First Impressions of the Linjer Classic Watch (review and photos)

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Watches

Quick Summary: In this article, we’re reviewing the 38mm Classic Watch from Linjer. If you’re looking for an elegant, minimal wristwatch that goes with everything in your wardrobe, this watch is a great option.

During my early teen years, I listened to a lot of hip hop and was obsessed with the brand, Tommy Hilfiger.

I wore the largest shirts and jackets, at least two sizes too big, in the most saturated, vibrant color combinations.

These oversized garments were complemented by larger-than-necessary logos, sometimes plastered across the whole shirt, or along the length of one whole jacket sleeve.

This loud, in-your-face style was the look at the time (in the 90s, assuming you listened to hip hop).

90s style Tommy Hilfiger
90s Sportswear, so good. (I had to throw in JT wearing Tommy overalls for good measure.)

Even though I feel a bit of nostalgia seeing these same styles trending again today (who knew?), my personal style is much the opposite of what it was 20 years ago.

  • Instead of loud and vibrant colors, I prefer neutral and muted tones, and the occasional pop of color where appropriate.
  • Rather than eye-catching and attention-grabbing details, I prefer things one can only appreciate up close, with a discerning eye and elevated taste.
  • Instead of large and obvious logos, I prefer small, inconspicuous marks, or none at all.

And when it comes to watchesthe Classic Watch from Linjer is the perfect embodiment of my current taste and style. Since you’re an EG reader, it’s one I’m sure you’ll appreciate as well.

The Perfect Minimalist Timepiece

There are several characteristics that separate Linjer’s watches from other minimalist watches out there.

Linjer Classic Watch Tan Strap
Linjer Classic Watch Tan Strap

Since the beginning, Linjer has always been about beautiful, minimalist design and thoughtful consideration of materials used in everything they create.

This thoughtfulness contributes to the timelessness of all their products, and their watches are no exception.

Here’s what I noticed right off the bat:

The dial’s design details

The Classic model has a slightly concave outer edge with hour markers, and tonal circular minute markers. Both are subtle design details that elevate its visual interest without being in-your-face obvious.

Linjer Classic with Blue Strap

Easy-to-change, vegetable-tanned, Italian leather straps

The full-grain leather straps will age nicely and develop a patina the more I use it (as all good leather does).

Best of all, the quick release tabs make switching them out for different colors so simple. No tools needed!

Linjer straps

Domed sapphire crystal glass

This is the type of glass that covers a Linjer watch face.

I did a bit of research on watch glass. The three most commonly used types are:

  • acrylic (which is basically plastic),
  • mineral glass (the most common),
  • and sapphire crystal (the most desirable because of its scratch- and shatter-resistant qualities).

You should also consider if the glass is flat or domed, regardless of whether it is mineral glass or sapphire crystal. Domed glass will be much more shatter-resistant, and therefore, a domed sapphire (the kind Linjer uses) is the most shatter- and scratch-resistant option available.

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Ronda 5 Series movement

This is essentially the motor of the watch, and this Swiss quartz movement is one of, if not the most, reliable quartz movement available.

The lack of branding

Whenever you check your wrist for the time, you’re looking at a brand name. The positioning is so ubiquitous, you don’t even notice it on every one of your watches.

Linjer Classic Watch Blue Strap

The lack of a signature mark on the Linjer watch face catches you by surprise.

You end up gazing at the face a beat or two longer. “What’s different about it?” you ask yourself. You have to stare, because, at first, you can’t figure it out.

The gorgeous symmetry, the clean lines, all undisturbed by logos or marks. Just you, the time, and the date.

Almost every accessory I own is conspicuously branded, which makes me appreciate this watch design even more.

Heft, weight, sturdiness

There’s a nice weight to this watch.

With cheaper watches (like my beater Timex), there’s no heft, no substance. My Linjer Classic feels substantial without being heavy. I’m reminded it’s there, but I’m not weighed down.

Linjer classic watch with tan strap

My final thoughts on the Linjer Classic Watch

I’ve had my eye on the Linjer brand for a few years now. They have a very clean, understated aesthetic… very much in line with my own tastes. I love how they focus on simplistic design details and quality materials and construction.

Their latest line of watches aligns with the brand’s commitment to minimal yet beautifully-designed products, and I’m excited to have this piece in my rotation.

Linjer Classic Watch Blue Strap

Want one of your own?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

There are two models

The Classic Watch and the Minimalist Watch.

Linjer Classic and Linjer Minimalist
The Linjer Classic on the left, and Linjer Minimalist on the right

While the Minimalist model is beautiful as well, I prefer the styling of the Classic model (which is what you’re seeing in all the photos), and the brushed, stainless steel gunmetal finish toes the line between dress and casual really well.

There are two (or three) sizes

Linjer watches come in two sizes, 38mm and 41mm. There is a 34mm version, but they’re for the ladies, or for anyone with really small wrists.

Measure your wrist (printable size guide here) before picking one up for yourself. Mine is 6.5″ around. The 38mm fits perfectly.

The 41mm could’ve worked as well, but I prefer something smaller when it comes to a minimalist timepiece I plan on wearing for both formal and casual situations. If you prefer bigger watches or have a larger wrist, go with the 41mm.

A selection of leather bands in several colors

If I were you, I’d pick up leather straps in all the colorways.

But in case you don’t need all three for your specific finish, at least pick up one in tan or brown, and the other in black leather. That way, you have all your bases covered when it comes to brown and black leather loafers and lace-ups.

Thanks to our friends at Linjer for being a part of this article, and thanks to you, dear reader, for supporting the brands that make EG possible.

Hilfiger images via Pinterest