15 Great Bucket Hats For Men To Wear Right Now

by Brian Adee  |  in Accessories

When you really think about it, it’s kind of amazing how many different types of people love the bucket hat.

Bob Denver’s Gilligan wore it in the 1960s on Gilligan’s Island, and at the same time the seafarer was wearing his weather-beaten cap, high fashion icons were turning the bucket hat into a style staple for men and women alike.

Festival goers absolutely love these hats for the shade they provide, and have nicknamed them “session hats”. Similarly, rappers both classic and contemporary sport bucket hats in dozens of different outfits.

man wearing pink bucket hat
Photo by Norma Mortenson

And now, the signature look of the bucket hat is back en vogue thanks to the merging of streetwear style and high fashion. 

In short: The bucket hat is here to stay, and there are enough ways to wear it that you’re almost guaranteed to be able to find a place for it in your wardrobe.

The ever-stylish Ethan M. Wong in his bucket hat.

The Best Men’s Bucket Hats

With that in mind, we’ve carefully curated a list of the 15 best bucket hats—covering classic sportswear brands, modern high fashion houses, and cutting-edge streetwear looks for a variety of budgets and styles.

Here are our picks for the best bucket hats for men.

  1. Nike Bucket Hat

    The instantly recognizable Nike swoosh has become a quick indicator of good fashion sense, especially on pieces that are a little more daring to pull off. Case in point: This Sportswear Bucket Hat, made in a clean black-and-white style that can be incorporated into any monochromatic, sporty outfit.

    The corduroy construction gives it a soft and comfortable feel as well as an old school look, all while the stitched brim adds just enough structure to keep it crisp.

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  2. Kangol Cord Bucket Hat

    Kangol has been at the cutting edge of headwear since its founding in 1918, and they’re constantly innovating with new materials and construction for their classy hats. Their Cord Bucket Hat is the epitome of a clean, classic bucket hat look — and it’s available in six colors and four sizes that let you customize the exact fit and style to your wardrobe.

    Great for outdoor and sporting activities, but you can also dress it up as part of a streetwear drip with matching colors of joggers and hoodies.

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  3. Polo Ralph Lauren Packable Bucket Hat

    One of the original reasons for the bucket hat’s popularity was its ability to be folded down and stuffed in your pocket for later use. A lot of today’s bucket hats don’t hold up so well to this sort of treatment, but Polo Ralph Lauren’s Packable Bucket Hat specializes in it.

    An interior pouch lets you fold the entire hat down into itself for easy storage, and its recycled polyester construction makes this bucket hat quick-drying and wrinkle resistant. Perfect for throwing in your backpack before you take a day trip.

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  4. Gucci GG Canvas Bucket Hat

    Moving into the neighborhood of high fashion, Gucci’s double G logo is a clear signal that you’ve dropped some cash on an accessory. But you can’t deny that their attention to detail is on point: A cotton/poly blend body for this bucket hat gives it great structure, and the 100% calfskin leather trim makes for extremely clean and noticeable lines.

    This isn’t your everyday bucket hat — it’s definitely meant for dressing up with the most casual cool streetwear outfits you own.

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  5. H&M Cotton Twill Bucket Hat

    When you’re looking for low cost basics to test out different styles and outfits, H&M should be your first stop. Their Cotton Twill Bucket Hat comes in four colors, each under $10 a piece and with a simple and unadorned style.

    Go for black or white for easy color matching with dark wash jeans, or branch out into pink or khaki green to complement more pastels. Either way, it’s a minimal investment to test out the bucket hat style.

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  6. OBEY Sam Reversible Bucket Hat

    Made of soft and cozy nylon with a completely unstructured fit, OBEY’s Sam Reversible Bucket Hat is a very different look from the hats we’ve featured so far. Flipping from flat monotone colors to a plaid pattern gives it more versatility for color matching your outfits, but the overall style is straight up streetwear.

    Think puffer jacket, simple chain, and joggers with this hat for the best look and feel.

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  7. Champion Garment Wash Bucket Hat

    Champion is another sportswear brand that’s been revived by streetwear style’s move from the obscure to the mainstream. The old school look and feel of their clothes is complemented by an easily accessible price point, making this Garment Wash Bucket Hat an easy go-to.

