Cigar Gifts For An Effortless Gent: The 5 Best Gift Ideas For The Cigar Aficionado In Your Life

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If you’re looking for a gift for the cigar aficionado in your life — or hey, even for yourself — then check out our ideas for the best cigar gifts below (these are our top 5!)

You know what might be the most rewarding part of smoking cigars as a hobby? The variety. From the dozens of notable producers, to hundreds of signature smokes, to specialized tools and equipment, there’s always something new to explore.

So when we decided to put together this guide to the best gifts for cigar lovers, we looked high and low for the most unique cigar gifts. But we also looked for ones that would please any smoker, from total novice to experienced aficionado.

The Cigar Gifts On Our Christmas Lists

Chosen with cigar smokers of every level in mind, we’re happy to present the sticks and accessories on our Christmas lists this year. We’d be happy to have any of these gifts stuffing our stockings, for sure.

1. A Cigar Sampler Set

If you’re looking for gifts for cigar aficionados or beginners, you can’t go wrong with any sampler set of cigars. One of our favorites is from Oliva, the famous Nicaraguan producer of top-quality tobacco from Cuban seeds. 

Oliva Variety Sampler

Oliva's greatest hits in a savory sextet of their best premium cigars in a variety of shapes, sizes and wrappers.

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Featuring two of their cult classic Serie G cigars, two full-bodied Serie O, a single of their high-end Serie V, and the rich and heavy Connecticut Robusto, this sampler set really covers the full spectrum of cigar smoking preferences.

For seasoned smokers, it’s an awesome introduction to a well-respected producer; beginners will appreciate the opportunity to try such a wide variety of styles.

Check out the Oliva 6 Cigar Variety Sampler here.

You may also enjoy our article on the best cigars under $10.

2. The Best Zippo for Cigars

Zippo lighters are iconic: Clean lines, that smooth flick-open action, and a classic design that’s barely changed in decades. The only problem? For cigar smokers, they’re just not as effective at getting an even burn as a torch lighter.

But there’s a clever solution that not many cigar smokers know about: Zippo makes butane lighter inserts.

Yup, these inserts can convert the humble classic into a perfect torch for lighting cigars.

Zippo Brushed Chrome Pocket Lighter

Introduced in 1933, Zippo’s Brushed Chrome windproof lighter paved the way for the other lighter finishes in the chrome lighter variation. The Chrome lighter collection is one of Zippo’s most popular collections with the Brushed Chrome lighter remaining the most popular finish to date.

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Zippo Butane Lighter Insert

This Double Torch Butane Insert, provides a new flame for the classic design. Some of the features include: a soft-touch ignition that allows for quick and easy lighting, all metal construction that provides a perfect fit for any regular size Zippo insert.

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This gift really gives the best of both worlds: The refined aesthetic of a classic Zippo, and the performance of modern torch lighters.

For the Zippo lighter itself, check here; the inserts for conversion to a butane torch lighter can be purchased separately, here.

3. An Ashtray Built for Cigars

Any cigar will smoke at its best only if it’s left to burn evenly in between puffs. The longer you can leave the ash cap on, the smoother and more flavorful the smoke will become.

The kind of ashtrays you’re most likely to find, though, are really only meant for cigarettes — not cigars. And short of holding onto your cigar the entire time you’re smoking it, you’ll be out of luck for trying to lay it on just any flat surface.

That’s why we’re advocates of every cigar smoker having an ashtray built specifically for their hobby. By including wide notches on the side of a shallower tray with a wider rim, cigar ashtrays allow you to balance your smoke. You can say goodbye to fear of it getting ground out or knocked onto the ground.

Briar & Oak Wood Cigar Ashtray w/ 4 Slots

This ashtray is made from natural Indian walnut wood that is insect-resistant & ultra-durable + a lacquer coating for long lasting shine. 

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We’re thinking a heavy hardwood ashtray like the one pictured above will make for the nicest gift you could imagine. It’s made of solid walnut and weighs over a pound, and looks great on a patio table. Check it out here.

4. The Coolest Cigar Notebook We’ve Found

We got turned on to 33 Books Co.’s super cool, kinda nerdy notebooks while living in Portland, Oregon, and have become devoted fans of their journals.

The company is a one-man operation that focuses on making the best, most useful tasting notebooks for everything from scotch to cheese to sake — and yes, cigars too!

33 Cigars Cigar Tasting Notebook

This notebook is custom designed to help organize and rate the experience of different cigars

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Every page of their “33 Cigars” tasting notebook includes fields for the cigar’s name, producer, ring size, and more. Our favorite part, though? The unique visual aid: The cigar flavor wheel.

Dark fruit, vanilla, oily, and earthy make up just a portion of the different categories that this wonderful little notebook will prompt you to think about it.

You can find the 33 Cigars notebook here.

5. A Cigar Magazine Subscription

Do you still enjoy getting magazine subscriptions? We sure do. And we think most cigar smokers, appreciative of fine goods, will enjoy their monthly deliveries as well.

Of course you could go for online-only subscriptions, but it’s kind of the same thing as reading all of your books on a Kindle. Could you? Sure. But do you really want to?

Subscription to Cigar Aficionado

This magazine is edited for successful, extremely affluent men. It covers information on fine cigars plus life's other great pleasures: fine dining and entertaining, the finest wines and spirits, world travel and the arts.

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In many ways, Cigar Aficionado is the voice of the fine tobacco industry. And while you’ll find tons of cigar-specific information in a subscription to it, Aficionado goes out of its way to include lifestyle advice and articles that fit in perfectly with that of the Effortless Gent.

You can purchase a subscription to Cigar Aficionado as a gift here.

Parting Thoughts: Choosing the Best Cigar Gifts

Between the five gift ideas presented above, we think you’ll be able to find at least one perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life.

And hey, if one of the items really caught your attention, all the better — because the more fine cigars you have to smoke, the more you’ll have to share come holiday time.

Feature Photo by Jon Tyson