATO strap watch or perhaps wear it alongside a fabric rope bracelet. However, metal chain bracelets probably look best when worn on their own. 

And as you can see by the David Yurman option shown here, you can find metal chain bracelets in both gold and silver varieties: Take a chance and mix and match the two. 

You probably also have some instant imagery that pops into your mind when thinking of metal chain bracelets. Warm climates, white jeans or chinos, camp collar shirts and laidback sunny days are what comes to mind for us. 

Keep the laidback-yet-cool nature of the metal chain bracelet top of mind when putting together a look. Because they’re more delicate than a metal cuff bracelet, wear your metal chain bracelet in breezier, warmer weather with rolled shirt-sleeves or a short-sleeve camp collar shirt and chinos.

They’re also fair game when it comes to accenting a warm-weather tailored outfit like a linen suit and leather loafers. Think breezy, easy and ever-stylish. 

Leather Wrap

If you want a bracelet that has more in common with your favorite leather watch than a metal cuff bracelet might, then you want a leather wrap bracelet. You get the rugged look and feel of leather, plus the distinctive visual interest that a leather wrap provides.

Leather wrap bracelets run the gamut from braided leather options, a la the Oliver Cabell option above, to the more luxurious, like the Dunhill leather-and-gold toned bracelet. 

That’s great news, because you can find the one that you think works for you. Some leather wrap bracelets, like the Novica bracelet shown here, have a thicker wrap and are a bit more bold. 

  1. Oliver Cabell Leather Wrap

    Crafted by expert goldsmiths the Leather Wrap has a silver magnetic closure. Engraved with a small “Oliver Cabell” logo.

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  2. Novica Antiqued Leather Wrap Bracelet

    From Hariyono in Bali, the bracelet is crafted by hand with quality leather and is intended to wrap approximately four times around the wrist.

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  3. Valextra Navy Leather Bracelet

    Crafted in Italy from rich navy pebble-grain leather, it wraps around the wrist twice and secures with a push stud that resembles a nail.

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Because of the varieties of  leather wrap bracelets, you can mix and match styles. Wear a braided leather variety atop your stainless steel dive watch or on the opposite wrist. Pair a leather cuff with your stainless steel watch, too.

Make it the only bracelet on your wrist, or perhaps throw in a light fabric cord bracelet. The key here is to not go overboard. Remember, less is often more with bracelets. 

Leather wrap bracelets work well when they’re given room to shine. That means you should style them casually, be it with a pocket tee and denim jacket in the spring and summer, or with an Oxford shirt and faded jeans in the fall.

Given that some leather bracelets can look a little too rugged, keep your styling in line with casual, rather than tailored, looks.

The best part about a leather wrap is that it can do all the talking on its own. When the time comes, throw on your favorite tee, some light wash jeans and some canvas sneakers, then add a bracelet accordingly. 

Stone Bead

Stone bead bracelets might be among the more challenging types of men’s bracelets to wear on this list. They stand out more readily because of the use of larger beads, so they can quickly go awry in a hurry. But that’s not why we’re here today, is it? 

Stone bead bracelets, while a bit advanced, can be worn every bit as stylishly as other types of men’s bracelets. Stone bead bracelets are more fun and more visually striking than, say, a fabric cord bracelet or a metal cuff. So, think of it as a next step in your bracelet buying progression. 

Stone bead bracelets work best when they’re not overdone. Don’t load up a full forearm’s worth of stone bead bracelets. Instead, look for the right bracelet or bracelets, then pair them up accordingly. 

  1. M. Mooham Tiger Eye Men’s Bracelet

    High quality bead mens bracelet, durable and comfortable to wear, help with stress relief help with yoga and meditation.

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    02/14/2023 12:28 pm GMT
  2. Alexander McQueen Black Skull Bracelet

    Elasticized resin bead bracelet in black. Logo hardware at face. Approx. 4" width.

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  3. Azuro Republic Tiger Eye Bracelet

    The Tiger Eye Beaded bracelet enhances the quality of the faithful mind and persistence.

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The stone bead bracelet has more going on than other, more minimal bracelets. Consider wearing it as a standalone bracelet opposite your watch, or perhaps stack it with your dive watch. Better still, make it your only accessory if you’ve got a printed shirt or a bold ensemble going on.

The Alexander McQueen Black Skull Bracelet shown here is a great example of a bracelet you can wear entirely on its own. 

Stone bead bracelets can be paired with minimal bracelets, like a fabric rope bracelet, but keep the pairings to a minimum (the Tiger Eye Bracelet from M. Mooham would work well for this). 

Wondering what to wear with your stone bead bracelet? Think simple, subtle and stylish, yet fun. Stone bead bracelets work with classic warm-weather looks like white denim, leather loafers and a navy polo. They also wear well with a printed short-sleeve shirt, tan chino shorts and white canvas sneakers.

Because they call to mind warmer climates and tropical drinks (is that just us?), keep the stone bead bracelets styled more casually. Unless you’re attending a barefoot beach wedding, avoid wearing one with a suit.

But with a linen shirt and light wash denim, sleeves rolled up and laidback summer jams blaring? The stone bracelet is fair game. 

Bracelet Roundup

We hope you enjoy our bracelet picks. Whether you’re looking for a men’s bracelet that’s casual or if you’re looking for something more formal, we hope we gave you some great picks to choose from.

Do you have a favorite bracelet from this list? Let us know below!