Looking for a great waxed jacket (that isn’t a Barbour)? Here are 8 of the best Barbour jacket alternatives

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Love the look, feel, and spirit of Barbour jackets, but want something that’s more in line with your non-hunting, city-dwelling life? If that sounds like you, you’ll love our list of modern alternatives.

What comes to mind when you think of the perfect piece of fall outerwear?

Perhaps it’s not so much the jacket itself as the imagery that jacket evokes. Think changing leaves, crisp fall air, perhaps a distant hint of wood smoke through the rolling hills … and then, think of the jacket. 

There’s a good chance you’re thinking of a classic waxed jacket from Barbour (or something very, very similar — that’s why we’re here today).

What Is a Barbour Jacket? Do I Really Need One?

Instantly recognizable throughout the decades, there’s no denying the long-lasting appeal of the Barbour brand. Styles like the Barbour Bedale Waxed Jacket jump right out at you, with waxed cotton construction and details like a corduroy collar and cuff linings.

Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket

The Bedale is Barbour's first short, lightweight jacket, originally produced in 1980. Originally designed for riding, but great for everyday wear in wet conditions.

02/14/2023 09:53 pm GMT

That’s all well and good, but here’s the catch: Barbour jackets are designed mainly with utility in mind, from soggy and damp countryside outings to days spent hunting. 

And let’s be honest: We’re not ALL spending our weekends out at the farm.

What About Alternatives to Barbour Jackets? 

If you want to take your pick of jackets like Barbour, without all the utilitarian necessities that come with a Barbour jacket, you’ve come to the right place.

Enter: Waxed cotton jackets.

Waxed cotton jackets provide protection from the elements, easy layering potential, and a plethora of pockets for your everyday carry — think of waxed cotton as a major step up from a lightweight all-cotton shirt jacket or field jacket. 

It’s got more bang for your buck, as the use of wax treatment on a cotton jacket thickens and toughens up the exterior of said jacket. 

If you’re anything like me (a Brooklyn-based style writer), hunting isn’t quite a daily concern. Rather, park walks and brewery visits are more my speed.

If that sounds like you, then one of the best waxed jackets (besides a Barbour jacket!) is the right way to go.

Does A Waxed Jacket Fit In My Wardrobe? 

Think of the picks below as more stylish, alternative options compared to a classic outerwear pick like the Barbour Bedale waxed jacket.

With trimmer silhouette options and greater styling potential, these Barbour style jackets offer rugged functionality that is bound to give you a variety of style options.

Bear in mind, these are still waxed jackets any way you look at ‘em, so you can wear them with all your favorite rugged fall style essentials.

That means you can still wear a thermal henley, flannel, or a chambray shirt. These jackets will also team handily with chinos and dark denim, plus classic leather boots

All of this being said, a few of our picks feature the sort of versatile design that you CAN in fact wear in the field or out on the trail, while our other picks are more suited for casual jaunts in the city or around town. 

Your search for the best waxed jacket starts (and ends) here.

What are the Best Barbour Jacket Alternatives?

Look, if you love Barbour, you love Barbour. It’s a great brand with incredible jackets. Even if you’re not a hunter or an equestrian, you can still enjoy wearing these jackets because they’re well-built, designed for utility, and just look cool.

But, if you want something a bit different, here are a few alternatives that contain elements of your favorite Barbour—without being an exact replica or homage—and are fine jackets in their own right.

Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket

Belstaff waxed jackets are nearly the stuff of legend, and if you’re searching for brands similar to Barbour, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that does as outstanding of a job as Belstaff.

Eric B. of Beardbrand in his Belstaff.

Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket

Belstaff's definitive jacket since 1948, "...originally designed to cope with the grueling conditions of the Scottish Six Days Trial".

Shop Belstaff Shop END.

A favorite of modern-day style icons like David Beckham, and prized for their road-ready fits and exceptional quality, Belstaff jackets deliver when it comes to both form and function. 

The 6oz. waxed cotton is best worn in windy, rainy conditions (it’s both water and wind-repellent), especially during spring and early-to-mid fall. 

The high collar even features an adjustable buckle, so you can cinch the collared shirt during extreme conditions. And if you just want a casually cool, rugged jacket to wear around town with your favorite thermal henley and slim dark denim? Belstaff is the way to go. 

Orvis Heritage Field Coat

For both modern style and field-ready wearability, get the aptly named Orvis Heritage Field Coat. Orvis designs its gear with the field in mind, but this waxed cotton field coat — featuring a mid-thigh cut and soft cotton lining, is designed to do a little bit of both.

Orvis Heritage Field Coat
$275.00 $258.01

Classic styling with revised and improved details make up the Heritage Field Coat from Orvis. Available in tobacco and olive colorways.

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04/26/2023 08:28 am GMT

It’s an ideal jacket for chilly fall and perhaps even early winter days, given the interior jacket lining and the corduroy-lined collar and cuffs. 

If you feel like wearing it on outdoor excursions? Go for it.

Know that it also features a bevy of pockets for your everyday carry. I’ve personally worn this jacket around Dublin (perfect style for the city) on a cold February day and been plenty comfortable and warm from day to night. 

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket

If it’s one of the best waxed jackets you seek, it’s best to really swing for the fences when searching for a Barbour alternative.

Filson’s Tin Cloth Cruiser. Photo via Filson.
Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket

"The duck canvas boasts an exceptionally tight weave that’s virtually impenetrable to briars and thorns, while withstanding the abuse of constant abrasion."

Shop Filson

By that we mean, you can hardly go wrong with Filson and the brand’s Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket. The Tin Cloth fabric itself, a 14oz. waxed cotton that’s sturdy and durable as heck, helped build the Filson brand’s Pacific Northwest heritage, and it’s equally fitting that they’ve gone ahead and used it in such a cool jacket. 

The Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket is a Filson staple, delivering an easy-to-layer silhouette with water-repellent and abrasion-resistant fabric, a handy & functional hood, and front snap pockets for storage space and quick access.

This is the go-to waxed jacket for when you want to hit the town, get out on a day trip, or — dare we say it — tackle that outdoor to-do list. 

B in his waxed field jacket from J.Crew

Fjalllraven Greenland Jacket

When you can find a Barbour jacket alternative for under $200, we suggest you hop on it right away. And when that Barbour alternative just so happens to come from lauded outerwear brand Fjallraven? That’s even better.

Fjällräven Greenland Jacket

Fjällräven’s classic, hardwearing jacket from 1968, improved in fit and sustainable materials.

Shop Fjällräven Shop Backcountry

The Fjallraven Greenland Jacket is the perfect jacket to wear from the trails to town (Think: A day hike and then socially distanced brewery beers), and it offers plenty of all-day style, too. 

We’re fans of the water-resistant waxed cotton-poly blend, plus the rich green color and the tailored (but not overly tight) fit.

Think of this as the right jacket to wear on crisp, cool spring and fall days, particularly when paired with a white Oxford shirt, lace-up Red Wing boots, and tan chinos for an urban-utilitarian look. 

L.L. Bean Waxed Cotton Upland Coat

Alright, you’ve got your coveted L.L. Bean Boots. You’ve maybe even got a flannel from the rugged, all-American retailer.

L.L. Bean Double L Waxed Cotton Upland Coat

Classic waxed cotton hunting coat that's MACHINE-WASHABLE 🤯 Fabric designed in collaboration with British Millerain.

Shop L.L.Bean

Let’s cap things off in style with the transitionally minded L.L. Bean Waxed Cotton Upland Coat, a perfectly rugged fall jacket that can take on blustery days, wind, rain … you name it, this Barbour alternative can do it. 

The Cotton Upland Coat is a modern update on the hunting jacket style, and it’s got a few tricks up its well-appointed sleeves. For one, this waxed jacket is machine washable. Designed to be water-resistant and to withstand multiple washings, this tough field coat bridges the gap between serious fieldwork and sharp city style.

We think it would work well with an off-white henley, black denim, and beat-up brown cap-toe boots for a bit of edgy style back in town. 

Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket

As these picks have shown, your waxed jacket doesn’t need to be stuffy, or baggy, or old-school. In terms of cut, fit, and fabric, the best waxed jackets are modern and easy to style with laidback pieces like a rugged henley or a crisp white tee.

The Rogue Territory Supply Jacket. Photo via Stag Provisions.
Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket

Made from a durable 10oz American canvas with thoughtful details, this is Rogue Territory's all-time best selling jacket.

Shop Stag Provisions Shop Rogue Territory

Enter this waxed jacket from Rogue Territory, featuring a shorter, trucker jacket-type cut that’ll hit higher on your waist than other options shown here. Even better still? This exact model of jacket is set to be worn in “No Time To Die” by James Bond himself. How cool is that!? 

The rich tan color and contrasting hardware make this jacket an ideal pairing with broken-in selvedge or stretch dark blue denim— add your favorite henley, grab an Oktoberfest beer … and wait for the compliments to roll in. 

Carhartt Chore Coat

Searching for one of the best waxed jackets with your rough-and-tumble to-do list in mind? Carhartt and the brand’s tough-as-nails chore coat is the right way to go.

Carhartt Chore Coat

Insulated blanket lining throughout the body, reinforced chest pockets, and a corduroy trimmed collar with snaps for an optional hood. True workwear.

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02/14/2023 02:03 pm GMT

This Detroit-based brand has never compromised its integrity when it comes to quality and rugged durability. As a Michigan native, any time you needed to really get the job done, you put on a Carhartt jacket and got to work.

These days, you’re more likely to see Carhartt jackets at a brewery in Brooklyn (at least for me), but the ethos stays the same. On chilly fall and winter mornings, you can wear this Carhartt chore coat to stay warm and dry, thanks to the blanket-lined body.

Triple-stitched seams, you might say, literally triple down Carhartt’s commitment to reliable performance in adverse conditions. And yes, it’s water-repellent, wind-resistant, and made for darn near anything. 

Todd Snyder Waxed Dylan Jacket

We’d expect nothing less than one of the best waxed jackets from one of our favorite designers, Midwest-born and NYC-based Todd Snyder.

Photo via Todd Snyder.
Todd Snyder Waxed Dylan Jacket

British Millerain waxed cotton fabric, moleskin-lined collar, trucker jacket silhouette, slim and flattering fit.

Shop Todd Snyder

It just so happens that the Dylan Waxed Jacket is a best seller. It has rugged trucker jacket aesthetics but made with luxurious details like a moleskin-lined collar. The British Millerain waxed cotton is water-resistant yet lightweight, perfect for layering with a chunky sweater and heavy denim. We can’t recommend it enough. 

If you want a Barbour alternative with an edgy feel, this is the jacket to buy. 

That’s it! Our favorite alternatives to the popular Barbour brand

If you landed on this article and made it all the way down here, you must really be looking for a Barbour jacket alternative.

Maybe you already have a few jackets from Barbour and want to switch it up a little, or you just want to be different and not wear a Barbour, since everyone else around you is.

Whatever the reason, I appreciate you reading. Hopefully you found an alternative that’s worth looking into further, and possibly buying!

If you have any questions or comments, hit me up on Twitter. You can also find join other readers on Effortless Gent’s Facebook page, or DM me on Instagram!

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