    It’s super comfortable and minimally detailed, making it a great choice for lightly colored spring and summer outfits.

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  8. Levi’s Bucket Hat with Wordmark Logo

    Though they’re better known for their denim jeans, Levi’s does a great job of keeping up with current style trends — and updating their heritage pieces for a new look and feel. That’s exactly what their Wordmark Logo Bucket Hat does, adding a cleaner look and feel to a version of the same bucket hat from the 90’s.

    The stitched brim gives it a little more structure too, putting it right in the middle of casual and classy.

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  9. J. Crew Bucket Hat in Portuguese Wool Jacquard

    J. Crew’s take on the bucket hat is made from a medium weight wool, making it a better fit for the colder months of the year than many of the thin cotton renditions you’ll find for this style.

    It’s a largely unstructured hat, but the wool gives it natural temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties. Looks great with the muted colors of fall and winter outerwear.

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  10. Original Penguin Twill Bucket Hat

    The short brim look that Original Penguin is going for with their Twill Bucket Hat gives it a different feel than most of the hats on this list, but definitely not in a bad way. It’s a great accent piece for a more casual look, like chinos or joggers with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers.

    That makes it about as close to an “everyday” bucket hat as you can get.

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  11. Burberry Check Wool and Cashmere Bucket Hat

    The Burberry check is so recognizable that you can spot it in any piece of clothing — like this soft, cozy, and classy Wool and Cashmere Bucket Hat.

    It’s handmade in Italy and lined with a luxe cotton twill, giving it a broken-in feel even while it looks crisp and structured. In short, this is basically the look of British luxury wear in bucket hat form.

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  12. John Elliott Bucket Hat

    Even though the brand has only been around since 2012, John Elliott has quickly been gathering a cult following for their functional yet modern fits with unique materials.

    The quilted brim on their fitted bucket hat gives it weight and structure, and the adjustable drawstring adds a touch of detail to an otherwise minimalist hat.

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  13. Adidas Originals Washed Bucket Hat

    Going in the opposite direction from a crisp look, Adidas’s Originals Washed Bucket Hat is heavily washed for a comfortable, worn-in look and feel.

    It’s a cool, casual look that makes for a great daily wearer, usually with athletic or athleisure wear. But the brim is large enough that it makes a nice sun hat anytime of year, too.

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  14. Tommy Hilfiger Year of the Tiger Bucket Hat

    On the Chinese calendar, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger — promising an exciting year full of activity. Tommy Hilfiger’s Year of the Tiger Bucket Hat adds the classic “good luck” accent colors of red and gold to the Hilfiger logo, giving a unique look and feel to this otherwise casual hat.

    The accent colors on the logo paired with the flat black hat make it a good accessory for outfits with more colorful hoodies and sneakers.

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  15. Stetson Bucket Delave Organic Cotton

    Stetson might be the biggest name in old school, rugged, outdoor-ready hats — and their bucket hat doesn’t disappoint on those fronts. It’s made from heavy duty cotton, constructed with extra durable stitching, and accented with metal eyelets for ventilation.

     But the attention to detail in the fit is the main attraction, as this is one of the most comfortable bucket hats you’ll ever try on; just be sure to consult their sizing chart before ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bucket Hats for Men

And to wrap things up, let’s take a closer look at the questions we’ve heard you guys asking about how and when to wear bucket hats.

Are bucket hats cool in 2022?

For 2022, bucket hats are cooler than they’ve ever been. Everyone who’s anyone in the worlds of fashion and fame have been wearing them, and they’re not likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Start wearing one now and you might just end up being a trendsetter in your friend group.

Why do guys wear bucket hats?

Bucket hats are great accessories for guys for three reasons: They’re in style right now, they do a great job of blocking sun, and they’re a unique accessory.

What more reason do you need to wear one?

Can a man wear a bucket hat?

Absolutely. Even though bucket hats are really popular among women as well, there are tons of male-specific and unisex designs represented by the style.

Wrapping up

Whatever your style, there’s a bucket hat for you. Do you have a favorite bucket hat from our list? Let us know by hitting us up on Facebook or Instagram.