28 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend (To Show You’re Interested In Her)

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Going on a date with your special someone? Maybe you just want to show your girlfriend that you care. Well, you’re in luck. Women love to talk and if you can keep the conversation rolling with her, then you’ll have won half the battle. 

Below is a list of great questions to ask your girlfriend when you’re ready to open up. The timing of the questions is just as important as your tone and relevancy. Basically, knowing what questions to ask at the right time will earn you major points.  

The following questions are really simple to answer, easy to deliver and they’ll keep her engaged in conversation for hours. 

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Questions to break the ice and/or get her attention

If you’re still getting to know your girlfriend, these questions can help to break the ice. 

  1. What’s your favorite movie? Do you want to know if she’s DC or a Marvel girl? Ask her this question. Her taste in movies will tell you a lot about her personality. 
  2. What kind of music are you into? You’re going to spend a lot of time with this person, so you want to make sure that you’re into the same type of music. Plus, music is the glue that holds couples together. Don’t believe me? Watch The Heartbreak Kid. 
  3. What’s your favorite book? If you’re a book reader, then you’ll want to know what kind of genre she’s into. For instance, if she’s into romance novels, then you know that she’s probably a hopeless romantic. Whereas if she’s into self-improvement, then you can share that dialogue with her and have conversations around that. 
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? This might seem like a silly question, but it’s a nice,  cordial, and nonchalant way of breaking the ice when broaching such subjects as her life goals, dreams, and aspirations. She’ll be excited to talk about it and it’s bound to lead to a ton of other topics as well. 

Fun questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. If you won the lotto, what would you do? The topic of what she currently does for a living doesn’t tell you a lot about who she is. She might not even be that excited about it. However, talking about what she would like to do gives you so much more about her personality and mindset. It’ll help you understand what she’s passionate about and what her dreams are. It’ll also lead to a lot of back-and-forth conversation. 
  2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? This is your chance to find out how wild and adventurous she can be. 
  3. What’s on your bucket list? Her answer to this question will tell you what drives her and you can use this knowledge to help her tick this item off her bucket list.
  4. Would you rather live in the city or the woods? This simple question forces her to choose between two polar opposites and tells you if she’s into the same type of lifestyle that you like. 
  5. What’s your favorite holiday? Does she love to dress up for Halloween? Does she like decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas? Or does she hate the holidays altogether? This question will tell you what she’s looking for when you spend the holidays together.
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Romantic Questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. What are your biggest deal breakers? This will let you know what her standards are in a relationship and what she’ll expect from you in turn. You’ll know whether or not you’re compatible and it’ll set the bar for you. You can either level up to her values or have a talk about why these things are important to her. 
  2. What’s your idea of an amazing date? Take notes on this one, and then use them later to show her what a good listener you are. It’ll impress her very much. 
  3. What’s your love language? This is a really important question, because if you get this right, then it will set a solid foundation for your relationship. If you know her love language, you’ll be able to communicate and show her affection in all the right ways. 
  4. Can I tell you something? Once she says “yes”, just reply, “you’re beautiful”.  This will melt her heart.  

Deep questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. What is your biggest fear in life? This question will intensify the magnitude of your conversation because it’s really impactful and can cause a lot of things to come up that’ll help you get to know them more. 
  2. Who is the biggest influence in your life? The answer to this question will show you her values. Most people answer with their mom, a mentor, etc. You can follow up with another question, such as why this person is the biggest influence in her life and this will tell you a lot about what she stands for in general. 
  3. How often do you see your family? Is family important to you? Then you obviously want to be with someone who values that as much as you do. You can even ask her how often she sees her family, so you can get a feel of how close she is to them.  
  4. What do you value most in friendships? This will show you what her core values are, what qualities she likes in people and what she thinks is important in terms of character. 
  5. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? This speaks volumes about her character. You might also find out about things that she’s been through that she’s never shared before. And you’ll finally learn what code she lives by. 
  6. What is the biggest misconception about you? Making an effort to ask her this question lets her know that you won’t get this wrong about her. 

Silly questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? This is one of those questions that you can ask on a first date. It’ll open up dialogue and allow you to be witty, silly, and see what her sense of humor is like. It’s also a question that’ll bring down her walls and you can both laugh about her answer.
  2. Is there one thing or secret that would surprise me about you? Although you’re not looking for deep dark secrets, you might find out an interesting tidbit about her past that will give you more insight into who she is.
  3. What’s something you’re bad at? This question is meant to be fun and playful, so timing is important here. For instance, if she’s been talking about a lot of things that she’s good at, this can be a good way to change direction. It’s not meant to make her feel bad and it should be delivered in a way that shows that you’re impressed by what she’s told you so far and you want to know more about her. 
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Flirty questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. What is your guilty pleasure? This flirty question can help to build intimacy and you could end up geeking over the same obscure band or TV show.
  2. What makes you laugh the most? If you feel like the conversation is getting a bit too heavy, this is a simple question that will turn that around. 
  3. What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? What would you pack? You’ll know where she stands on the prepper scale with this one.
  4. If you had a superhero power, what would it be? Throwing in a random question every now and then is a great way to change the tone if you feel like things are getting way too serious. 
  5. What would you save if your apartment or house were on fire? This is a lighthearted and silly question to keep the fun and interesting conversation flowing while teaching you all about her priorities. 

What these questions come down to is that women are most interested in men that are interested in who they are as a human, while enabling them to talk about their personality. It shows that you actually appreciate her. 

These questions will not only spark some truly amazing conversation, but they’ll allow you to discover her inner workings and bring you closer together.

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