The 15 Best Seiko Watches Under $1000

by Karlton Miko Tyack  |  in Watches

Since Seiko boasts so many specialty-focused sub-lines at every price point, unlocking their sub-$1000 category opens up a world of possibilities for seasoned collectors and the newly curious alike. In this article we’re rounding up 15 of the Best Seiko watches under $1000.

We already know that Seiko’s got some excellent timepieces under $500 and even under $200. Let’s keep it going with the next group!

These are the Best Seiko Watches Under $1000

Whether you’re looking for a timeless dress watch or a durable everyday tool, Seiko’s wide range of designs and functions always provides options.

Here are our selects!

  1. Seiko Sumo SPB103J1

    This high-functioning dive watch is also called the Hulk Sumo because its green palette is reminiscent of the Hulk Submariner. The forest green tones of this Seiko timepiece are darker and richer though, which emphasizes the luster of the sunburst dial and sophisticated applied indices. It runs on the 24-jewel, hackable, 70-hour 6R35A caliber, features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and has tapered, modern-looking lugs which gives the 45mm cushion case a unique slick profile.

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    02/14/2023 08:03 am GMT
  2. Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121J1

    This classy timepiece is a relaunch (and remix) of the original Alpinist, which was built for Japanese mountain explorers in the 1960s. Its timeless 39.5mm case, glossy green dial, and stylishly retro gold indices have made this one of the most popular professional Seiko watches out there. However, with its sapphire crystal and 6R35 caliber, it functions like a modern automatic field watch, perfect for outdoor adventures or skiing.

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    02/14/2023 01:33 pm GMT
  3. Seiko Prospex Solar SNJ025P1

    This pumped-up tank is also called the “Arnie” because it’s a reissue of the iconic field watch Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in 1985’s Commando and 1987’s Predator. With a robust outer shell and 48mm case, it's physically built like the action star too! This tool watch also walks the walk, boasting Seiko’s accurate solar powered movement, 200m of water resistance, a calendar function, a practical LED backlight, and a screw down crown and caseback.

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    02/14/2023 09:38 am GMT
  4. Seiko Reissue SPB051J1

    The SPB051J1 is a quintessential tool watch, especially for Seiko lovers, because it's based on Seiko’s original 1965 dive watch. It rocks a curved scratch-resistant sapphire, a 42.6mm case, 200m of water-resistance, and runs on the in-house 6R15 caliber which is an automatic movement that’s hand-winding and hacking. A classic design that goes with everything, this luxury sport watch is Japanese watchmaking’s answer to a Submariner.

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  5. Seiko Presage SARX033

    Between this watch face’s “Automatic” appellate in cursive, the shimmery logo, and its royal blue hands, the Seiko Prestige is truly a clean, classy and aristocratic timepiece. On top of that, the stainless steel construction is fine-brushed and the crown is signed. This watch runs on the 6R15 caliber which comes with a 50-hour power reserve.

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    02/14/2023 10:13 pm GMT
  6. Seiko Prospex Marinemaster SBBN035

    This big guy is for all of you no-nonsense adventurers out there. Beneath the strongman Tuna case is the highly-reliable and ruggedly-built 7C46 quartz movement which uses all metal components and far less resistance than the average watch, allowing it to perform in extreme pressure and temperature situations. This reliable tool has a water resistance of 300m, an accuracy of ±15seconds/month, and a fantastic lume.

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  7. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPD36

    The Cocktail Time watches are some of Seiko Presage’s most elegant dress pieces, and this limited edition select is one of their most timeless. It features the classic Cocktail Time template, with a swanky round case, substantial crown, and clean lines throughout. The dial features a gold leaf-like texture and the calfskin strap is simple and supple, giving the watch an understated boost in quality and design.

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  8. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SSA345J1

    While both are reminiscent of swanky 60s cocktail hours, this watch is the slick, fast-moving brother to the more understated and antique-inspired SRPD36. It’s also dubbed the “Espresso Martini Watch” for its sleeker black and grey palette, the speedy lines on its dial, and the beautiful power reserve complication. If you want a combination of this watch and the SRPD36, check out the “Old Fashioned” Presage!

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    02/14/2023 03:43 pm GMT
  9. Seiko Prospex SRP637

    This serious dive watch is perfect for true-blue deep divers out there, and can serve as a capable plan B in case something happens to your fancy dive computer. It features 200m of water resistance, a wet-suit extension buckle, and brilliant Lumibrite markers that will last years. As with the layered indices and smooth-clicking bezel, the case is generously-sized at 48mm, making this tool watch exceedingly legible. 

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  10. Seiko SPB123 Prospex Limited Edition Alpinist

    This noble light-paletted take on the original Alpinist still boasts the iconic retro-yet-timeless aesthetic, but instead of a green sunburst dial, it features an off-white face. Matched with the gold indices and hands, it looks cleaner, brighter, and slightly more luxurious. This is balanced out with the simple textured leather strap, which is green in homage to the original’s iconic dial face.

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    02/14/2023 06:58 pm GMT
  11. Seiko Shogun Prospex Titanium SBDC029

    Considered “the lightest diver,” this Shogun is the titanium answer to classic, usually stainless steel, Seiko dive watches. Not only is the titanium construction stronger and 45% lighter than steel, but this Japanese import runs on the respectable and hackable 6R15 automatic caliber and features a brilliant green fluorescent lume.

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    02/14/2023 01:28 pm GMT
  12. Seiko Prospex SRPE35

    Unique and adventurous, this distinct timepiece is one of Seiko’s “King Samurai” watches. It’s named so because of notable premium features, such as the ceramic bezel insert, the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and of course, the grid-lined dial, which is similar to the Audemars Piguet mega tapisserie design. The textures, layers, and angular case make for an ever-changing visual delight at every angle.

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    02/14/2023 07:28 pm GMT
  13. Seiko Prospex 1968 SPB079J1

    Seiko’s classic reissues are especially popular, likely because of the brand’s esteemed heritage, and this 1968 reboot uniquely combines vintage and modern established design elements. The original 60s dive is used as a template, but the smoother cushion case and contemporary indices ensure it doesn’t look out of place with Seiko watches of today. Go for this watch if you want a versatile dive that will never go out of style.

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    02/14/2023 06:38 am GMT
  14. Seiko Prospex Great Blue Hole SPB083J1

    This special edition is similar to the SPB079J1, but with a distinct palette that really ups the visual quality. Most noticeable is the extra high-luster sunburst dial boasting a rich cerulean color that dynamically fades into black at the 3 and 9 markers, all protected by a sapphire crystal. The high-polish black bezel features crisp action and perfect alignment, and the 23-jewel 6R15 caliber has 50 hours of power.

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    02/14/2023 02:43 pm GMT
  15. Seiko Velatura SPC143P1

    This unique and rare Seiko watch has a multi-faceted engineering aesthetic, but with fun colors like the industrial cobalt blue on the bezel and the bright orange accents throughout the face. Not only does it have an uncommon look about it, but it features a yachting timer, which can be used as a short-run countdown timer (a unique alternative to the more common chronograph). This watch will definitely turn heads, and is a great conversation piece once you’ve learned how to use all the features!

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Which Seiko WAtch Made Your Short List?

From classic designs to unique features and unusual visuals, you really do get a smorgasbord of options here. Since Seiko creates so many limited and special editions at the price point, you can really find something different and perfectly tailored to you.

We hope this was helpful in helping you find your next Seiko watch (or watches!). What are some of your favorites? Let us know on Twitter or by DM’ing us on Instagram!