Here Are 16 of the Best Beanies to Keep You Toasty This Winter

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As soon as the temperature starts to drop, the EG crew reaches for their cold-weather staples: Jackets, overcoats, and layers.

But to really stay warm while looking good, we always keep a range of beanies close at hand, too.

In this guide to the best beanies for men, we’re going to give you an insider’s look at the whole spectrum of beanies — from the extremely affordable and utilitarian to the pricey and luxurious, and everything in between.

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Our Picks: The 16 Best Beanies for Men

So without further ado, here’s the best darned beanies on the planet.

  1. Patagonia Everyday Beanie
  2. Patagonia Everyday Beanie

    Patagonia is one of our go-to brands for functional yet fashionable clothing. Their Everyday Beanie is a perfect example — it’s textured knit construction holds its shape really well, and the cuff can be worn up in warmer weather or down to cover your ears in the cold.

    Plus it’s Fair Trade certified and made from recycled materials, so you can feel great about where your money’s going.

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  3. Huckberry Beanie
  4. Huckberry Beanie

    The classic fisherman style for Huckberry’s beanie means it’s always going to be in style, and a deep range of 10 colors to choose from lets you customize it to suit your outfits. Acrylic, wool, nylon, and spandex in the fabric give it a high-performance look and feel, all while keeping your noggin’ super warm through the winter.

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  5. Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie
  6. Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

    Looking for an affordable and utilitarian beanie for everyday wear? Carhartt is the way to go. 

    Their Knit Cuffed Beanie is available in a huge range of colors, and the rib knit acrylic fabric will stay snug on your head. It’s our go-to pick for a hard-wearing beanie under $20.

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  7. United By Blue Reversible Beanie
  8. United By Blue Reversible Beanie

    With every item you buy from United By Blue, you’re contributing to the maintenance and revitalization of our oceans and waterways. That’s awesome in and of itself, but the design of their reversible beanie makes it an even better choice. The recycled polyester construction and contrasting tones combine to make it both cozy and good looking.

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  9. Topo Designs Watch Cap
  10. Topo Designs Watch Cap

    With a classic and simple design and super soft acrylic knit, Topo Designs’ Watch Cap is a strong competitor for the best utilitarian beanie. Even though it’s made in the USA, it comes in at just over $20 — and it’s thick enough to keep your head warm all winter long. 

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  11. Fjallraven Byron Hat
  12. Fjallraven Byron Hat

    Though better known for their tiny backpacks, Fjallraven has a pretty cool selection of outerwear and accessories, too. Their Byron hat is made entirely from wool, and given a heavy-duty double knit construction that helps it to keep its shape wear after wear. 

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  13. Nobis Elain Knit Toque
  14. Nobis Elain Knit Toque

    The outerwear designers over at Nobis know a thing or two about dressing for the cold — they are from Canada, after all. And their Elain Knit Toque does a great job of keeping a slim style while remaining warm because of its tight knitting. And it has a lifetime guarantee, too.

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  15. United By Blue Chevron Birdseye Pom Beanie
  16. United By Blue Chevron Birdseye Pom Beanie

    Another great option from United By Blue, their Chevron Birdseye Pom Beanie has that classic ski lodge look and feel. It’s fun and stylish, and the ribbed-knit cuff can fold over for extra protection when your ears get cold.

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  17. Wills Hand Knit Cashmere Wool Beanie
  18. Wills Hand Knit Cashmere Wool Beanie

    With cashmere beanies, we get into the territory of soft, luxurious, and higher-dollar stuff. Wills is a fully hand-knit cashmere wool beanie, making it one of the softest and warmest accessories you can put on your head.

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  19. Holden Cashmere Cuff Beanie
  20. Holden Cashmere Cuff Beanie

    A classic look is merged with a softer and more modern feel in Holden’s Cashmere Cuff Beanie. Its wool and cashmere blend is made in a rib-knit pattern, and the heavy cuffed hem gives you plenty of room to customize its fit.

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  21. Wills Cashmere Ribbed Beanie
  22. Wills Cashmere Ribbed Beanie

    Want a fabric that will keep you really warm? Look towards what they wear in the coldest places on Earth — like Mongolia. 

    Wills’s Cashmere Ribbed Beanie is made from Mongolian cashmere and a touch of wool for structure, giving it excellent temperature regulating properties and long-lasting durability.

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  23. J.Crew Cashmere Beanie
  24. J.Crew Cashmere Beanie

    All eight vibrant colors for the J.Crew Cashmere Beanie are soft as heck, with a relaxed fit and feel that keeps its shape well over time. Barron has been wearing this one for years, and it’s definitely EG approved.

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  25. Everlane Cashmere Rib Beanie
  26. Everlane Cashmere Rib Beanie

    Made from top-grade cashmere with a judicious addition of elastane and nylon, Everlane’s Cashmere Rib Beanie is an accessory that looks as great as it performs. And since it’s made from Mongolian cashmere, it’ll just keep getting softer the more you wear it.

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  27. Todd Snyder Drake’s Beanie
  28. Todd Snyder Drake’s Beanie
    starting at $70

    Available in merino wool or classic lambswool, the Drake’s Beanies from Todd Snyder are some of the warmest on this list. The full wool construction is put together by hand in Scotland, and it’s remarkably efficient at regulating your temperature — never too hot, never too cold.

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  29. Patagonia Powder Town Beanie
  30. Patagonia Powder Town Beanie

    One look at the pom will clue you in that Patagonia’s Powder Town Beanie is full-on retro ski lodge style. It’s Fair Trade Certified and woven from 100% recycled polyester, with a heavy-duty knit cuff that’s guaranteed to keep you warm.

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  31. Filson Watch Cap Beanie
  32. Filson Watch Cap Beanie

    The US-made Filson Watch Cap Beanie is woven from entirely US-sourced virgin wool, making it exceptionally breathable and moisture-wicking. 

    It’s a fine blend of fashion, durability, and function, and we’ll always be happy to wear one.

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Answering your FAQs About Men’s Beanies

And to wrap things up, let’s take a look at some of the questions we hear from guys when they’re picking out beanies.

Are beanies in style for 2021?

At this point, beanies have been around for long enough that they’ve transcended the usual fashion cycles.

How you can fashionably wear a beanie might change from year to year, but if you stick with wearing it like a standard beanie, you’re good to go.

What kind of beanie is the warmest?

The thicker the fabric used for a beanie, the warmer it will be. So on the affordable end, a thick and heavy-duty cotton beanie will be the warmest.

But if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, a heavy wool or cashmere beanie will be both warmer and more breathable than cotton.

How do you pick a beanie?

Here at EG, we like our beanies to keep their shape — both when we’re wearing them, and when we store them away after the winter.

The knit should be thick enough to hold a nice roundness when you’re wearing them; we recommend avoiding thin, flimsy, and limp beanies.

Should a beanie cover your ears?

It depends on how cold you are! If it’s really freezing outside, you’ll definitely want your beanie to cover your ears.

But you can also wear it higher up on your head or double-cuffed to show off a different style.

Which brand has the best beanies?

If you’re looking for a rough and ready, utilitarian beanie, Carhartt is a great choice. So is Topo Design.

For something on the nicer end, consider J.Crew, Drake’s, or Wills cashmere beanies.

Do you have a favorite beanie on this list?

A beanie can amplify your winter look, all while keeping your head nice and warm. Whether you’re looking for utilitarian or cashmere, there’s a beanie for you.

Do you have a favorite beanie from our list? Let us know by hitting us up on Facebook or Instagram!