Want A Great Military Field Jacket? Here Are 10 Of The Best Ones We Found

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The best field jackets bring a toughness and a rugged edge, ripped right from the pages of history. And their modern versions are delivered with style and functionality for your on-the-go life. If you want one in your rotation, we’re highlighting 10 of our favorites!

So, you’re on the hunt for one of the best jackets to buy, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got just the thing to get you started on your way to fall (or spring, or any season, really) outerwear greatness.

We know the world of men’s jackets can be a bit daunting, so let’s keep it simple. You need a rugged, modern field jacket in your rotation ASAP.

man wearing green field jacket with brown corduroy collar
Waxed field jacket

The best field jackets bring a toughness and a rugged edge, ripped right from the pages of history. And their modern versions are delivered with style and functionality for your on-the-go life.

But when searching for one of the best field jackets, a bit of know-how is always helpful. 


First off, what exactly is a field jacket? 

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What we commonly know as the field jacket finds its roots in the world of military jackets. And there’s a very good chance you’re thinking of the M-65 field jacket when you hear the term “field jacket” or “field coat”.

The M-65 itself was actually based on the M-41 jacket, which was first produced in 1941. As you might guess, The M-65 was scaled up for production in 1965 after going through various iterations in the 1950s. 

This particular field jacket featured touches like nylon and cotton fabric for the exterior, a zipper hood at the collar, and the ability to use buttons to attach a warm liner. The brand Alpha Industries was actually contracted to make the first M-65 jackets for official military use.

Today’s jackets are certainly every bit as rugged, yet much more modern in their fit and styling potential.

cool history, but are field jackets actually in style?

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To make a long story short: We say yes.

The thing with so many menswear classics, including military jackets, is that these staple pieces were designed to be tough, functional, and yet timeless in their own way. Just think of Army issue chinos that rose in popularity in civilian life, right?

History lesson aside, the field jacket has gone through some ups and downs, but you’re just as likely right now to find it on fashion runways as out in the field. 

A jacket this rugged yet versatile, naturally, works with all kinds of looks.

Again, chalk up another “W” in the “timeless style” column. A field jacket looks great with casual style staples like a henley and dark denim, yet it also works reliably atop a classic white Oxford shirt for a look that’s a bit more polished.

It’s a sort of “mix-and-match” jacket that can be about as dressy as you like because it’s been around for so long. So, a field jacket is on-trend and yet timeless? Yes, indeed. How can it get better than that?

How should guys wear field jackets?

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The very answer lies in the casual cool and the versatility of this old-school style staple. The world is your oyster in terms of blending high-low looks, because the jacket itself is both rugged and functional, yet just plain … cool.

By that we mean, you can throw the jacket on atop a black henley with black jeans and white high-top sneakers for a casual weekend coffee run, yet you can switch things up that very same evening with a chambray shirt, slim tan chinos and brown leather chukka boots for a bit of rugged refinement

Want to wear it on your commute, or maybe in place of a blazer? Go for it by teaming it with a white Oxford shirt and the aforementioned tan chinos. Talk about a jacket that’s as classic and yet fresh as can be. 

The Best Field Jackets for Men to Buy Now

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Great! So we’re finally on the same page. Here are our 10 favorite field jackets to buy right now. 

Orvis Heritage Field Coat

Take it from a writer whose worn this coat around Dublin on a crisp February day, in search of pints of Guinness and some Teeling whiskey  — it’s the real deal, and then some.

Orvis Heritage Field Coat
$275.00 $258.01

Classic styling with revised and improved details make up the Heritage Field Coat from Orvis. Available in tobacco and olive colorways.

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Made with the sort of styling that works in the field or, of course, in the city, it’s got an adventure-ready fit and classic field jacket touches that should come in handy if you prefer to load up your jacket with your everyday carry

It’s lined with corduroy at the collar and cuffs, and the dry-waxed cotton canvas is sturdy and yet crafted to move with you. Reinforced elbow and shoulder patches add durability at key stress points, while the fit is more classic, yet not overly baggy.

Consider layering up this fine field coat with a henley and a chambray shirt for all your fall excursions (and yes, consider bringing it with you to Dublin one day!). 

Thursday Waxed Canvas Field Jacket

From the bootmakers that filled that gap between strong but clunky work boots and stylish but delicate fashion boots, Thursday’s field jacket serves a similar purpose.

Thursday Waxed Canvas Field Jacket

Premium 10oz Waxed Cotton Canvas provides a beautiful, weather-resistant finish that only gets better with age. Blanket Flannel Lining ensures maximum warmth & comfort around the clock. -Thursday Boots

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The rugged aesthetic and flattering lines are structured with features like a bunch-proof polyester lining in the sleeves and a corduroy backed waistband. 

Plus, the fully cotton construction is finished by the wax masters over at Halley Stevenson. This makes it highly weather resistant and gives it that exquisite sort-of tarnished aesthetic (complemented by strong brass hardware, of course).

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Wool Insulated Jacket

The best field jackets should “wow” you and go above and beyond what’s normally expected. For example, this rugged and hike-friendly Fjallraven jacket is filled with traceable Swedish wool for sustainability and warmth.

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Wool Insulated Jacket

This rugged and hiking-friendly Fjallraven jacket is filled with traceable Swedish wool for sustainability and warmth. It should also go without saying that this jacket is tough yet versatile, owing in large part to the G-1000 waxed fabric (a blend of recycled polyester and organically grown cotton.

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It should also go without saying that this jacket is tough yet versatile, owing in large part to the G-1000 waxed fabric (a blend of recycled polyester and organically grown cotton).

Throw in the fact that it’s available in a crisp and fall-friendly Dark Olive colorway, and you’ve got (arguably) the best field jacket on the market.

