15 Best Seiko Watches Under $500 (Tons of value for the price)

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There are few watch brands out there as efficient at every price point as Seiko is. Looking through their many sublines, you can find automatics under $100 and unique collectibles under $200

Now we’re moving the dial up, with our choices for the 15 best Seiko watches under $500.

15 Best Seiko Watches Under $500

Historically, Seiko has a hand in every horological development, even leading the charge during the quartz revolution in the late 70s. This is evident in the sub-500 category, where you’ll find watches with a gamut of functions including automatics, radio sync timekeeping, solar power, and chronographs.

We ensured that a diverse array of functions, styles, and constructions are represented. As generous as Seiko is at this price point, we had a lot to work with! Let’s get to it! 

  1. Seiko Prospex Samurai Wave
  2. Seiko Prospex Samurai Wave

    Fun and practical, this professional diving watch features a unidirectional bezel, 200m of water resistance, and Seiko’s hackable 4R35 automatic movement. The special edition wave graphic decorates the bright blue dial, which makes the SRPD23K1 as visually delightful and distinct as it is useful. 

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  3. Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA763P1
  4. Seiko Kinetic Watch SKA763P1

    This sophisticated watch is unique inside and out, featuring Seiko’s Kinetic technology that uses movement to power up an electric generator. It’s also built out of titanium, which is stronger and lighter than steel, and also rare at this price point. And at 39mm, this uncommon timepiece comfortably fits most mens’ wrists.

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  5. Seiko Excelsior Gunmetal Solar SSC139
  6. Seiko Excelsior Gunmetal Solar SSC139

    This unusually gorgeous timepiece is so unique, it looks almost alien. It features a 43mm stainless steel case that graduates into its complex, multi-link gunmetal and silver bracelet, and is powered by a solar-fueled quartz movement. Go for the SSC139 if you want to impress and stand out. 

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  7. Seiko Diver SKX007J1
  8. Seiko Diver SKX007J1

    And finally, Seiko’s classic and well-loved high-value diver! It features the robust 7S36 automatic movement, and a quintessential dive design with Rolex-esque indices. Pair it with a stainless steel Oyster-style bracelet to get a Submariner homage that also stands on its own, or with an accordion rubber strap for a tool aesthetic that matches the practical look of dial.

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  9. Seiko Solar Diver Chronograph SSC019
  10. Seiko Solar Diver Chronograph SSC019

    With its sizable Pepsi bezel, this solar-powered timepiece is undeniably eye-catching. It’s a combination professional watch, being a true diver with 200m water resistance, as well as a chronograph. The seconds and the hours are placed on their own separate layers, making for an interestingly dimensional face with a lot going on.

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  11. Seiko Black SNAF37
  12. Seiko Black SNAF37

    The SNAF37 is a high-gloss racing watch, complete with a perforated leather strap reminiscent of vintage racing straps. Both the dark blue tachymeter bezel and multi-layered face shine bright, featuring several surfaces for light to hit. Running on an accurate Japanese quartz movement, this sport watch is a modern take on a classic racer.

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  13. Seiko Presage SRPB41J1
  14. Seiko Presage SRPB41J1

    From the gradation pattern on the dial to the dignified sword indices, elegant lines run throughout this formal timepiece. Seiko’s Presage line is the dress watch answer to Prospex, a mid-tier bang-for-buck subline beneath Grand Seiko and above the budget core. This exquisite timepiece is a quintessential Presage watch, boasting a simple but memorable aesthetic and an automatic movement.

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  15. Seiko Prospex PADI “Tuna” SNE499
  16. Seiko Prospex PADI “Tuna” SNE499

    The SNE499 gets its nickname from the blue can-shaped shroud protecting the watch case, adding sturdiness and a submarine-like bulk. The face is decorated with an extravagant wave pattern and raised indices, which feature a unique bicolor green-and-blue lume. Despite its massive 47mm size, the lugs tuck under, providing little hangover, making this diver suitable for smaller wrists than expected.

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  17. Seiko Adventure-Solar SSC081
  18. Seiko Adventure-Solar SSC081

    This watch’s dial is necessarily busy and oversized because it’s a true adventurer’s timepiece, packed with functions. In addition to the solar-powered chronograph, it also comes with a single-time alarm, compass, date display, and an overcharge prevention function. This sporty and rugged survivor’s tool is a handsome statement piece for casual looks. 

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  19. Seiko Prospex Radio Sync Solar SSG015
  20. Seiko Prospex Radio Sync Solar SSG015

    This hyper-accurate pilot watch receives radio signals from atomic clocks, which resolves the problem of losing or gaining time. At 12.9mm, it has a slim profile by radio watch standards, and features a fanciful Wonderland-esque font on an otherwise sporty face. Go for this Prospex if you want a tool watch with some visual and functional quirks.

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  21. Seiko Coutura SSC700
  22. Seiko Coutura SSC700

    The Coutura line has a magic-meets-science aesthetic to it, which is clear with the SSC700. It’s a sophisticated gold-toned dress watch, but is large in size (44mm) and showcases all of its functions like a sport watch. It comes with a solar-powered chronograph, LumiBrite half-skeleton hands, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

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  23. Seiko Coutura SSG019
  24. Seiko Coutura SSG019

    This watch has an enchanting crystal blue dial, with so much gorgeous texture and topography. This includes leaf-like imprints on the center and a spider web sectioning off the day subdial. It’s another radio-controlled timekeeper and runs on a solar-powered Japanese quartz movement. 

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  25. Seiko Prospex Golden Turtle SRPC44
  26. Seiko Prospex Golden Turtle SRPC44

    This timepiece is an excellent standard Turtle, but with a bold and retro color palette. The gold-toned oval case and gold outlined hands have a striking luster, especially under the sun. Remember that this isn’t just a fashion watch though, as it boasts professional features such as 200m of water resistance, ISO compliance for scuba diving, and the 4R36 caliber. 

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  27. Seiko Gold Dress SGF206
  28. Seiko Gold Dress SGF206

    This Midas-inspired timepiece is a perfect assembly of classic dress watch design cues. Its face is simple with baton indices, the bracelet features round-edged links like a Jubilee, and the pie-pan dial is reminiscent of a Rolex Datejust. This undeniably fancy Seiko is the perfect way to add an appropriate pop of color to a strict, formal outfit.

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Seiko’s Affordable Luxury

From cool functions like radio sync timekeeping to classically elegant designs, Seiko watches under $500 have a lot to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had more to offer within the sub-500 constraint than any brand out there. 

We hope you were able to find a few Seiko watches to add to your collection in this roundup! What’s your favorite Seiko watch under $500?