Few designers embody the surging interest in menswear over the last several years as well as Todd Snyder.

Don’t believe it? Consider this resurgence the next time you see a guy wearing as something as simple – yet stylish – as a chambray shirt and slim chinos.

There are other factors at work, to be sure. But consider this designer’s work at J. Crew as Senior Vice President for men’s design. And his excellent present-day work at his namesake brand.

Snyder’s vision and work embodies how lots of guys dress today. For you, dear Effortless Gent reader, that’s something to be “in the know” about.

(Nudge, nudge.)

Shop my favorites from Todd Snyder

Classic American Style

Born and raised in Iowa, Snyder blends classic Midwestern style and heritage with a healthy dose of downtown cool. He’s been praised by everyone from GQ to the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

But don’t let the “F” word scare you off. His clothing is approachable, wearable, and never too fashion-forward.

Not sure where to start?

Grab a Todd Snyder Pocket Sweatshirt. It’s a modern update to a classic style, slimmed down and made in Canada from a soft cotton-poly blend.

This is the sweatshirt to wear on a weekend coffee date or layered under a fall and winter blazer.

Snyder’s collaborative design efforts are just as approachable – and even more coveted.

The Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch (read Beau’s post here) was so popular, it sold out of its initial run. But as of today’s update, it’s back!

It’s easy to see why it’s popular – Snyder worked with Timex to update a classic ‘70s dial on a slate NATO strap. This watch is so clean, you could easily wear it with a blazer and stone chinos or classic dark denim without missing a beat.

If you think that’s neat, wait ‘til you see the rest of Snyder’s offerings…

His approachable, classic-yet-modern design ethos also shines through in the Todd Snyder + P.F. Flyers Grounder High-Top (see all Todd Snyder sneaker collabs here).

This recent fall sneaker collab merges the retro cool of a Sandlot-esque high-top with the easy wearability of your favorite pair of white sneakers.

And the rest of Snyder’s main collection is just what your closet needs this season. It’s luxurious and well-made – without blowing your bank account.

In fact, the designer’s Sutton Suit in Light Grey will set you back just under $700 at the most.

Considering that certain brands make off-the-rack suits that top a grand, this is a bargain for the quality, fit and style.

Browsing through Todd Snyder’s outerwear is a treat in and of itself.

You’ll find a run of seriously beautiful, soft-shouldered topcoats. And quilted vests that call to mind the English countryside.

There are plenty of great options, even if you have to save a bit – or a lot – in between purchases.

Fun and Accessible

What might first have seemed inaccessible or too pricey can be quite affordable. Plus it’s fun to buy and fun to wear – particularly if you know where to start.

Here’s the good news: With menswear from Todd Snyder, there’s hardly a wrong way to go.

Have any Todd Snyder designed pieces in your closet? Which are you looking to add?

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2 Responses

  1. Eugene Walter on

    Some of the vests and quilted jackets seem reasonable, but ~$2,000 for a coat? At 75k a year mid to upper range for a S.T.E.M job that would be about two weeks salary, even at 110k as a ballpark starting rate if I get my M.D. (and that’s a big if) that’s still roughly a week’s salary. It’s like buying a new appliance you’d have to; A. go into your savings, B. do credit or an installment plan if your making less than 7 figures a year. I guess I’m not this companies target audience

    • Barron on

      Which coat are you looking at? I tend to consider a potential purchase’s investment-worthiness based on cost-per-wear.

      In this case, if it’s a classic piece I can wear for 15 winters (assuming I take proper care of it), and we estimate winter is at least 3 months long, that’s 1350 days of potential wear, which equates to ~$1.50 / day.

      It also depends on how much you love the coat. If you love it and expect to enjoy wearing it for a long time, why not invest in it? You’ll feel great and love putting it on every time.

      On the flip side, if it’s not that important to you, then you just wouldn’t buy the coat.