Barbour Sapper Field Jacket

It’s not a buying guide of the best field jackets without a classic, heritage-minded brand like Barbour, right? Famed for its durable outerwear and its iconic silhouettes, the Sapper Field Jacket is a bit more streamlined than your typical Barbour jacket.

Barbour Sapper Field Jacket

A dashing corduroy collar and a quilted lining detail a classic military-style jacket rendered in durable, weatherproof Sylkoll-waxed cotton for all-season style.

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That’s all the better for the modern man on the go (like yourself!), so pick up the sleek black colorway and wear it with grey denim and a white henley for rugged style this fall. 

The quilted lining adds warmth for chilly fall temperatures, while the waxed cotton exterior makes this jacket ready for the road or at home. Seriously, picture yourself taking in the rolling hills and fall foliage while wearing this Barbour jacket… not a bad mental image, right? 

Filson Tin Cloth Field Jacket

If ever you’ve wondered about what a Filson jacket can bring to the table, wonder no more. The time is here to pick up one of the best field jackets… and more specifically, the Filson Tin Cloth Field Jacket.

Filson Tin Cloth Field Jacket

A water-repellent Tin Cloth jacket with seamless shoulders for added rain protection.

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It’s tough as nails on the outside, thanks to the brand’s famed water-repellent Tin Cloth fabric. The seamless shoulder design eliminates excess stitching that could allow moisture to enter (if it were a more normal field jacket, that is).

This is the kind of jacket to wear on chilly fall mornings, coffee in hand on a weekend getaway. The more we think about it, the better it sounds. 

Carhartt Insulated Duck Coat

Carhartt’s function and looks are rooted in its choice of raw material. It’s made out of super strong duck fabric, a heavily woven cotton.

Carhartt Insulated Duck Coat

All full swing gear is built broken-in to help you move like you mean it 24/7 and features stretch across the shoulders, arms that move free without the jacket riding up, and bigger bend in the elbows. –Carhartt

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This gives it a smooth exterior that has a low likelihood of falling prey to tears and snags. In fact, next to leather, it’s probably the best workwear fabric when it comes to blocking wind. Have an outdoor job or project on a blustery day? Consider this coat your forcefield.

Style-wise, the strong build also allows this coat to anchor any outfit without being overly top heavy thanks to its structured architecture.

L.L. Bean Double L Waxed Cotton Upland Coat

Can you ever go wrong with L.L. Bean? The Northeast style stalwarts have delivered on arguably the best winter boots on the market for years upon years, so it’s safe to say the rest of the brand should pass muster.

L.L. Bean Double L Waxed Cotton Upland Coat

Classic waxed cotton hunting coat that's MACHINE-WASHABLE 🤯 Fabric designed in collaboration with British Millerain.

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Specifically, consider L.L.Bean a go-to source for one of the best field jackets these days. In this case, we’re talking about the rugged Waxed Cotton Upland Coat. It was built with an exterior fabric that resists snags and abrasions. In addition, the waxed cotton resists any wet weather you may run into.

If you’re the sporting type, this jacket even features a large game pocket. For the rest of us, consider it a handy place to store, say, a flask and a leather-bound journal for cool fall mornings. 

Taylor Stitch Field Jacket

The Taylor Stitch Field Jacket is a fan favorite, and for good reason.

It’s the kind of field jacket that’s hard to come by these days. It blends a custom-developed Halley Stevensons waxed fabric (out of Great Britain) with touches like moleskin linings and a rugged design.

Taylor Stitch Field Jacket

The Field Jacket is built with 9-oz. organic cotton canvas that’s been waxed by the weatherproofing experts at Halley Stevensons. -Taylor Stitch

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Antique brass hardware and a zipper with leather pull tab set this handsome yet rugged jacket apart from the pack even more. 

If James Bond ever looks for a jacket to replace his Barbour jacket, we might humbly suggest this version from Taylor Stitch.

Ball and Buck Upland Jacket 

The good folks at Ball and Buck certainly know how to make gear that’ll get a guy from point A to point B with style, while keeping performance in mind.

After all, that’s what the best field jackets do, and the Upland Jacket assuredly qualifies in that regard.

Ball and Buck Upland Jacket

This jacket is handcrafted from 8.25 oz Shelter Tent waxed cotton for water repellency, fitted with brass hardware, moleskin lined hand warmer pockets, a detachable hood, and 11 wale corduroy collar giving a nod to antiquity and style. -Ball and Buck

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It’s more of an investment than some of the other options on this list. But at nearly $550, you get quite a bit.

We’re talking about a waxed cotton shell with the brand’s signature plaid lining for warmth. Plus, classic field jacket touches like a corduroy collar and moleskin-lined handwarmer pockets. 

Banana Republic Piedra Field Jacket 

A sleeker version of a field coat, the Piedra Jacket from Banana Republic is soft yet sharp, and can even be worn in smart casual situations.

Banana Republic Piedra Field Jacket

Point collar with button closure. Interior drawcord at waist. Chest pocket, front patch pockets, interior game pouch with snap closure.

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That’s because their wash process allows the coat’s color to be smoother and vivid, and less variegated than waxed field jackets. It’s also unlined, which makes it perfect for layering.

Still, this isn’t just a fashion piece. The printed pocket wraps around the interior, a design originally intended to hold game, but can be used for anything really, while the series of pockets are perfect for times you simply don’t want to carry a bag.

So, which field jacket is it going to be?

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You don’t need to be a military man to sport a military jacket. Whether you’re using it for sport or for a weekend look, we can guarantee your field jacket’s gonna get tons of compliments.

If you have any questions or comments, hit B up on Instagram.

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