The Only Belt You Need (for as little as $50)

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Accessories

I don’t think about my belts very often.

To me, belts are all about utility. And yes, they should look awesome. But mostly, I just want them to do their job.

In fact, I typically wear the same belt every single day.

When it comes to functionality and utility, the products I like best are ones that I don’t have to think about… ones I don’t even notice.

Belts are those products for me. When I do notice them (because of discomfort or ill fit), it irritates me.

And that’s why I really like Anson belts.

The Only Belt You Need


I’ve been using my Anson belt for over a year now.

So after some serious road testing and subconsciously reaching for it first over and over again, I can wholeheartedly recommend you grab one (or three) for yourself.

Consider this an informal Anson Belt “review”. Really, these are just a few of the little things that made a difference for me, and why I think you’ll like them too.

What I (really) like about Anson belts

Because of the reasons below, this belt has become my go-to over the past year.

1. No holes = comfy all the time

Here’s what I hate about regular belts.

To be honest, in the beginning, I thought the whole micro-adjustability thing wasn’t that big of a deal. Turns out, it’s a game-changer.

Here’s why: Most belts have 5-6 holes, about one inch apart from each other. If you’re lucky, there’s a hole that fits you perfectly and you don’t have to think about it.

Oftentimes, that’s not the case.

But let’s say you’re lucky enough to find a notch that’s comfortable. What if you happen to eat a lot that day (or not eat enough)? Your belt can suddenly become too tight (or too loose), which means you’ll have to use a less-than-ideal hole.

Then you have to choose between your waist area being way too snug and uncomfortable, or your pants not sitting where you want them to.

With Anson belts, the fastening mechanism hooks onto little teeth along a track. These teeth are spread about 1/4″ apart. There’s like a thousand of them on your belt (ok, more like 30, but still plenty).

If the belt gets a bit too tight during the day – say, after that big lunch you’re about to eat – simply slide the belt over two or three notches. You’re good to go.

Need to tighten it back up again? It’s as easy as holding onto the buckle and pulling on the loose end of the belt.

Side benefit of the track system over belt holes: The leather doesn’t get distressed and worn like it would if you were using the same belt hole all the time.

2. Fits all waist sizes

Buying belts at the store can be confusing. Shopping for one online? Even worse.

I never know what size to buy. If I buy my actual waist size, it’s usually too small. So I generally size up.

But for some brands, when I follow that same logic, the belt is too big.

The Only Belt You Need

Anson belts are customizable to your waist size. They come in one length and you trim it down yourself, until it fits perfectly.

Whether you’re a small dude with a 28″ waist, or you’re a bigger guy with a 38″ waist, you won’t have to worry.

3. Minimalist formal and casual styles with standard leather colors

The buckles and straps are all interchangeable, assuming you stick to one size (they have two belt widths, 1.25″ and 1.5″).

The Only Belt You Need

They also carry the most common leather colors, so it’s easy to match to your existing shoe collection.

One day you can choose the dark brown belt with the antique gold. The next, you want to wear a gunmetal buckle to match the gunmetal case on your watch. No problem.

4. Gift boxes: only $100 gets you belts for every outfit

I took stock of my current shoe rotation and saw I typically wear dark brown leather, natural tan leather, and then “other” – that means white sneakers, light grey loafers for summer, white brogues, etc.

The gift box option is pretty sweet and probably the best deal overall. You can choose either three straps and two buckles, or two straps and three buckles.

The Only Belt You Need

I went for the natural veg tan leather casual strap, the espresso leather strap, and a camo canvas strap, just for fun 🙂 My Old Faithful, the charcoal canvas strap, is one I’ve been wearing the past year, like I mentioned earlier.


I love that it’s super versatile and goes with everything from my light wash denim to my chinos. It also complements all my casual shoes, so I don’t have to think twice about coordinating.

For my buckle choices, I prefer the more understated selections like antique gold and gunmetal. Your preferences may differ.

I now have a belt for every possible outfit. I don’t even touch my other belts anymore. It might be time for a Goodwill donation.

Out of sight, out of mind (in a good way!)

Like I mentioned earlier, I expect my belt to do one thing… okay, maybe two.

1.) Hold up my pants at the exact spot I want them to be, and

2.) to be as invisible and comfortable as possible

I hate being in between belt holes. It sucks.

I hate how sizing for regular belts isn’t always consistent. It makes shopping for them a pain.

Anson helps me avoid both those things.

Definitely give these belts a shot.

You’ll love them. You’ll wear them all the time. And eventually, you’ll forget you’re even wearing one at all.

That is, until you have to loosen or tighten it juuust a hair… That’s when you’ll be super thankful you have one on.


Thanks to the guys at Anson for being a part of this article, and thanks to you, dear reader, for supporting the brands that make EG possible.