Stores Like Banana Republic: 11 Alternatives For Men (Online and IRL)

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With about 700 stores worldwide, Banana Republic has maintained a consistent style over the years that any man can entrust with their fashion needs.

Fancy a ribbed or Italian merino wool sweater? They’ve got that alongside tropical printed shorts and casual khaki short-sleeve button-ups. No matter the occasion, there’s an outfit for it at Banana Republic.

What if we told you that that kind of reliance could be found elsewhere as well? That’s right! You heard correctly — you’re not limited to this one retailer.

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11 Stores Like Banana Republic: Great Alternatives to Browse

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From old favorites to brands you may not have heard of, keep reading for our list of 11 alternative stores like Banana Republic.


J.Crew offers a similar selection of casual clothes to formal wear, making it an easy Banana Republic alternative.

jcrew homepage

With their plethora of staples and stripes, crewnecks and polos, and cotton and cashmere, J.Crew has it.

Its consistency as a one-stop shop for well-constructed, sophisticated garments that will take you from day to night makes updating your wardrobe at J.Crew a breeze.


Modern basics are not hard to come by when shopping at this ten-year-old San Francisco-originated retailer. Cotton tees in every neutral shade and tone pair perfectly with well-fitting chinos or joggers.

everlane homepage

Like Banana Republic, Everlane also offers great layering pieces from cotton raglan pullovers to waffle knit hoodies in an earthy palette reminiscent of all things Fall.

Everlane’s radical transparency makes ethical shopping a piece of cake.

Fisher + Baker

Fisher + Baker is one of those stores like Banana Republic specializing in contemporary-meets-classic staple items you can easily use to build an appealing wardrobe.

fisher+baker homepage

While they don’t do denim and their offerings are more limited than most of these stores like Banana Republic, Fisher + Baker is undoubtedly worth the look.

Core pieces, like incredibly soft tees and lounge hoodies constructed of eco-friendly French terry, render Fisher + Baker a solid Banana Republic alternative.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was once considered a high-fashion brand, but it expanded its mass-market offerings over the years, making it a viable Banana Republic alternative.

calvin klein homepage

Their clean aesthetic is the most prominent feature that helped propel their brand to the masses. As a result, Calvin Klein is a must-shop with pieces that will last you longer than four seasons and a selection of well-fitting staples that rival Banana Republic’s.

Brooks Brothers

Similar to Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers curates a straightforward yet upscale array of garments.

brooks brothers homepage

As the original authority on classic American style (they’ve been around for over two centuries), you can expect to find a lot of timeless designs with a vintage feel.

Ralph Lauren

The iconic Ralph Lauren brand is a stellar Banana Republic alternative because no one does trendsetting safer and more effectively.

ralph lauren home page

These trends are designed so well; they span decades to the point where calling it a trend is probably not the most accurate.

One really can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren. Constructed to last and layer of quality fabrics and appealing silhouettes, one can expect a Ralph Lauren item to hang in his closet for many years to come.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is the European, slightly more refined Banana Republic alternative. Carrying sophisticated pieces that define simplicity without being boring, this RTW brand embodies refinement.

massimo duti homepage

Appealing to the casual and the professional, they specialize in high-end luxury cashmere and wool products with attractive price tags.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is one of those brands like Banana Republic that you can’t help but revisit.

That impeccably fitting skinny jean is hard to come by anywhere else, you think, so you head back to Frank and Oak to buy a second pair in the medium wash this time. We certainly don’t blame you!

frank and oak home page

Frank and Oak’s clothing is developed with care, meaning, and principle. Their sustainable practices benefit the environment while delivering guilt-free affordable fashion.

From trendier quilted pullovers and color-blocked flannels to the more classic lambswool cardigan or striped rugby, there is a piece at Frank and Oak to fit every style-conscious guy’s ensemble.

Furthermore, they specialize in casual attire like denim. Their modern design intent puts a desirable spin on classic silhouettes.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) has been a household name for decades. If it hasn’t been in your closet, then it’s probably time to change that.

This Banana Republic alternative has all the makings to curate a sophisticated swag.

abercrombie homepage

From dip-dyed pullovers in subtle neutrals to relaxed flannel shackets (shirt jackets) that you can layer on for that extra warmth during the coming winter season, A&F doesn’t miss the mark.

Like Banana Republic, A&F maintains consistency with its offerings, making it an obvious pick for our list.


Shopping at Nordstrom is always an experience. From inspirational online fashion editorials to in-store, well-merchandised racks, customers are exposed to numerous brands and products under one roof.

Nordstrom carries many more options than Banana Republic, some with much higher price tags. The aesthetic, however, is similar, and it’s not hard to find some items comparable to Banana Republic’s price range.

nordstrom men homepage

The plethora of options, both online and in-store, make Nordstrom an indisputable Banana Republic alternative.

There is an article of clothing for every situation, occasion, and climate, from suits and separates to work clothes, casual tees, and performance joggers.


Topman is the go-to for the style-conscious and trend-seeking man.

topman homepage

He doesn’t mind a pair of tie-dyed sweatpants folded next to a tapered checked pant in his dresser drawer. He understands there is a time and place for both of these styles, and Topman carries options in both.

Don’t let the word “trend” scare you away, though. Topman offers great basics, as well. Like Banana Republic, there’s no shortage of classic silos in a variety of neutral colors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Banana Republic

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Banana Republic. Do you have others? Let us know.

Who is Banana Republic owned by?

Banana Republic is under the Gap, Inc. umbrella.

Is Banana Republic high quality?

Banana Republic is considered more of a mid-level brand. The quality is good for the price, and the clothing lasts long if you take care of it properly.

What is the difference between Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory?

Banana Republic Factory carries lower-quality merchandise specifically made for the outlet. Product from BR Factory has never been sold at Banana Republic.

The overall aesthetic is very similar to regular Banana Republic, but the material and construction quality is most likely a bit lower.

The Best Stores Like Banana Republic

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Which is your favorite pick from our list of alternatives to Banana Republic? Let us know! You can find us on Facebook or Instagram.